Slut Mag Ace Reporter Tatusia Snowflake (tatusiu) goes deep inside The Keyhole Club:

I admit it, I like being watched. Doing it in public. I mean, what self-disrespecting porn-star-wannabe doesn’t, right? And what better place to find like-minded individuals than a porn cinema? So here I am, dressed just the right amount of slutty, climbing out of my cab and walking up the stairs to the cinema at the Keyhole Club, one of SL’s most renowned voyeur spots.

I take my time moving upstairs, swaying my full hips and sticking out my phat ass, knowing my cheeks are nicely peeping out from under my tight and too-short denim shorts. I take my time walking around, pretending it’s the first time I’m exploring here. There’s something for every exhibitionist and voyeur here; downstairs the bar and pole-dance area gets everyone in the right mood; upstairs bedrooms, a bath (Jacuzzi) room, a school class room, the communal lounge, the Sybian™ cubicles and, of course, the porno cinema (all with wide-open windows) let everyone “cum” together, watch or join in just however they want.

The sounds of two couples fucking in the lounge attract me there first. Standing near the open window, I’m just a few feet away from a lucky girl, so close I can almost reach out and touch her. She’s a tiny little thing with her face pushed into a soft arm chair, her ass lifted high in the air as her man relentlessly and roughly slams his long, thick, hard cock into her tight, squelching pussy. I gasp and blush as he winks at me knowingly while I watch them, unable to stop my fingers reaching for my stiff, sensitive nipples poking through my tight orange crop top as my other hand slides down the front of my blue jean shorts to give my dripping pussy some of the attention it craves. I have a moment as the girl starts to cum hard, throwing back her head and screaming in pleasure as her wide eyes meet mine. Mmmmm… I love that – that connection sends a real jolt of pleasure right through my insides. They’ve attracted quite a crowd now, and I know I’ve been seen enjoying the show, but just to make sure I leave no one in any doubt I sway and bump my way through the other onlookers, pushing my fingers to my lips and sucking them deep into my naughty mouth, tasting my own juices with a loud “mmmm… so deeelish!”. I head to the cinema, legs already feeling a bit wobbly!

The cinema is dark and deserted when I arrive, that exciting stale smell of previous seedy encounters fills the air, but a movie is already playing to itself, the screen casting a blue light over the empty seats. The scene could hardly be more perfect! A busty blonde girl on her knees is getting fucked from behind as she blows another guy, while another two guys stand over her wanking their big hard cocks and waiting their turn to fuck any of her available holes. I virtually fall into a seat right on the front row as I watch, transfixed. My tight shorts pulling up even tighter, cutting between my swollen wet pussy lips, the pressure on my clit already driving me crazy and I sit, squirming into my chair.

I keep my eyes fixed on the scene as I hear him walk in and sit right next to me. Every seat in the place is empty apart from mine but he chooses to sit right next to me! Yayyy! Already feeling butterflies in my tummy, the sense of anticipation grows even more as he shifts his legs wider, so his big strong thigh is rubbing mine. We watch the screen without saying a word as I feel his fingers slide gently over my knee and glide slowly up the inside of my thick thigh. I can’t help but open my legs wider for him. Only when his elbow nudges me cheekily do I look in his direction, and gasp loudly when I realise his pants are undone and his big hard trouser snake is sticking straight up and staring at me with its one eye. Our eyes meet, before we both glance back down to his crotch. Ohhhmygod its soo big and hard, and I can see it twitching as the blood pumps through its bulging veins. My mouth is already flooding with drool, and I’m mesmerised by it. I don’t even consider protesting as his fingers slide over mine and pull my hand to him, my chest rising and falling as my breathing quickens, my nipples poking right through my flimsy top as my fingers stretch around his thick, hot, hard, pulsating meat.

