Everybody but Hobos like nice clothes! I do, we do, you do too. Slut Magazine has always covered fashion. Just flip through our archives! We’ve got SL Top Model 2008 SEXI (margaret.childs) doing all the heavy lifting in our fashion section, The Look. Jumpy’s girlfriend AF (aboutface)  is a model and a fashion designer who actually turns a profit with her brand, SMASH. Slut Mag even has a defunct brand all its own, House Slut that earnt Jumpy a linden dollar or two. Needless to say, Slut Mag has and always has had a few fingers in the SL Fashion Industry.

Nowdays, Jumpy gets his fashion fix palling around with his friend Crista, who has shot noted pornstars Partee Mytili, Larry Vinaver, Ashley Sugarplum, and Rache Avaro (more to come, I AM gonna show ya the pix. Keep ya eyes wide-peeled. Quit being greedy!!!). The interesting thing is this. Second Life is SO insular that fashionistas and pornstars RARELY mix. Best of Second Life Magazine Big Shot and  fashion noob, Jessilyn Brandi, IMed Jumpy out of the blue onr day to inform him that he was cute, but peddled smut! Jumpy ALREADY KNEW he was cute. He knew he peddled smut too! What he DIDN’T know was WHO THE FUCK Jessilyn Brandi was. Google helped. Hehehehehe. Then, Jumpy “got it”.
Like some unspoken rule, somebody, SOME RE RE, decreeed that porn and fashion just don’t mix! Fuck all that shit! Rules? RULES!!!! RULES. ARE. FOR. THE. WEAK! We sat down with Crista Wellens to give you oh most faithful of the Slut Mag Faithful a glimpse of SL Fashion FROM THE TOP! Crista got fashion cred: runway battle-scars, photog-blurry eyes, Devil-wearing Prada imperious grace! If YOU doubt the pronouncments of this DIVA, take a gander at her resume! ENJOY!

Want more words of wisdom from a fashion icon? Check out Crista’s blog!

How did you find out about Second Life?

As much as I would love my Second Life “birth” to be an interesting, fascinating story, it’s not. I was browsing YouTube bored one day and I saw the ad for Second Life. I made an account out of curiosity and ever since then I’ve been trapped in here like most of us.

When and why did you decide to become a model?

It was an aspiration of mine virtually ever since I joined, but I did not know the virtual world well enough to discover the fashion industry at that time. When eventually I wasn’t a newbie anymore, I started looking for careers and finally I found modeling.
As for why I became a model, I am a lover of fashion in both lives. I read fashion magazines, I treat my clothes better than I treat some people *laughs* and I’ve always had a thirst for beauty. Second Life allowed me to discover another side of fashion: female fashion. With a female avatar, I could broaden my horizons and become a better stylist. I think I reached this milestone successfully.

You’ve done work for several fashion magazines? What were they and what did you do there.

I don’t know how right it is to disclose the names of the magazines, but I will do it anyways because I love you. I worked for The Best Of SL Magazine as a graphic designer and marketing liaison, I was one of the founders of Eclipse Magazine and I also gave a helping hand to NuVibez Magazine, where I was Fashion Editor. I think that’s enough magazines for a lifetime, and if I were asked to join a fashion magazine nowadays I’d probably say no.

If someone joins SL and wants to become a model, how should they go about it?

First of all, they must understand that you can’t do it for the money because you won’t make money. At all. The styling will cost 3-4 times more than what models will be paid in the show usually. They MUST do it because of a passion for fashion. If that passion lacks, I suggest they abort the mission and look for something else.
However, if they do have that passion, there are certain steps to be followed. First of all, no one starts at the top. Ever. At least one academy is essential in a model’s career, and each aspiring model needs to understand that there is a lot to learn. That’s right, models. You think you know it all by now. You don’t. None of us do, in all honesty. But it’s the older and successful model’s mission to train the young, so listen to your elders during academy.
Another important step is being open to criticism. You will be criticized, you will be thrown to the ground sometimes and yes, there are moments when your styling simply sucks. If someone authorized tells you that, they are usually right, so instead of throwing a tantrum and having a diva attack, just listen and do better next time! That’s how you get up on the ladder, by listening to others and gathering as much help and information as possible.
I’m emphasizing the listening part because a common factor in mostly all aspiring models is the “diva” attitude, the “know-it-all” feeling they have. They think every outfit they create is liquid gold and if someone criticizes them, it’s personal. It’s the opposite way. The main duty of an aspiring model is to LEARN. The rest will follow smoothly.

How imporant is modeling school?

I’m not a big fan of graduating a hundred modeling academies, but at least one is necessary. As I said, as much as an aspiring model thinks they know everything already, there are a lot of things they don’t know. Modeling School (a good modeling school I mean) not only teaches the students everything they need, but it makes them understand that there is a lot to learn and a lot to be discovered.

Who is the hottest model in all of SL male or female?

Hot in modeling has a different meaning than in other situations. By hot we mean fierce, and by fierce we sometimes mean what other people perceive as “ugly”. We perceive it as expressive. The sexiest male model is, for me, my brother Erik Bayn, who was Mr. Virtual World 2013. He is sexy in all situations, not to mention the kindest man I know.
As for females, I am quite the fan of Anna Sapphire’s style. She has been inactive for a while and quite frankly we haven’t spoken, but her attitude impressed me ever since I first saw a picture of her.

