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Avatar: Jumpman Lane


The King of Second Life 
Enfant terrible!

Founder, Slut Magazine



Second Life Birthdate

May 05, 2007




Dear Jumpman Lane, 
This email is notification that Linden Lab has terminated 
your access to the Second Life virtual world due to severe 
or repeated violations of the Second Life Terms of Service 
or Community Standards. Your (account name ‘Jumpman 
Lane’) and alternate Second Life accounts have been made
permanently inaccessible.

Violation: Terms of Service: Global Attacks 
Actions that broadly interfere with or disrupt the Second 
Life community, the Second Life servers or other systems 
related to Second Life cannot be tolerated in any form.

Appeal Process: The decision to terminate your Second Life 
access was reached after investigation of your use of the 
Second Life software and service. If you would like to 
appeal your termination, you may contact Second Life 
Support, by opening a new support ticket with a subject of 
“abuse appeal,” or in writing, at the address below.

Attn: Account Reviews: Appeals 
Linden Lab 
945 Battery Street 
San Francisco, CA 941

Unbanned Part 2: Electric Boogaloo!



Avatar: Jumpman Lane

Type: Abuse Appeal

Status: Waiting for Customer Acceptance

Hello Jumpman 
Thank you for contacting us about this issue. After further review of this situation, we have found that your involvement with this object was not intentional and we are pleased to inform you that your account has been reactivated. Be very cautious in the future when accepting objects from people you do not know, and even more cautious about rezzing those objects.

You should now be able to log in to Second Life with your username and password. If you have any problems logging in with your password, you can reset it through the Second Life website.

We regret the interruption of your access to Second Life–thank you for your understanding. 
If you still have problems accessing your account, please respond to this support ticket.

Enjoy your Second Life! 
Sincerely,Customer Support

Linden Lab

#1 Fan

YOU! To all those who love me and even the turds who hate me!

Jumpman Lane

“Some people want to fuck around all day and also pretend to make a glossy magazine with interesting items and articles. A big example of a cockroach of this kind is Jumpman Lane.” 
– Saveme Oh

“In the case of Jumpman Lane, he should not have been allowed back. I’m puzzled why he was, in fact.

“He conitinues to grief, harass, bully, intimidate, inworld and out, sending obscene material, threatening, harassing, and keeping up this fake ghetto-blaster patter. I’ve AR’d him multiple times.” 
-Prokofy Neva 

“Prokofy is now using Jumpman Lane as a “source”. My SL is complete.” 
-Stroker Serpentine

@JumpmanLane You and “them pesky
Lindens” did your job well. I quit SL I’m
bankrupt, unemployable and using. You
ARE the King of SL. Grats!
-Stroker Serpentine

He’s Frolic Mills, with Henry the VIII’s ego.
(on Jumpman Lane)- Ryker Beck

Kissing caLLie cLine

“SL is a world of adventure, creativity and amazing opportunity. most of my time is spent running my various businesses, primarily the “caLLie cLine” brand which includes clothing, home & beauty items. i enjoy being part of this diverse community as a designer, model, writer, speaker, consultant and “spokesavatar” for pontiac. i was honored to be chosen as one of “MAXIM’S HOT 100″ 2007, and to appear in a 2 page RL ad for pontiac. Crossing over from SL to RL has been a wonderful experience and there’s more to come!!! i’m enjoying this journey!”-caLLie cLine

dancing with callie cline

Here I am dancing with caLLie cLine. I think that’s Hard Rust in the background following me around like a puppy!

Ahhhhh the past! hehehehehe some folks get senile and forget. BUT Jumpy’s in the NEWS biness and keeps files for this kinda shit. like the day I met that LiL sweetheart of a gaL caLLie cLine.

