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Built in 2005 by Juro Kothari for that grand diva of the grid, Lady Dawson. Kothari is considered the greatest architect in the history of Second Life. The Annie Butler Home and The Cyrus Apollo House are museums…and The Dawson Residence is his masterpiece.

Drop, by Jumpy’s office sometime. He’ll probably be dancing. There’s a nice stuffed head of Stroker Serpentine there hehehe!

What Slut Mag is all about!

My Declaration Of Principles


I will provide the people of this grid with a monthly magazine that
will present sex and sexuality and all the beauty of our virtual world
in all clarity, in all simplicity, entertainingly, without a single
concession to any special interest ANYWHERE.


I will also provide them with a fighting and tireless champion of
their rights as residents and

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

“If you don’t know by now…I’m the god damn Jumpman bitches…
and yes…I got plenty of bitches with me…come with me as we
venture RIGHT INSIDE SOME HOES’ HEADS! I promise you it’s a
delight! I’m gonna lead ya into some of the, scuzziest, sleaziest
places in all of Second Life. I’m gonna introduce you and the world
to some of the HOTTEST BABES, take ya to the coolest parties,
and and let you watch ME stunt and shine and glow how only JUMPY LANE can!

Come on bitches…it’s time!”

Volume 1: Issue 1

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We dedicated the third issue of our fourth volume to V2V
Jumpy’s most loyal pal who was a casualty in our war with Stroker
Serpentine. All our efforts at Slut Magazine are dedicated to her:

“The Latest issue of Slut Magazine is out and we dedicate it
to former Avastar reporter and Slut Mag Inc Chief
Information Officer Veronica2vixen Devoix. She was tricked
into getting banned by Linden Lab and Stroker Serpentine’s flunky
Cheergirl Allen. WE WILL GET REVENGE! It starts with this
issue. Check it out.”
Volume 4: Issue 3

Sunday, April 4, 2010

“Enjoy your Second Life!” This was Linden Lab’s best wish for One Jump Lane, in their
Lil’ unbanning epistle, returning Jumpman back to Second Life. So. fuck it! Let’s do it!

“We regret the interruption of your access to Second Life–thank you for your understanding.
If you still have problems accessing your account, please respond to this support ticket.”

Enjoy your Second Life!
Sincerely, Customer Support

Linden Lab

Our Crazy Skills

SEX!!!! 100
Drama! 100
Fashion! 99
Smoozing with STARS! 99

Slut Mag Editorial Board

Jumpman Lane
Jumpman LaneSlut Magazine Founder, Publisher
The King of Second Life
Enfant terrible!
Founder, Slut Magazine
ρri вαℓσgн (priscila.balogh)
ρri вαℓσgн (priscila.balogh)Slut Magazine Editrix-in-Chief
Two-time Slut Mag Covergirl, 2009 Slut Mag Slut of the Year, Former Alphaville Herald Reporter.

She Run It!

Tsai Cheng
Tsai ChengSlut Magazine Society Editrix
Slut Mag’s Ambassador of HOT N’ SEXY!

Well Slut Mag can’t TEACH Tsai shit! She’s been blogging for years. What we plan to do is UNLEASH her on the unsuspecting re res of our little virtual world.

Society Maven, Second Life Smart Set Fixture.

She puts the GLITTER in Glitterati! She’ll make ya famous!

Cally Janus
Cally JanusSlut Magazine Film Producer
Slut Mag Covergirl C.J. is ramrodding Jumpman Lane’s Slut Magazine Pixel Ecstasy Film Studios. Pixel X Films for short!

Rache Avro
Rache AvroSlut Magazine Layout Editrix
Slut Mag Covergirl, Attention Magazine founder, director of photography. Other than guest editors or Jumpy, Rache shoots COVERS!

Tatusia Snowflake (tatusiu)
Tatusia Snowflake (tatusiu)Slut Magazine Copy Editrix
A gifted writer who dazzled the world as a Slut Mag Ace Reporter. She gets it! Words made Slut Magazine!
Trixianna Saenz
Trixianna SaenzSlut Magazine Co-Fashion Editrix
Arbiters of style and grace in Second Life! Editrix of The Look in Slut Magazine. Caws it TAKES two!

Trixianna brings EDGE to the fashion game!