One hears of very little drama in the fashion industry? Why is that?

Oh lord, there is so much drama. Unbearable drama. Rumors, people who get upset and post endless writings about how bad another person is, people who start crying because they don’t like something in a show, models who refuse to change because the designer told them to and this list can go on and on and on. I think it’s not that heard of because we try out best to maintain it within this little society and hide the flaws of the industry as much as possible. However, I will say this: the main origin of drama is, in modeling, lack of professionalism.

There are many many many fashion bloggers and editors, who is the most influential voice in SL fashion?

Yes, there are many. Strawberry Singh is the most famous blogger I know. As for fashionistas, the most successful ones in my opinion are those who manage to change styles easily and be versatile. Antonietta Canucci is a big and influential fashion-exclusive blogger. Shawn is another one, for men. You have Absinthe who does amazing Haute Couture, then you have Miaa Rebane, and Jax Aster and, and, and… so many people that are followed because of their beautiful style.
And then there’s those who call themselves fashion icons but wear the same outfit in different versions and colors every single time. I find those the least inspirational.

In your opinion, who is the greatest designer in the history of SL?

I simply cannot answer that, I’m sorry. There are so SO many amazingly talented designers. I can’t choose.

What’s the biggest problem facing the SL fashion industry to day?

Real life gender. People care too much about it. Also, clothes are decreasing in quality sometimes, because people are lazy and do items only for money other than for some passion.

What would “make” a model’s career? By that I mean what accolade, award, achievment or event wold mke a model “successful”?

There are many, but the most solid success is professionalism. If a model is professional and, of course, talented, people will notice that and he/she will climb up the ladder in no time. Of course, they can win whatever pageant or contest and people will know about it, but the fire that burns quickly is put out even quicker. If a model wants to become successful and remain this way, all they need to do is work, work, work and be professional at all times.

Fashionistas have a reputation for being snooty? Is it deserved?

For some, yes. Some of us, though, like to remain professional and let our actions speak for themselves. I, for one, treat everyone with respect and I know a lot of people who do. Seeing yourself above the others is the biggest proof you’re actually below.

You are a noted SL photog. How long does it take generally to do get your pics done from conception through shoot to final photoshopping?

It depends. I never send a picture unless I am 1. fully happy with it 2. sure that every detail represents the vision of that picture. Certainly, my mood is an influence too. It can take anywhere from 5-6 days up to a month to be honest.

You’ve styled and shot non models for Slut Magazine. Describe the process.

It was a learning experience for me. I like to think I was a little bit of a teacher but I always kept repeating to myself “They are not models they are not models” so I don’t get in my fierce sphere. It was a very enjoyable process, which allowed me to meet some very nice people. The models were happy and listened to every word I said, and all in all it turned out to be amazing for both me and them!

What’s most enjoyable for you, writing, teaching modeling, shootting photos, stying folks, or modeling yourself?

I enjoy everything I do. They day I stop enjoying something is the day I stop doing it. So if I had to choose one activity from all that I do, it would be simple: all of them. I can’t choose and I never will. I will just keep adding items to the list.

What’s next for Crista Wellens?

That would be designing. I’m almost done learning how to make original mesh clothing for Second Life and my store – which will be called Hailberry (SLUT Magazine is the first to know) – will open soon. It’ll be a blend of high fashion, casual couture and some roleplay items embedded here and there, but all in all it will be a very very fashionable brand. That’s a promise!

Crista Wellens
Modeling Studies:
Graduated from the Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy on March 9th 2014
Graduated from the Dallas Modeling Academy on January 3rd 2014

Current Positions:
BLVD Model
Siren Model
Opium Evolution Model
Dallas Modeling Company VIP Model
The Collective Model
Liv-Glam Model
Sundaara Blogger
Amarelo Manga Blogger
Modern Couture Blogger
The Hellish Diva Blogger
Dot-Be Design Blogger

Previous Positions:
BOSL & CO Executive General Manager
Evolve Model
Highlife Skins Model

Pageants and Contests:
Glam Girls 2013 Finalist
Miss Fashion 2014 3rd Runner Up

Featured in:
Liv-Glam Vendors
Image Factory Vendors
Amarelo Manga Vendors
BOSL SNAPPED Fashion Show Invitation
Opium Evolution Hunger Games Fashion Show Teaser Banner
Seychelles Isles Official Banner (Face of Seychelles Isles)

Fashion Shows:
GlamGirls Semi Finals November 2013
GlamGirls Final December 2013
Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Graduation Show
Miss Fashion 2014 Selections
Miss Fashion 2014 Coco Chanel Styling Challenge
Miss Fashion 2014 Elsa Schiaparelli Styling Challenge
Miss Fashion 2014 Hussein Chalayan Styling Challenge
Miss Fashion 2014 Paul Poiret Styling Challenge
Miss Fashion 2014 Roberto Capucci Styling Challenge
Miss Fashion 2014 Charles Frederick Worth Styling Challenge
Miss Fashion 2014 Final (1st and 2nd Round) with a total score of 536.7 out of 700
Passing The Torch for Relay For Life Fashion Show
Opium Evolution – LIV-GLAM Presents a Day At The Races
SCALA – Jumo Show @24 Squared
SCALA – WoW Skins @24 Squared
KV Dream – Winter Show 2014
The 24 2015 – LaVian
The 24 2015 – B Barbie
The 24 2015 – Bravura
The 24 2015 – Pop Stars