DAMN RIGHT she added Jumpy hehehehe I’m Jump Lane 😛

[20:58]  Jumpman Lane: hehehe do u know hard rust[20:58]  Jumpman Lane: the owner of hard alley[20:59]  Jumpman Lane: apparenty he is a fan :p[20:59]  Callie Cline: no[20:59]  Callie Cline: i dont[20:59]  Callie Cline: never heard of him[20:59]  Jumpman Lane: ur kiddin[20:59]  Jumpman Lane: uve heard of him right[20:59]  Jumpman Lane: never lol[20:59]  Callie Cline: no[20:59]  Callie Cline: lol[20:59]  Callie Cline: i dont get out much[21:00]  Jumpman Lane: ur kiddin[21:00]  Jumpman Lane: he’s a huge fan[21:02]  Callie Cline: wow[21:02]  Callie Cline: lol[21:02]  Callie Cline: i didnt know i had fands[21:02]  Callie Cline: fans[21:03]  Jumpman Lane: shit yeah[21:03]  Jumpman Lane: i’m a fan too[21:03]  Jumpman Lane: though lady dawson isnt[21:03]  Callie Cline: of what?[21:03]  Jumpman Lane: she calls u a noob[21:03]  Callie Cline: who is that?[21:03]  Jumpman Lane: of callie cline[21:03]  Callie Cline: im 3[21:03]  Callie Cline: almost 4[21:03]  Callie Cline: lol[21:03]  Jumpman Lane: i ust to lurk around motorati hopin to get a glimpse[21:03]  Callie Cline: NO WAY[21:03]  Jumpman Lane: she’s 5 goin on 6[21:03]  Callie Cline: hahahahahahha[21:03]  Jumpman Lane: i swear[21:03]  Callie Cline: awww[21:04]  Callie Cline: that’s sorta cute[21:04]  Jumpman Lane: she says she remembers u as a noob[21:04]  Jumpman Lane: kinda[21:04]  Callie Cline: oh my i was the worst noob[21:04]  Callie Cline: still sorta am[21:04]  Jumpman Lane: but u only showed up twice[21:04]  Jumpman Lane: no ur not lmao[21:04]  Callie Cline: i was there eveyreday[21:04]  Jumpman Lane: no u werent[21:04]  Jumpman Lane: I WAS there every day lmao[21:04]  Jumpman Lane: hehehehehehe[21:04]  Jumpman Lane: the dirt track was nice[21:05]  Jumpman Lane: wtf ya do now other than clothes?[21:05]  Jumpman Lane: no more avastar >:([21:05]  Jumpman Lane: read it every fri[21:07]  Jumpman Lane: celeb trollop crap[21:07]  Jumpman Lane: why is that[21:08]  Callie Cline: OMG[21:08]  Callie Cline: hahahahaha[21:08]  Jumpman Lane: what?[21:08]  Jumpman Lane: i AM still a noob[21:09]  Jumpman Lane: im only 2[21:09]  Callie Cline: lol[21:32]  Jumpman Lane: heheheh im me some time we should hang[21:32]  Callie Cline: i dont im guys[21:32]  Callie Cline is Online[21:32]  Jumpman Lane: hehehe[21:33]  Jumpman Lane: make an exception[21:33]  Jumpman Lane: im jump lane :)[21:33]  Jumpman Lane: well i’ll im u :p[21:33]  Callie Cline: nope[21:33]  Callie Cline: i dont[21:33]  Jumpman Lane: well ill have my pals force tp u to me[21:33]  Jumpman Lane: hehehehehe[21:33]  Jumpman Lane: one or two can :)[21:33]  Callie Cline: ok LOL[21:34]  Jumpman Lane: hehehehe

kissing callie cline

[2015/06/28 03:04]  Jumpman Lane: shit i kissed her once[2015/06/28 03:04]  Jumpman Lane: she was like on my friend list for like a day lol[2015/06/28 03:04]  Jumpman Lane: til SHE googled ME hehe[2015/06/28 03:05]  Chloe Starr (chloets): hahaaa[2015/06/28 03:05]  Jumpman Lane: i made her shitball of the month for unfriending me[2015/06/28 03:05]  Jumpman Lane: in slutmagazine[2015/06/28 03:05]  Jumpman Lane: she kept the statue, a Golden Turd like on my desk[2015/06/28 03:06]  Jumpman Lane: took a pick of it and put it on her blog when a zillion tards read her blog and politley pointed out that i had misspelt shit ball on the staue all these years[2015/06/28 03:06]  Jumpman Lane: classy that one lol[2015/06/28 03:07]  Chloe Starr (chloets): giggles[2015/06/28 03:07]  Jumpman Lane: Pontiac the rl car company bought her a few sims and paid her rl monies to sit in em lol[2015/06/28 03:07]  Jumpman Lane: for a time[2015/06/28 03:07]  Jumpman Lane: she got rich[2015/06/28 03:07]  Chloe Starr (chloets): she was pretty hot i just googled her…#95 in maxim[2015/06/28 03:08]  Chloe Starr (chloets): wow..see i lived a sheltered sl life…time to break out!!![2015/06/28 03:09]  Jumpman Lane: i unno what ya been doin in sl but when I was a noob i was stalkin callie cline hehehe

Not Mentor Material!

