The Return of a Man Named LANE!

Jumpman Lane is BACK! He’s reassembled The Slut Mag Gang, old hands and new alike

to once again bring mischief, stimulate minds, delve in eroticism, and illuminate the grid

with his shining light, fullbright in windlight!

The Scene

Slut Mag's Ace Reporter's Got Their Eyes WIDE-PEELED!


Our ace reporters are taking notes. Our hotshot photags are snapping snaps! If it’s DRAMA, we are in the thick of it! If ya REALLY need to KNOW! Wee tellin’ it ALL!

The Look

Our very on Second Life Top Model 2008 takes you DEEP inside SL Fashion

SEXI (margaret.childs) and Trixianna Saenz, Co-Slut Mag Fashion Editrix

Yes, the fashion world is a bit SNOOTY! Yet, Ths Slut Mag Faithful like to SHOP! So, we picked as your guide through this snottiest of virtual realms two ladies with impeccable taste and STYLE to burn. PLUS one was a famous model LONG before most of those runway bots eve even HEARD of Second Life! The other’s just COOL!

A Lead from the Streets

Hot as an open flame! Our lil' social maven shimmers and shines as she smoozes with SL's glitterati!

Tsai Cheng Slut Mag Society Editrix

A Lead from the Streets, covering the up and coming,the trendy,
the hottest and hippest peeps and places that are making this Second Life Click!

Slut Mag Films

Jumpman Lane's Slut Magazine Pixel Ecstasy Film Studios. Pixel X Films for short!

CJ (cally.janus), Slut Mag Film Producer

YUS! We makin’ dirty films! We liked the Pixel X name too much to just abandon it, even if we aint gonna rename Slut Magazine! (We keepin Pixel X as the name of our Xmas award too!)
No one other than the Sultry CJ could run our machinima division!

Volume 6: Issue 9

The Sugarplums are coming! They are a hot, blonde, sexy twin spawning dynasty. Ashley Sugarplum graces this month’s cover proving that not just gentlemen (AND Jumpy) prefer blondes. Twin sister Lilly Bell shows her stuff in a sultry pictorial. Nieces Saleena and Phoebe being nekomimi madsness back to Slut Magazine in The Return of the Nekos!

Speaking of returns, Porn’s Leading Man is back! Larry Vinaver joins Busted Magazine’s Rachel Swallows in Humping the Help. Rachel is rich! Larry’s Driving Miss Swallows. Her CHAUFFEUR climbs over the seat to meat his boss and Slut Mag got the pix!

As porn itself evolves, the adult industries original innovator continues to blaze trails. Slut Mag Editrix-in-Chief Priscila Balogh sat down with Alexus Minotaur in this month’s feature interview.

Of porn, change abounds. As we told ya last month when we chronicled the rise of fashionista Crista Wellens, no longer is it strange to hear of adult models crossing over into serious fashion. Noted erotic photog and model Pussie Galore got the haute couture treatment by Wellens herself in another Slut Mag fashion shoot.

Lastly, this month we take great pleasure in adding Tatusia Snowflake to our editorial board as Copy Editrix. She joins Priscila Balogh (Editrix-in-Chief), Tsai Cheng (Society Editrix), Margaret Childs and Trixiana Saenz (Co- Fashion Editrices),  Rache Avro (Layout Editrix), and Cally Janus (Slut Mag Film Producer) as hearts and souls of Slut Magazine. Jumpy can’t do it all on his own! Tatusia got a promotion! Yay!

We got a bunch of other stuff coming as usual. Mel Princess continues to dominate our weekly Flickr 5 (the five hottest pix we see posted in The Slut Mag Faithful, our Flickr group). Keep your eyes wide-peeled on this one! We love MEL!

  • Covergirl: Ashley Sugarplum NUDE! Ya silly humps!
  • Feature Interview: Alexus Minotaur
  • The Sugarplums are Coming!
Sexy Pictorial!

Cover Girl: Ashley Sugarplum

Sexy Pictorial!
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