It was Saturday morning and I set out to do a bit of exploring. Having donned myself in a shirt, jeans and sneakers, I set out through the wooded area not far from my home. I did this often, especially during stressful times, as I found relief being away from technology. My cell phone went with me however, but I did my best not to remove it from my pocket while out.

There was a light autumn breeze blowing through the trees that carried the scent of the nearby lake to my nostrils. I took a turn I don’t normally take, thinking it would take me towards the lake much quicker. I was right. But as I neared the clearing by the lakeside, I noticed two small cottages perched on the hill. I noted in my mind to check those out more closely sometime, but I noted the faint voice of a woman yelling. Not in distress, mind you, but something had obviously made her mad. I looked around to see if anyone was nearby, then under the shade of a tree, I cupped my hands by the glass to see inside.

A lone couple sat on the couch in the front parlor, half dressed as if they were preparing to go out. He was shirtless, with dark slacks and shoes, while she was sitting astride his lap in her underwear, yelling at him about something. Suddenly, she took a swing to slap him, but he caught her arm in mid-swing and pulled her close. She squirmed for a moment in his arms, still upset, but then relaxed as he spoke inaudible consolations to her. I felt like such a pervert for invading their space, but I couldn’t bring myself to look away.

They went back and forth in discussion for the next couple of minutes, one moment heated, the next moment calm. The beautiful brunette retreated from him, pulling herself off of his lap. The tall gentleman then positioned her back against the couch and wall behind it, staring her down with great intensity. What was I witnessing? Should I announce myself? I couldn’t, so I quietly continued my peeking, him pressing his body against hers.

Suddenly, the mood all changed. He kissed her neck ravenously and her anger buckled under the weight of passion. He kissed her again, this time on her lips, then continuing the kisses as he moved downwards to her neck and breasts. A wild ride indeed of passion and suspense, they groped each other, first tenderly, then madly. No doubt the temperature of the room was affected. I certainly felt considerably warmer from the exchange. As they kissed, his fingers disappeared beneath her panties, inserting them fully into her body. They rocked back and forth as he now groped her from the inside, his lips still madly engaging hers. Their mouths moved as the inaudible communication continued. I longed to be that proverbial “fly on the wall,” hearing every secret word that was uttered.

I caught my fist real look at her when she stood up. She long brown hair draped her tender shoulders. She was thin and curvy, with lovely full breasts hidden beneath her black bra. He sat up as she helped him remove his shoes, then stood to let his trousers fall. He was tall and muscular, with blue eyes and dark hair. His looks were enviable by any man, but it was when he turned to the side that my jaw dropped.

“How the heck does he hide that thing in his pants?” I whispered to myself. He was hung like a Shetland pony, manhood now standing half-mast. She leaned in for a kiss, grabbing his shaft by the base before he returned to the couch. She then straddled his face while he grabbed at her juicy ass. His tongue worked upward, running it straight between her thighs. Her growls had now turned to soft moans as he pleasured her so intensely. They moved to and fro, up and down as her moans and squeals became louder. She looked up. I was afraid she might of seen me. Did she? I wasn’t sure, but they continued as if nothing had happened, so I delicately and slowly returned to spying, but this time more discreetly.

First I saw his tongue and then I didn’t, as he appeared to have wrapped his lips around her clitoris. Her hands braced the couch, then her breasts as he visibly and aggressively brought her to a screaming climax. She now having unloaded his prize upon his face, they paused for a moment while he wiped himself dry. Then grabbing her ankles, he abruptly flipped her backwards on the couch, mounting her as they continued their play of passion. He gripped that flagpole of his, guiding it into its destination. She gasped at the first sign of penetration, but then relaxed as he laid on top of her, working it in further as they held each other close. His hands moved from her face, to her body, then to her buttocks, as he pressed himself into her even more.

For several years I wrote as a journalist for a web news network. I had seen significant sights and at times written very detailed accounts of what I had seen. None of that compared to how I was to relay what I was now seeing, and my thoughts automatically turned to verbally describing it in my head. There lay two lovers, now turning a fight into sex, as I stand outside, peering in from beneath a shady tree. None of my former colleagues would’ve believed me, and I wasn’t sure I believed it myself.

They continued their love making session, switching positions several times. Again he lay on his back while she sat on him. However this time it was not his face on which she squatted. She took his manhood deep while facing him. Their gaze never left the other’ as she slowly moved back and forth, then up and down again. Several time she paused to catch her breath before resuming her bull ride. She leaned forward and kissed him, bouncing her butt in the air as she did. That morning breath was once again welcoming as I was feeling a bit warmer now from both the sun and from the hot, sweaty spectacle in the cottage.

My cell went off in my pocket and I fumbled for it immediately, hoping my hosts didn’t hear. Putting the call through to voicemail, I muted it from furthers calls. I looked to see if anyone around could see me, but saw that I was alone. I peeked back inside again, trying to not make my presence known and hoping that I hadn’t missed too much of the show.

Well they certainly weren’t finished. She got up and he bent her over the edge of the couch, entering her from behind. Again a slight gasp escaped her lips as he thrust inside of her. Soon their passion intensified. He grabbed her hips as he pummeled her with his rock hard meat, forcing a path of destruction like an F1 tornado.. Bodies collided again and again as his strength overwhelmed hers. Her head went down as she buckled under his weight, succumbing to the brutal punishing she was receiving from the inside out.

He continued rutting her thoroughly against the couch. Hands clasped behind her back, he pulled her hair and head back violently. For a brief moment she regained her composure, standing for the pummeling she was taking. Their thighs glistened in the morning rays of light as her body soaked both of them in the most precious of liquids. As he pounded her from behind, almost hands free, she doubled forward, letting out the most vicious of cries. He pulled out momentarily, as a wave of juice released all over him.

He rubbed her back gently for a moment until she calmed, then he pressed himself inside one last time. This time is was a bit of a different mission, as the woman screamed, “Fucking give it to me.” The man became quite unsettled as he appeared to have ejaculated inside her. He grabbed her by the shoulders from behind, pulling her into himself, pressing his long thick schlong in as deep as possible. Soon he was staggering as well from the energy release and they both reclined to the couch.

The woman draped her body against her, occasionally leaning up for a kiss. They had made up and all was right for them now. I slipped away while they chatted softly, knowing that their gaze would be more apt to find me now.

Later that day I was at the market down the road when I spotted them buying fruit. At one point my eyes connected with theirs and I had to look away. I continued my shopping as well, and I watched them as they started out the door, with his arm around her. Suddenly the man turned and looked me in the eye. A cold sweat engulfed me as he smiled, purposely nodded, then gave me a thumbs up before turning and putting his hand on the woman’s derriere as they walked. Was that a signal? Had they seen me? I was suddenly nervous, embarrassed and emboldened, all in a matter of moments, as he leaned in to whisper to her, only to turn and look my way one last time. I can only assume that I had indeed been caught red-handed that day. They knew, yet said nothing. Perhaps it had even fueled their raucous fuck. I would never really know for sure but what I did know was that I was surely the “fly on the wall” that day to something that would never ever happen to me again.


Igor Romanov
Igor Romanov Writer, Erotic Photographer

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