(Caws i rolls with hotties like Tara Porterfield!)

Dear Jumpman Lane,

We have denied your request for listing in the Mentor Group. 
It may be your application is incomplete, or had inappropriate content.

You are welcome to submit a new request for listing. Please review our criteria and make 
sure your submission content is correctly spelled, complete, appropriate, and gives 
sufficient evidence of your experience. 
Due to the volume of submissions, we are unable to provide you with details or a 
personalized response to your submission. 
Thank you for your interest in a Mentor Directory listing.

Tard and Turd!

The dogs not me! Or rather me and my dogs Tard and Turd!

The Dawson Residence by Juro Kothari

This is how I’m living in Second Life!!!

My home, The Dawson Residence built by the greatest architect in the history of SL, Juro Kothari for the grand diva of the grid Lady Dawson. (If Second Life has royalty, she is our queen. We are all noobs beside her!)




Second Life Birthdate

November 06, 2003

Outgoing and fun loving. I usually love to talk…. alot.

I go AFK a lot, if you get mad at me because you think I don’t answer your IM fast enough you’ll end up on my ignore list.

[[20:35] Stroker Serpentine: Good, then you have no reason to care. Your SL is fucked. Enjoy it.[20:35] Alexis (lady.dawson): I just know when you two are bringing me up again and again and again, because people IM me[20:36] Alexis (lady.dawson): my SL is fucked? lol do you know that sounds ridiculous when you say that?6:07]  Lady Dawson: (Saved Wed Sep 14 00:01:55 2011) lol

[6:07]  Lady Dawson: (Saved Wed Sep 14 00:03:09 2011)

[20:54] Stroker Serpentine: Wow you even type and talk like him. Now it all makes sense[20:55] Alexis (lady.dawson): yes.. I started SC just to meet you randomy… and then waited like 3 or 4 years and listened to all your marital problems only to make an alt to tease you about your silly lawsuit and sex beds for another 3 or 4 years[20:56] Alexis (lady.dawson): good one[20:56] Alexis (lady.dawson): and i even invented my own jumpman dialect and weird spelling just to fool you![20:56] Alexis (lady.dawson): you should quit the jittery bad animation business and be a full time online detective, i can see a real future in it for you[20:57] Stroker Serpentine: woot!  Thank you![20:57] Stroker Serpentine: I could have wasted YEARS[20:57] Alexis (lady.dawson): lol[20:57] Alexis (lady.dawson): walk around with your little motion capture suit on solving crimes[20:58] Alexis (lady.dawson): do it, it’ll be funny[20:58] Stroker Serpentine: Ooohh…got ya riled now..having to visualize are we?

[20:58] Stroker Serpentine: I think I’ll hop on an alt[20:58] Stroker Serpentine: see ya soon[20:58] Alexis (lady.dawson): ok bye :)[20:58] Alexis (lady.dawson): don’t get me too hard


[2015/06/26 03:04]  Jumpman Lane: its a custom by the greatest sl architect there ever was[2015/06/26 03:04]  Jumpman Lane: by a guy you never heard of Juro Kothari[2015/06/26 03:04]  Chloe Starr (chloets): and the house is great..from what i have seen[2015/06/26 03:05]  Jumpman Lane: the other two ALMOST like it are museums hehehe[2015/06/26 03:05]  Chloe Starr (chloets): no i have never heard of him[2015/06/26 03:05]  Jumpman Lane: he’s from 2004[2015/06/26 03:05]  Jumpman Lane: The Cyrus Apollo House[2015/06/26 03:05]  Jumpman Lane: The Annie Butler Homee are both museums[2015/06/26 03:05]  Jumpman Lane: and The Dawson Residence[2015/06/26 03:05]  Jumpman Lane: this place is his masterpiece hehehe[2015/06/26 03:05]  Jumpman Lane: a lil dump i call home :p

Slut Magazine

lush cover v2i2

Slut Magazine©

“porn for ya asses!”™


 crystal cover v3i6

Vol3ish7 cover

Vol4i3 cover

 The Great Watermelon War

lane suit_008

Banned for abuse of support staff by vandalizing Torely Linden’s SL Wiki page?

“No one labors under the impression that the kindly game gods of Linden Lab who traipse around the grid in (as) who-knows-wtf-that-avi-is-supposed-to-be avatars are anything but human on the meat side. However, some mistake the sudden appearance of a Linden-last-name tag as just that: a god descending from the heavens to bless us for a few moments with an aspect of the sublime, with the grace of the empyrean. Imagine my surprise upon discovering that Torley Linden has the soul of a watermelon colored turd.

