The Return of a Man Named LANE!

Jumpman Lane is BACK! He’s reassembled The Slut Mag Gang, old hands and new alike

to once again bring mischief, stimulate minds, delve in eroticism, and illuminate the grid

with his shining light, fullbright in windlight!

The Scene

Slut Mag's Ace Reporter's Got Their Eyes WIDE-PEELED!


Our ace reporters are taking notes. Our hotshot photags are snapping snaps! If it’s DRAMA, we are in the thick of it! If ya REALLY need to KNOW! Wee tellin’ it ALL!

The Look

Our very on Second Life Top Model 2008 takes you DEEP inside SL Fashion

SEXI (margaret.childs) and Trixianna Saenz, Co-Slut Mag Fashion Editrix

Yes, the fashion world is a bit SNOOTY! Yet, Ths Slut Mag Faithful like to SHOP! So, we picked as your guide through this snottiest of virtual realms two ladies with impeccable taste and STYLE to burn. PLUS one was a famous model LONG before most of those runway bots eve even HEARD of Second Life! The other’s just COOL!

A Lead from the Streets

Hot as an open flame! Our lil' social maven shimmers and shines as she smoozes with SL's glitterati!

Tsai Cheng Slut Mag Society Editrix

A Lead from the Streets, covering the up and coming,the trendy,
the hottest and hippest peeps and places that are making this Second Life Click!

Slut Mag Films

Jumpman Lane's Slut Magazine Pixel Ecstasy Film Studios. Pixel X Films for short!

CJ (cally.janus), Slut Mag Film Producer

YUS! We makin’ dirty films! We liked the Pixel X name too much to just abandon it, even if we aint gonna rename Slut Magazine! (We keepin Pixel X as the name of our Xmas award too!)
No one other than the Sultry CJ could run our machinima division!

Volume 6: Issue 7

The most famous pornstar of them all, Jennnnna Jameson returns to Slut Magazine. The Legend herself’s cover was shot by noted SL fashionista Crista Wellins (a Slut Mag Covergirl in her own right). We’ve been trying to nail down the VERY busy Jennnnna for a feature interview-NO deadlines in SL! Hehehehe. So, you just are going to have to wait. However, it was EASY to coax Jennnnna in front of a camera. Crista made a conspicuously beautiful Jameson ICONICLY so. “OUR Jennnnna is better than YOUR Jenna” was the blurb of JJ’s first Slut Mag cover when we famously chose Jennnnna to grace the front our our lil rag over the real life Jenna Jameson’s dusty SL porn bot back in July of 2009. Six years and one month later OUR Jennnnna is STILL better than YOUR Jenna lol.

This month, we got down and dirty with Ashley Sugarplum, yet another sexy blonde pornstar given the high fashion glam treatment by Crista Wellins. The Slut Mag Faithful will dutifully recall Ashley, Partee Mytili and Larry Vinaver from The Golden Age of Porn Series months ago. Our new Edirtix-in-chief, Pri Balogh sat down with New Wave Pornstar Sugarplum to go deep inside her head. Ash showed up so hot in a golden dental floss bikini, Jumpy kidnap-snatched her ass RIGHT into the studio for a sexy hardcore shoot. Whether deep inside her head or deep inside her body, we assure you that getting down and dirty with Ashley Sugarplum is a MIND SCRAMBLER!

Hair Fair 2016 is HERE! In years passed, Slut Mag fashion editrices like Jumpy’s SL daughter lil Annie Juran and past editrix-in-chief Lusciouslumpchunks McMillian when she covered the fashion beat, both covered the fair. It is so much more than a sale. Hair Fair is an EVENT. So, instead of sending our dual fashion editrices, Slut Mag sent it’s society editrix Tsai Cheng out to brave The Lag, all in the name of HAIR!

Slut Mag would like to take a moment to welcome Tatusia Snowflake (tatusiu) to the Slut Mag gang. Keep your eyes wide-peeled on this Slut Mag Ace Reporter. She’s tying her lil fingers raw, snapping snaps, and filling in all the gaps. Jumpy once said he was gonna create an army of noobs and take over the grid. When he said it way back in 2011, Tatusia hadn’t even heard of Second Life, much less set foot in-world. Nevertheless, we aint calling her a noob in the bad sense of the world. What Jump meant any damn way was the NEW BLOOD is what INVIGORATES the metaverse. New folks are hungry! Slut Mag is gonna feed em!

Porn in Second Life is in a state of upheaval. Pornstars are venturing outside the realm of sex into fashion ( like Rache Avaro and Partee Mytili over at Attention Magazine and Busted Magazine co-owner Bewitched Difference’s high fashion Flickr offerings). Slut Magazine itself is cementing itself in the fashion world. Crista Wellins is working OVERTIME. Yet, we still got porn for your asses. Brazilian Slut Mag Editrix-in-chief Pri Balogh is leading The Brazilian Invasion with a new Portuguese section “ExXxtreme Candy Girlz”. Pri and her Brazilian secretary ℐⓞѕყ (Josyianne) are taking the distinctly American Slut Magazine INTERNATIONAL. Brazilian girls ROCK.

Speaking of the State of Slut Magazine, and wider, the direction of Second Life porn, Busted Magazine’s OTHER co-owner Rachel Swallows has been freelancing with Slut Mag during what we can ONLY HOPE is a short intermission in Busted’s porn glory. What do porn publishers DO? Fuck of course. Everybody knows Slut Mag biness meetings devolve into Slut Mag biness meatings hehehehe. So, it’s no surprise Rachel Swallows and Jumpman Lane couldn’t keep their frisky mitts off each other. What’s SHOCKING is what a workout these two put each other through. We got the pix caws we got porn for ya asses!

It’s exciting times in SL porn-no, in SL itself. You can tard about our virtual world or you can dive right in. Jumpy is your guide. Slut Magazine is The Scene. Join us! We promise mischief, stimulation, eroticism, and illumination. Square biness!

  • Covergirl: Christa Wellins NUDE! Ya silly humps!
  • Feature Interview: SUPERMODEL caLLie cLine, feature interview
  • SL B-day 13!

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