We both groan in unison as I stroke him, gently brushing my fingertips up and down it at first, feeling him throb, feeling every solid inch of him, every bulge and ridge. It’s not long before I have to grip harder, my fingers really struggling to stretch around his thickness as my hand starts tugging up and down, reaching and caressing his big heavy balls before pulling higher, all the way up his shaft, my squeezing forcing and trapping more blood into his engorged helmet. Just as I’m thinking how much I want, no need to taste him, I feel his hand in my hair, pushing my head down as his hips raise, stopping briefly to pull my top roughly up over my head, my big soft titties falling into view as I glance around but (sadly) see no one watching. I moan, softly vibrating my mouth around him as my full candy-coloured silky lips slide over his crown, my slobber soaking him and my tongue snaking around circling his sensitive rim, touching and teasing where ever I can, even wriggling into his tiny hole. My head bobs in his lap, taking him deeper each time, making him groan as he grabs and digs his nails into my full ass and speaks for the first time as he urges me on, “ohhyeah babeee, suck it, suck it like that slut on the screen. You love it, don’t ya? You wanna be that slut gettin’ pounded by four men. You love sucking cock dontcha, ya dirty fucking slut?”. I can only groan louder and nod my head enthusiastically in response, my ass squirming against his hand as I push my head down harder and feel that hot sexy meat being swallowed by my hungry, greedy throat.

Soon I feel his hands grabbing at my shorts, pulling them down, and I’m wiggling to help him, all the time keeping that cock buried deep in my mouth, worshipping it with my throat, my tongue, even my cheeks as they pull into caress him when I suck harder. I gasp, almost crying out in frustration when he pulls my head off him, growling at me “I wanna taste YOU now, before I pound your sweet pussy and make those big ass cheeks bounce!”, and with that pushes me back, forces my legs wide, and dives between my thighs, his tongue licking and lapping at my pussy as it gushes, covering his face with my juices. My gasps turn to moans as I feel the benefit of this guy’s talents, his tongue swirling and lapping in all the right places, circling then sucking my clitty so hard as his lips surround it, making me scream and beg “ohhhfuckyessSSS! ohhhgodfuckmeeee! fuck me with that sexy tongue!” as he pushes it deep inside my tight hole, stretching me open, teasing my insides. “Ohhh I’ll fuck ya alright, but you need more than my tongue, dontcha?”, he barks at me as he lifts his head, “Get on your knees! Spread those big fat ass cheeks!”.

Trembling in lust I comply without question or hesitation. Kneeling on the chair I see, for the first time, another guy has joined us, sitting legs wide apart, stroking his big hard cock as he watches the action intently. Our eyes meet as I kneel, reaching back and feeling the sharp sting of my own nails as they dig into the soft flesh of my big ass as I spread them as instructed. My lips part wide, forming a perfect O shape as I feel the tip of the first guy’s cock nudging my hole, teasing me, making me beg, “what does a good slut say?”, he demands. “Please Sir”, I beg, whispered at first but he makes me say it louder, and louder, until I’m forced to scream “Please! Please fuck MMEEEE!!”, my tongue lolling and drool running over my lips as he pushes hard and deep and roughly inside me, burying all of that hot hard meat in me to the hilt making me scream soo loud in ecstasy as he impales me on his entire long length.

Luckily the other guy takes the hint of my continued stare, never taking my eyes off his as I’m getting fucked harder and deeper, every thrust sending an extra judder of pleasure coursing through my pussy, through my entire body, driving me higher and higher and closer to orgasm. No, my gaping, drooling, moaning mouth is too much for him to resist any longer and he walks to me and pushes his hard cock between my wet lips. I suck, hard, pulling him all the way as I groan louder and stronger, my excitement exciting hi m too as he starts to fuck my face, pounding it as hard as the first guy is pounding my pussy. My pussy spasms and twitches and clamps on the big cock pounding it as I start to cum, my whole body stiffening as the waves of pleasure crash over me, just as both cocks seem to simultaneously explode, filling my pussy, filling my mouth, the room spinning around me as my mouth gulps and swallows and drains the balls feeding my throat, drinking every precious drop, my pussy clenching and unclenching as if milking the big full balls feeding my pussy, my whole body shaking and quivering in one of the most intense orgasms, prolonged even longer by the feeling of mmmmm hot… sticky… sexy… delicious seed filling my mouth and pussy at the same time.

I’m not sure if I passed out delirious at this stage. But I’m glad to say as I opened my eyes and felt his cum dribbling out of me and over my thick thighs and ass and tasted the remains of cum on my lips and tongue, both men had left without so much as a goodbye, leaving me in a crumpled, used mess across the cinema seats. Just how it should be, really! I think I’ll back here to watch another movie!