I am not a saint. I swagger through the metaverse yapping with hotties, talking smack to tards, snapping snaps, and writing funny little things in forums, on blogs, and in my little porno rag…er mag: Slut Magazine. My few run-ins with Lindens have been limited to chummy convos at official lab office hours and a few electronic epistles decrying the fact that unfortunately once again, it has come to the game god’s attention that I have allegedly violated the community standards or terms of service…”


The Return of Jumpman Lane

Suspended over the summer by LL – the coolest guy in SL plans to resurrect SlutMag

“Some call him controversial, others say he’s just nuts, hated, loved, worshiped, Jumpman Lane, owner of the pornographic/erotic Slut Magazine, calls himself King of Second Life, the coolest man on SL, does what he wants, respects no rules, insults everyone when he wants to and points women and sex as the best thing SL has to offer. After being banned by LL, Jumpman Lane, the ‘enfant terrible’ is back, willing to bring back to life his magazine preferably keeping himself away from problems with the Lab…”

oh with torley_007

[2015/07/05 04:54]  Jumpman Lane: this is the oldest rezzed object in second life[2015/07/05 04:55]  Chloe Starr (chloets): really?[2015/07/05 04:55]  Jumpman Lane: The Man Statue[2015/07/05 04:55]  Jumpman Lane: This is Phil’s Hill[2015/07/05 04:55]  Jumpman Lane: yup[2015/07/05 04:55]  Chloe Starr (chloets): linden?[2015/07/05 04:55]  Jumpman Lane: there might be a crappy thing or two rezzed before it[2015/07/05 04:55]  Jumpman Lane: yup phililp linden[2015/07/05 04:56]  Chloe Starr (chloets): impressive[2015/07/05 04:56]  Jumpman Lane: one of his flunkies or alts actually rezzed it[2015/07/05 04:57]  Jumpman Lane: used to have when an object was created on em somewhere lol[2015/07/05 04:58]  Jumpman Lane: i was banned here for like YEARS[2015/07/05 04:58]  Jumpman Lane: JUST ON THE HILL HERE LOL[2015/07/05 04:58]  Chloe Starr (chloets): lol[2015/07/05 04:58]  Jumpman Lane: since like 2009[2015/07/05 04:58]  Jumpman Lane: until VERY recently lol[2015/07/05 04:58]  Chloe Starr (chloets): just banned on the hill? and now your not obviously lol[2015/07/05 04:58]  Jumpman Lane: yup  lol[2015/07/05 04:59]  Jumpman Lane: id check every so often[2015/07/05 04:59]  Jumpman Lane: checked when i came back this time[2015/07/05 04:59]  Jumpman Lane: torley Linden did it[2015/07/05 04:59]  Chloe Starr (chloets): so why did they un ban you?[2015/07/05 04:59]  Jumpman Lane: i showed ya that article i did on the all seeing watermelon eye lol[2015/07/05 05:00]  Chloe Starr (chloets): yeah[2015/07/05 05:00]  Jumpman Lane: how lady dawson denoobified Torey Torgeson before they hired him as a linden and he didnt like it[2015/07/05 05:00]  Jumpman Lane: he vandalized my sl wiki page[2015/07/05 05:01]  Jumpman Lane: change my profile pic to him and a noob doll like the thing i burned stroker serpentine in effigy with[2015/07/05 05:01]  Jumpman Lane: and the giant werds NOOB[2015/07/05 05:01]  Jumpman Lane: