Slut Magazine would like to announce our newest Contributing Editrix, Cathy Palen who pens Catherine’s Secret Diary: My stories and fantasies in Second Life. She is a hot young blogger who understands that a BLOG has to have WORDS in it hehehehehehe. We love her stuff. It’s reminiscent of what Slut Mag was at it’s inception, a chronicle of one person’s Second Life. Cathy writes about a VARIETY OF STUFF. Here’s a sexy bit she wrote for yo, o’ faithful of Slut Mag Faithful! ENJOY! she’s got much more coming!

It was a long time ago, I was still a student then. Well, when I say I was a student, this is not entirely true, I did not study much … I was however quite an expert in partying, drinking and of course in body language if you see what I mean.

I remember that party, as if it were yesterday. I was supposed to meet with a few friends I used to go out with often, in front of a popular night club. They were simply the coolest girls I knew and each party was a lot of fun. We called our little band “The GI girls” because some of us regularly went out “commando”, and yes I was frequently one of them. It was such a thrill! Actually it still is!

I was late, as usual, and the girls did not wait for me to enter the club apparently: none of them replied to my text in the last 30 minutes so I guessed they were in. I have always been the slowest of the girls to prepare myself: I am a suffering of a severe narcissistic disorder. I always want to appear perfect … yes, you all know this is an impossible task, but I always try to tend to perfection. Stupid isn’t it?

Finally I slammed the door of my flat and dashed downstairs. I hurried as much as I could manage in heels to catch the next tube. Actually this is another skill I managed to master during those years: running in heels! Not that easy, believe me!

When I arrived finally at the club, the girls were nowhere to see. I then queued to enter and managed to get a free pass despite the fact I arrived after the deadline for girls free entry: nothing a nice smile cannot solve.

The club was not really crowded. I think it was the first time I saw so few people in there. Finding the girls would be easy. I checked my phone and as I expected, there was no reception in there. I had no other choice than to wander around and try to spot my friends. The club was huge with many different rooms spread on different floors. After half an hour, I was still unable to find them. It was really frustrating to say the least. I was about to give up and to return home when I felt a hand on my shoulder and a man spoke in my ear.

-“My pleasure” he said. His manners and his style were in clear opposition and I felt this was going to be finally an interesting evening. We chatted for a long time, and I do not remember how many drinks I was offered but it looked like he could afford it. I let him spoil me. The alcohol helping, I started to loosen up and felt actually very good in his company.

I loved his nice manners and his rebel look, he was definitely a seductive cocktail and I felt he was probably in the same mood about me, nothing I was able to say for sure then, but a strong guess: the way he looked at me was so sensual, so intense, I could barely feel his stare caressing my thighs. I learnt that he was actually one of the owners of the club and I understood definitely better why we were served each time with such efficiency. Maybe be too much efficiency actually: I was starting to feel dizzy!

-“I would like to show you something you might like” he said with a smile.

-“Something?” I inquired arching eyebrows and displaying half a smile.

He chuckled and shook his head denying my naughty assumption.

-“Nah, something else!” he said amused. “you little pervert” he added.

-“Well you made me curious.”

-“Ok, follow me!” He said helping me standing.

Once again he took my hand and we fended off the light crowd until we reached a door with a “private” sign holding onto it. He fetched some keys from his pocket and opened the door. Behind it, was a short corridor and then stairs. He led the way and we arrived in a large dark room, walls decorated with neon girls. I looked at him, a bit skeptical. He answered my silent question.

-“This is where we have some private parties for VIP customers with some “entertainments” let’s say… But this is not why we are here”

He walked to a corner of the room where was a little office and cabinet. He opened one of the drawer and fetched a small bag with white powder in it.

-“I wondered if you would like to share some with me”

I shook my head.

-“I don’t do drugs sorry”

-“Never tried really? You should! This one is very good” he said disposing a line on the surface of the desk. “Come on, what do you risk?”

I don’t know why, maybe because I drank too much, but I shrugged and actually I wanted to try. This is not as if I would become dependent just with one attempt. He smiled and showed me how to proceed, snorting a line in front of me. He then disposed a new line for me.

-“Your turn Cathy!” he said motioning to the white line. I nodded feeling very nervous now. I bent over the desk and snorted for the first time in my life, I managed the best I could. I stood looking at him and he was all smile. “So that was not so difficult you see?” he chuckled. I shook my head, my nose was on fire, or so, it felt like it was. I blinked and massaged my nose trying to make it pass.

It did not take long before I started to feel the effects, I went high at an incredible speed. Was it because this was a good product or because my system had no habit of this at all, I definitely had no idea. I was feeling out of my body, but still, my body was very connected, very sensitive and reactive.

He suddenly grabbed my wrist and pinned me against the cabinet. I could feel the cold metal of the furniture against my back. I was not able to make any move, he had me completely under his power and guess what … I was not afraid! That was incredible, I felt like I was in control and I wanted him bad, very bad. His hand laid on my thigh and went up until reaching the top of my stoking and he continued, caressing my bare skin. I moaned, he stared at me smiling. Soon he made his way up to my thong and soon I felt his fingers putting it aside. Shivers of pleasure went through my whole body. I looked at him and in a provoking tone I asked him to take me.

He chuckled.
-“Patience little girl, it will come soon”

He had just said that, he grabbed me by my hair and sent me on my knees. My head knocked the cabinet and his fingers explored my pussy further. I knew there were no coming back, but to be honest, I was prepared to live the full story.

Moments later, he threw me easily over the desk laying on my tummy. His head went between my thighs and I moaned lovingly to let him know how much I liked his agile tongue working my slit. Was it the drug, or his skills, whatever, it felt incredibly good and he brought me on the verge of my climax. He pulled on my dress like a savage, I thought the poor thing would be torn apart but he managed to remove it without much damage.

It is when things started to get pretty out of control. We were fucking and fighting at the same time, a hot session of passionate love as I never had one in my life. You know what they all say “when you go black, you never go back.” When I saw his tool out, I definitely understood the full meaning of the assertion. I had him put that thing in my pussy and it was delivering above all expectations. He definitely knew his business and well … I went black that day.

We finally found some peace and laid together still on the desk. We could hear the rythm of the music downstairs. He chatted with me, I have no idea of what he said, nor of what I said … I was too high. Finally I passed out.

I waked up the next morning in my bed, in the nude and with a terrible headache. How I arrived here, I still do not know. I wondered if it had all been a dream. My phone gave me the final answer: among the numerous messages of my friends enquiring of my well-being after my “no show”, was a single message from an unknown number.

“We have to make it again, call me. Mario”

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