Jumpman Lane and a very sleepy Ebbe Linden

There’s always been a bit of a disconnect between the kindly game gods who run Linden Lab and the denizens of Second Life. Those pesky Lindens have been ever considered tourists in their own virtual world. Simply put, Lindens are clueless when it comes to the concerns of its own customer base.

Ebbe Linden, CEO Linden Lab asleep at the wheel!

This was immediately apparent with a few offhand comments by Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Linden during the Second Life 13th Birthday Celebrations, when he casually stated that Real Life names would be used in Sansar (the Lab’s new pie-in-the sky offering). Ebbe spoke of many ideas being tossed around the water cooler, including HIS preference: a naming system like FACEBOOK’S. When audience members expressed outrage, Ebbe blandly replied: Sansar ain’t for everybody. No shit! Hehehehe. Linden Lab ain’t hiding the fact that they don’t want the actual USERS of SL to actually USE Sansar. What those hippy dips in Silicon Valley often forget is that Second Life keeps the lights on.

Somnolent Ebbe Linden yaps on tv in Second Life.

Over at High Fidelity, (Philp Rosdale’s new virtual world) things are chugging right along. HF has moved from Alpha to Beta. So, there’s hope that the spirit of Second Life will endure should those suits at The Lab destroy the company and the servers shut down. If Ebbe shits the money bed, we’ll still have someplace to go.

Ebbe woke up grumpy, finding One Jump Lane by his side.