so i pasted that story on HIS sl wiki page[2015/07/05 05:02]  Jumpman Lane: i was boinking some gal[2015/07/05 05:02]  Jumpman Lane: when the lindnes came and force logged me out of sl[2015/07/05 05:02]  Jumpman Lane: remeber i told u how everybody had guns[2015/07/05 05:02]  Jumpman Lane: back in the day[2015/07/05 05:02]  Chloe Starr (chloets): yes[2015/07/05 05:02]  Jumpman Lane: well people also crashed sims[2015/07/05 05:03]  Chloe Starr (chloets): they still do[2015/07/05 05:03]  Jumpman Lane: they’d create a scripted object that self replicated itself using all the simulater’s assets til it shut down the sim[2015/07/05 05:03]  Jumpman Lane: well they were doing it HOURLY back then hehehehe[2015/07/05 05:03]  Chloe Starr (chloets): hahahaa[2015/07/05 05:04]  Jumpman Lane: so the lindens created the G team[2015/07/05 05:04]  Jumpman Lane: governance team[2015/07/05 05:04]  Jumpman Lane: they could tp to u[2015/07/05 05:04]  Jumpman Lane: or tp u to them[2015/07/05 05:04]  Jumpman Lane: force log you out of sl[2015/07/05 05:05]  Jumpman Lane: the linden who got me saw i was boning some gal and said “aw hell Jumpman!”[2015/07/05 05:05]  Jumpman Lane: hehehe[2015/07/05 05:05]  Jumpman Lane: 14 day suspension[2015/07/05 05:06]  Jumpman Lane: but apparenty editng sombodies sl wiki page aint against the tos[2015/07/05 05:06]  Jumpman Lane: hehhe[2015/07/05 05:06]  Jumpman Lane: remember i had pix of me and lady of this statue in the article[2015/07/05 05:07]  Chloe Starr (chloets): eah[2015/07/05 05:07]  Chloe Starr (chloets): yeah[2015/07/05 05:07]  Jumpman Lane: well torley managed the land here[2015/07/05 05:07]  Jumpman Lane: Phil’s Hill[2015/07/05 05:07]  Jumpman Lane: so he banned here[2015/07/05 05:07]  Jumpman Lane: last lil dig at me lol[2015/07/05 05:08]  Chloe Starr (chloets): lol[2015/07/05 05:08]  Chloe Starr (chloets): brb[2015/07/05 05:08]  Jumpman Lane: k[2015/07/05 05:08]  Chloe Starr (chloets):   lol[2015/07/05 05:09]  Jumpman Lane: lol[2015/07/05 05:14]  Chloe Starr (chloets): whew, okay back[2015/07/05 05:15]  Jumpman Lane: good[2015/07/05 05:15]  Chloe Starr (chloets): great lol[2015/07/05 05:16]  Second Life: Inventory item offered[2015/07/05 05:16]  Chloe Starr (chloets): secondlife:///app/agent/0912bbca-c528-4fe7-ad93-df469a1b295e/completename received your inventory offer.[2015/07/05 05:16]  Jumpman Lane: look slut mag cornered oh torley at his office hours after i came back from that suspension[2015/07/05 05:17]  Jumpman Lane: Thats Ms. Canflo beside him[2015/07/05 05:17]  Chloe Starr (chloets): i was gonna ask ya who that was[2015/07/05 05:17]  Jumpman Lane: Candace Flossberg Editrix of Slut Magazine[2015/07/05 05:18]  Jumpman Lane: the goon in the back is DjQuad Radio[2015/07/05 05:18]  Jumpman Lane: and of course ya recognize ME lol[2015/07/05 05:18]  Chloe Starr (chloets): lol what is torley wearing?[2015/07/05 05:18]  Jumpman Lane: some wierdie watermelon colored crap[2015/07/05 05:19]  Chloe Starr (chloets): talk about goonie[2015/07/05 05:19]  Jumpman Lane: he had wierd avis lol


