Many in Second Life take porn, the avocation, as a given. They act as if it always existed and its nature is immutable. They presume to impose rules. They pursue ready-made aspirations. They live out second hand, Second Life porn careers. Most mature industries are the same, like fashion. Few in porn remember the halcyon days of yesteryear, when a single, signal girl, weary of being tricked into pose-ball sex sessions by sleazy wannabe porn producers, organized an industry. They forget the name Jennnnna Jameson.

When Jennnnna created the Pornstars blog and began listing legitimate porn creators and showcased their work, porn as AN INDUSTRY truly was born. Jameson’s achievements are listed elsewhere. Slut Magazine has trumpeted THAT cool girl, with THAT kinda cool name since day one of her rise. (Though booted out of The Pornstar’s  in-world group TWICE, Jumpman Lane was one of the very first invited to join. One of the earliest posts on The Pornstar’s blog, was Jameson herself mentioning her July 2009 appearance on the cover of Slut Magazine. Yet, we digress…

Jennnnna Jameson

Our point of points is this: IN this, the Golden Age of Porn, the brightest stars in porn’s firmament are all refracted rays of one bright light, blazing through the PRISM of THE prototypical pornstar, Jennnnna Jameson. The tops of the porn industry are all distilled personifications of every aspect of JENNNNNA. Jameson’s essential qualities translate into porn-fame for those who embody them, as Jennnnna, as The ORIGINAL, is the MODEL upon which such fame is born. Partee Mytili shares with Jameson an innocent joy in the expression of sexuality that sees sex as GOOD. Absent with either is any sense of sex as shameful, sleazy, or smut. When, speaking to either, one has the sense of talking to a VERY intelligent women who likes to FUCK. One supposes this is an archetype. One KNOWS this is attractive. EVERYONE LOVES Partee. She is today’s most popular practicing pornstar because, like Jennnnna, Partee is sexy AND SMART.

Partee & Jennnnna

We could go on and on, pointing out some quality of our Emma that forms the REASON of any current pornstar’s contemporary notoriety. (She will FOREVER be Jennnnna to US, pesky Lindens aside). Yet, after Partee Mytili, Ashley Sugarplum is the greatest of The Golden Age Pornstars. Why is this so? Ashley PHOTOGRAPHS well. Sugarplum has the face of a fashion model and the body of a goddess. Sugarplum could hold her on against any current, working fashionista in print ANYWHERE in Second Life. What few recall is that Jennnnna Jameson was (is) a gifted PHOTOGRAPHER, with a penchant for making herself look GOOD. Jameson was shooting iconic pictures of herself mere months after joining Second Life. The fact that Jameson shot herself so well is beside the point. Photogenic pixels are photogenic pixels; and, Ashley like Jennnnna is PHOTOGENIC.

Ashley Sugarplum

It’s Jennnnna Month at Slut Magazine. (You GUESSED it! She IS our Covergirl) We are unabashed in our obsessions. We can never have enough Partee pictures. Hehehehe. We cannot discuss Ashley Sugarplum without referencing Jennnnnna and being long-winded while doing it. Lol. (As an aside, were we speaking of Rache Avro, yet another Slut Mag addiction, how could we not mention that Rache, like Jennnnna herself has VISION, put pen to page, and built a burgeoning porn empire. You may not have heard of Attention Magazine. You will).

Rache Avro & Ashley Sugarplum

Yet, we are discussing Ashley Sugarplum. We are shining a Slut Mag spotlight on yet another hot Second Life blonde. Slut Mag Editrix-in-Chief Priscila Balogh sat down with Ashley at Slut Mag’s HQ to take you right inside Sugarplum’s head. She turned up at Jumpman Lane’s office looking SO hot in a dental floss string bikini, Jumpy kidnap-snatched her ass, drug her into The Basement and WORE THAT SEXY ASS OUT! That’s part two of our Ashley Sugarplum peon. THAT pictorial is coming. In the meantime…part ONE.

Currently, she is considered one of the main stars in the porn industry. She has a Rose in her name… but… rose… only beauty and sensuality, NO THORNS. She is a submissive who LOVES fun; but, only towards those who can tame her. She is talented and loves naughty things.

The girl of this interview could very well be one of those fashionista-brand models gracing the ads of the snootiest of snooty designer fashion houses. If you do not know who I’m talking about, I present to you the very hot Ashley Rose Sugarplum (Amosa Sugarplum).

Well … Let us introduce you to those who do not know you. What is your name and how long have you played SL?

I have been in sl for 8+ years now.

Prepared for tough questions? I will not hold back!