S E X I (margaret.childs)
S E X I (margaret.childs)Slut Magazine Co-Fashion Editrix
Arbiters of style and grace in Second Life! Editrix of The Look in Slut Magazine. Caws it TAKES two!
★`✮: Jewel Reflections Owner :✮´★
★`✮: Fashion Editor – Slut Magazine ™ :✮´★
★`✮: SL Top Model – August 2008 :✮´★

Slut Mag Ace Reporters

Sid Algoma (sid.algoma)
Sid Algoma (sid.algoma)Slut Mag Ace Reporter
Professional SL Photog, Owner Twisted Pixels Photography
OPINIONATED! He’s got the magic eye! We ain’t lettin’ him do what the fuck he wants to do! Slut Mag is UNLEASHING him!
Coke Supply (
Coke Supply ( Mag Ace Reporter
Slut Mag Ace Reporter, techical advisor, designer of the legndary Pixel X Award, and goddamnit she got THE COOLEST name in alla Second Life! Bitch, she got MOJO!
Gems Jewell (gems.jewell)
Gems Jewell (gems.jewell)Slut Mag Ace Reporter
Jumpy’s Sl MUMMY! Blonde, Scottish & MEAN! Just like Jump! She encourages Lil’ Jumpy to be bad! She’ll advise YOU TOO! She’s got and advice column!

The Slut Mag Hit Squad

Jace (adaleene123)
Jace (adaleene123)Slut Mag Hit Squad
Slut Mag Hit Squad Member! Head of Jumpy’s personal bodyguard! Any gal in SL wanna bang One Jump Lane, getting frisked by my personal security detail first. THE TRIPLETS!

Full body cavity search!

You can’t just ROLL UP on Jumpy! He famous (google that motherfucker!) There’s PROTOCALS!

I unno which one this is! THEY TRIPLETS! Hehehehe

RC (reececlooney)
RC (reececlooney)Slut Mag Hit Squad
Triplets! Damnit! Triplets! Jumpy’s a bad guy! Triplets, means he’s THREE times worse that you! Jumpy’s cool! Triplets means Jumpy’s THREE times cooler than you!

The Slut Mag Hit Squad is made up of three identicaly HOT avis, (and they DID NOT SKIMP! ) Sworn to guard Jumpman Lane’ s body!

I unno which one this is! THEY TRIPLETS! Hehehehe

CJ (chairlejameson)
CJ (chairlejameson)Slut Mag Hit Squad
Ok we lied years ago when we said, years ago, that The Slut Mag Hot Pussies were a neko-girl group! hehehehe (none of them bitches would wear no damn cat ears any goddamn way!)

The SMHP was ALWAYS a hard fuckin’, shit-talkin’, ever-shoppin’ group of Lane Lovelies DEDICATED to covering Jumpy’s body with fluffy softness!

And THESE are their leaders. THE SLUT MAG HIT SQUAD!
Jace, CJ, and RC. (Fuck if I know who is who and which is which).

They TRIPLETS goddamnit!

“I still GOT it! I still GOT it!!!!”

Say werd!

The Slut Mag Interns

ღ Be ღ (bewitched.difference)
ღ Be ღ (bewitched.difference)Slut Mag Intern
ღ Be ღ dropped by the office in a French Maid uniform to clean up The Dawsy Resi! Hehehe, She snagged an internship instead!
Josy (Josyianne)
Josy (Josyianne)Slut Mag Intern
Josy (Josyianne) is Slut Mag Editrix-in-Chief Priscila Balogh’s personal assistant and private secretary, helping The Boss get thangs DONE!

Slut Mag Logo

Alexis (lady.dawson)
Alexis (lady.dawson)Slut Mag Logo
The Empress of Second Life

The Muse. The Inspiration.

Class of 2003

She denoobified Jumpy!

2011 Pixel X Magazine Lifetime Porn Achievement Award Winner, 2x Slut Mag Slut of The Year, 2x Slut Mag Covergirl, Former Slut Mag Publisher, Former Slut Mag Ace Reporter (Photog).

She taught Jumpy how to shoot pix in Second Life when Windlight was a BETA VIEWER!

She denoobified Torley Linden and if that goddamn watermelon reflects the light, bright goodness in her heart; then, Jumpy is the DARKSIDE!

If Second Life has royalty, she is our queen. Everyone is a noob beside her.

Contributing Editors

Crista Wellens (chillicalifornia)
Crista Wellens (chillicalifornia)MODEL | PHOTOGRAPHER | STYLIST | BLOGGER
Slut Mag Contributing Editrix
Modeling Studies:
Graduated from the Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy on March 9th 2014
Graduated from the Dallas Modeling Academy on January 3rd 2014

Rachel Swallows
Rachel SwallowsCo-owner, Editrix-in-chief Busted Magazine
Slut Mag Contributing Editrix
Partee Mytili
Partee MytiliFashion Editor, Attention Magazine
Slut Mag Contributing Editrix, Slut Mag Covergirl, New Age Pornstar, Grid Icon, Darling of Second Life Society!