Chloe Starr


Second Life Birthdate

July 31, 2012

!!**^ STARR POWER ^**!! 
Society editor – Slut Magazine 

Douchery, thy Name is Serpentine: The Stroker Wars

v2v effigy


Former AvaStar Reporter

Banned in Second Life

Jumpman Lane Leaps To Lab’s Defense – Burns Stroker Serpentine in Effigy

Slut Magazine owner’s pictorial campaign against Second Life SexBed Entrepreneur

“Taking a cue from the NoH8 campaign, Jumpman Lane hopes to mobilize metaverse sentiment against Stroker Serpentine by inviting well known avatars to join a pictorial campaign supporting Linden Lab. Asked for comment about the effigy, Mr. Serpentine said, “Which one? LOL” and went on to point out that Jumpman  “has done more for raising awareness then any posts/litigation we have garnered, people immediately ask ‘What Lawsuit?'”. According to Mr. Serpentine, at least one burning effigy has been rezed in his in-world shop.
Jumpman Lane has been waging an ongoing campaign against Mr. Serpentine’s SexGen business on various forums and in his own literary publication – Slut Magazine – apparently concerned at the potential effect of the class action copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit brought by Stroker Serpentine and Munchflower Zauis.

Putting his own unique spin on the NoH8 idea, Mr. Lane hopes to entice players to pose next to a burning effigy of Mr. Serpentine nailed to a cross. I learned of the new campaign when Mr. Lane contacted the Herald yesterday and offered me a chance to join:…”


Stroker Serpentine’s Public Meltdown

“Stroker Serpentine appears to be in some distress, so if you are a friend in RL or SL, and have more information about how to reach him — a Skype contact, a RL email, even a land line or cell phone — you should check on him. I filed an alert to Twitter management and left a message with the Tampa police, but you have to know the district the person is living in and have more information to get them to respond, so perhaps someone else can follow up….”


Jumpman Lane – The “Kang” of Second Life

“Last week, well-known virtual world entrepreneur Stroker Serpentine threw in the towel on Second Life after a long running series of feuds with Linden Lab and the notorious Jumpman Lane. Mr. Serpentine announced his departure in a series of tweets that caused alarm among his friends at the news that he was apparently exiting the virtual world suddenly – and permanently…”


Not Just Pixels: The Saga of Stroker Serpentine

“Many people turning into the saga of Stroker Serpentine, his somewhat public meltdown, and his dramatic departure (ostensibly) from Second Life by scrubbing his islands and leaving out his famous Sex Gen bed — the subject  of lawsuits over unlawful copying in SL — on all perms for the masses to seize — well, the small circle of people who might have heard about it on and the Herald.

Both the Herald and have hyped up the Stroker story as somehow being a function of the vindictiveness of Jumpman Lane, and his stalking and goading Stroker into despair. Jumpman himself is the biggest propagator of this theory — and it’s a line some seem to buy. Jumpman himself has of course agitated mightily to make the curious tweets by Stroker come to light — I wouldn’t have noticed them although I may be following Stroker on Twitter if Jumpman hadn’t showed up in my spam files on this blog, which I do try to check daily.

By then, the tweets were some 20 hours old, and Jumpman’s warning — or gloating — that he may have contemplated or even attempted suicide was coming very late, possibly too late.

Looking at the tweets, as I noted, I was alarmed, and decided to err on the side of caution. I filed a Twitter ticket immediately — I didn’t have anything to go on. I Googled Stroker and found his RL name and city — he always linked those, and it was on his SL profile. I first tried contacting the Tampa police — I was asked for a district — I had no idea. I went trying to find that — someone suggested doing a whois — I hadn’t thought of that, and once I got that information, I went then to the sheriff at the suggestion of someone else who thought that was more appropriate. The sherrif’s office told me to go back to my own NYPD to start there — evidently that way I myself could be somehow verified. I called the NYPD — they explained that they didn’t handle such out of state complaints and I had to go back to the sheriff’s. I went back there — and it went nowhere, so I left the information on an online form….”


 Second Life Twitter War Goes Beyond Nasty

LabRatuOut accuses Linden Lab staff of Stroker Serpentine smear campaign

“The long running war of words between Jumpman Lane and Stroker Serpentine took a bizarre turn over the last two days after a newly minted Twitter account named LabRatuOut first tweeted a series of warnings to Mr. Lane asking that he apologize to Serpentine by 9 am PDT Friday or face dire consequences.

The deadline passed, and LabRatuOut then tweeted claims of links between Linden Lab staff and an orchestrated smear campaign against Mr. Serpentine intended to drive him out of Second Life.

Stroker Serpentine recently walked away from his Second Life adult animation business. Jumpman Lane told me in an interview last week that his anti-Stroker campaign had been greenlighted by Linden Lab staff – although he was unable to produce evidence of this…”


The Strange Story of Jumpman Lane — or So The Herald Claims

“The Herald is running a bizarre story which purports to reveal that some anonymous Twitter account named @LabRatuOut has revealed that the notorious and universally-loathed Jumpman Lane, enemy of Stroker Serpentine, is actually a certain injured former national guardman, Jimison Hutchinson, husband of Sarah Kuehle Hutchinson, or Esbee Linden.

I’m looking at this story with a very weather eye and for now pronouncing it as not substantiated, and diagnosing it as yet another bid by Jumpman himself to get attention — and/or the Herald to get more hits (Jumpman was featured prominently at the Herald’s 8th anniversary party, along with a lot of The Wrong Hands new alts, if you want to fill up your ban lists.)…”



Jumpman Lane, the First of his Name

Jumpman Lane, the First of his Name
King of the Residents, and the First Named Men, Lord of the Metaverse and Protector of the Grid


(and GODDAMNIT my coronation was PUBLIC, before any ya’ll hatin’ motherfuckers say I’m cocky for wearin the tag “King of Second Life” in SL or that I’m not the king hehehehehe)

Jumpy did it all on his own 
Turned a chair to a throne!