Always prepared. All I can be is myself *grins*

You are beautiful and delicious, as is often the case with beauty, do you have to deal with harassment? Any weirdo stalker-types?

I do get lots of attention from guys haha.. and yes even girls. I am sure I would deal with more harassment if I wasn’t the personality that I was. I think for the most part I intimidate a lot of men, or so it seems. I grew up with 3 brothers so I don’t put up with a lot from them when they get out of hand rofl. As long as they are somewhat respectful though, I get along with most men in SL. There have been those few though. You know.. the ones you want to cut their penises off? *snickers*

And do any stalkers ever succeed? (laughs)

Depends on the stalker HAHA

And what is the secret to get with you?

Be yourself… and BE CONFIDENT. Don’t show me that I make you nervous. Be calm and relaxed. Confidence is such a turn on. That’s the basics… the advanced turn-ons.. wit… intelligence.. outwit me and I’m wet for you. *snickers* Especially if its mixed with charm.

Good ….ALL this time in SL, what are the hottest things  you have ever done?

Well.. there was the one time that I wore my wedding dress for a BBC when he told me to tell my boyfriend I was going out to shop and then met the BBC instead at a dirty motel where I put the wedding dress on for him and let him fuck me pretty hard in it. giggles…yeah that was particularly naughty… felt it too.

What’s your biggest fetish and what are your limits?

I’m almost ashamed to admit .. cheating is one of my biggest fetishes haha… I think it’s cause the guys really get excited and work even harder to pleasure you when they know you have a boyfriend on the side. Affairs always heighten the thrill. Probably why I only do open relationships anymore. LOL

What are your turn-ons and turn-offs?

Turn-Ons: Strong looking gorgeous men. Good looking older men YUUMMM.
Intelligent humor and charm. Once you have me don’t hold back…force my legs open, make me take it. I love a man that can make me feel helplessly lured into his web and when I’m there… I love to feel totally helpless to everything he does to me. God I love the feelings that make my knees buckle. Above all this .. CONFIDENCE. Even if a man is a bit clumsy with his delivery… if he holds his confidence his chances improve a lot with me. I love a confident man that knows what he’s doing with me. I also think this is why I like most black men too haha.

Turn-Offs: Noob looking avies… come-on boys… at least put up some effort to look decent. I don’t care if he looks like the hottest man in Second Life… just look decent, and that is not that hard-a lot of times not even that expensive. Yet show me you could careless to take care of your own avie… what does that say about how hard you will work with me. Talk about making me feel like a total blow up doll. I didn’t spend 8 years making myself look so good just to have some guy with a RUTHED avatar think he can get two sentences out of me.

Violence in sex. I once attempted to RP with a guy that wanted to hit me while he forced me in sex. I was OK until he rp’d the first hit. It just repulsed me. There are some things that are just not necessary in sex in Second Life. I don’t know why any man would need to HIT me. This of course does NOT include spanking my ass haha.

Now let’s just talk a little bit more serious. How did you start in SL porn? who gave you the first opportunity?

Zoey Winsmore, my best friend in SL, got me my first shoot in porn.

What is your motivation to do everything that you do in SL?

My motivation?…to be as wild and fun and crazy as I can. To live out all my fantasies and wild urges I have that I cant live out in RL… why? TO FEEL SEXY … and ALIVE. hehe. I love to feel gorgeous, sexy, erotic, and all the fun that comes with it. We are women. And I love to be made to feel like it. And while I’m doing it I love the feeling of having friends on the journey. People to enjoy it with me. Especially all my sisters out there. LOVE YOU GIRLS!

Who are your references here in SL?

When I first started SL I began as a stripper. I was very good with my words and teasing men, better than I thought I would be. But I worked along side a girl there that I looked up to very much that was even better with her words. She had more time in SL than I did and her body looked so good back then. The guys all loved her. I aspired at first to model myself after how she lived her SL. But quickly I began to find my own footing and my own personality really began to shine. Now I aspire to remain Uniquely me. It seems to work for me. ^^

Who are some of the pornstars you’ve worked with? And who you want to work?

Lets see.. its a long list…
Anyka, Ali, Cream, Zoey, Emily, Be, Adele, Chloe, Erinyes, Rachel Avro, Partee, .. god there are tons of women I could name alone… the men to name a few, Damien, Shane, Virgil, Big Daddy, James, Mr. Dai… mmm.. god he’s sexy…Abe…quite a few. I plan to work with them all again and well as many more ^^. They are all amazing. A group of us girls try to stay in touch a lot as the “Brainy Sluts” hehe.. Love you Brains!

Thanks so much, Dear!

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