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The AvaStar faded away. The Alphaville Herald is dead and buried. None of them goddamn saps were COOL any damn way! Jumpy on the other hand always been cool as ICE! He ALWAYS brought ya the news LANE STYLE: “mischievious, stimulating, erotic, illuminating!” Jumpy meant that shit! Square biz! He ain’t NEVER let you down! He training up interns, he unleashing ACE reporters and photogs, he even got his goddamn Scottish mama giving ya advice! You can go to nerds for news if ya want to! You can get on like you been motherfuckin’ shit on if ya want to! Or you can come HERE and be in the know! The Slut Mag Gang is BACK! We on a forced march alla way to the bank with ours! We headed to The Promised Land. Walk with us or get out of the way before you get run the fuck ova! Say werd!

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Ok, WTF IS The Scene?!?!

The Look is where our fashion edtrices SEXI (margaret.childs) and Trixiana Saenz will ramrod Slut Mag’s editorial efforts into the mostly rated G world of fashion. A Lead from the Streets is the section dedicated to Second Life society, editorially shaped by society editrix, Tsai Cheng. Slut Mag Pixel X Films, CJ (cally.janus)’s baby will be the litle monster birthed by Slut Magazine to run amok within the SL Porn Industry. THE SCENE is where we bringing you THE NEWS!

  The Scene’s In-Your-Face like a True Pimpsmack’s Content

No mod’s! No censors! No rules! RULES are for the weak! We giving it to you STRAIGHT! No holds barred, the raw inside deets on all the important shit happing in-world an out, regarding our lil’ virt paradise SECOND LIFE! We gonna drop this shit dead on ya mothefuckin’ head and let the Lindens sort it out! Like we always do!

Avada Admin

  Feature Interview

One-on-one with SL’s leading lights.

Jennnnna Jameson

Grid Icon

Profile of a Second Life game-changer. The stuff of legend.

Rache Avro

Another Day with Rachel

Slut Mag’s Layout Editrix Rache Avro gets shot every month by a special guest photographer!

Those Are Just A Few of Slut Mag’s Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Lindens! Who are these Wackjobs Anyways?

  • Shitball of the Month

  • Ask Jumpy’s Mom

  • Slut Mag Faithful Flicker 5

  • Fullbright in Windlight

  • Sittin’ Pretty Fulla Win

  • Linden Lab Liturgies

  • Square Biness-Founder’s Message

  • Turd Alert

  • ILLUMINATED by One Jump Lane

  • ExXxtreme Candy’s Girlz

  • Bitch-smack!-Editrix’s Notes

Who is Jumpman Lane ANYWAY!

What Else Slut Mag Bringing Ya?

We bringing you a steady stream of hard-hitting, in depth reports from a slew of expert, contributing editors, celebrated SL bloggers, and guest experts in every field. You wanna know, fuck it! Let’s find out!

Jumpy’s Not a Pornographer! He Sells sex Caws Sex Sells!

Well…Second Life’s not ALL about sex, no matter wtf turdmunches tell ya. We don’t know it all, Jumpy don’t know it all, Slut Mag don’t know it all; but, we know how to find some folks who DO KNOW IT ALL! We tracking down the smartest lil’ smarties, the eyes in the quiet of every drama shit-storm raining turds down on the grid to keep YOU oh most faithful of the Slut Mag Faithful in the KNOW.


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Crista Wellens (chillicalifornia) MODEL | PHOTOGRAPHER | STYLIST | BLOGGER: Feature Interview

By | December 24th, 2015|Categories: The Look, The Scene|Tags: |

Everybody but Hobos like nice clothes! I do, we do, you do too. Slut Magazine has always covered fashion. Just flip through our archives! We’ve got SL Top Model 2008 […]

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We Got Even MORE Coming!

Keep ya eyes wide-peeled! For news, watch this spot!

Drama! Slut Mag’s Speciality!

Slut Magazine been cawsin’ trouble in Second Life since 2007. Even Jumpy don’t believe how HUGE some of the shitstorms we’ve stirred up, and weathered have been! But we still here goddamnit! FUCK the TOS!

“I think we gonna get sued gal!”

“[10:15]  Candace Flossberg: (Saved Fri Mar 12 00:27:52 2010) [21:21]  Stroker Serpentine: (Saved Thu Mar 11 20:28:19 2010) I regret that your associations have put you in a position of liability. I am giving you a heads up to an impending legal action. I do not believe you to be a vindictive person, however you are listed as “Editrix” of Slut Magazine. Jumpman brought this upon you, so please consider the source.[10:15]  Candace Flossberg: (Saved Fri Mar 12 00:27:55 2010) whats that about?[10:16]  Jumpman Lane: i think we gonna get sued gal” – Candace Flossberg, Publisher, Former Editrix, Slut Magazine

Dear Jumpman Lane,
This email is notification that Linden Lab has terminated
your access to the Second Life virtual world due to severe
or repeated violations of the Second Life Terms of Service
or Community Standards. Your (account name ‘Jumpman
Lane’) and alternate Second Life accounts have been made
permanently inaccessible.
Customer Support, Linden Lab
“My attorneys have every written word, image, post and comment. They have compassionately restrained me from confronting him in real life. They have had communications with Linden Lab’s attorneys to the extent that I am confident he will not be around SL much longer. At least not as his main. I have tried to remain mature and professional. Using only legal avenues of reproach.”
Stroker Serpentine, explaing away his Humpboy Lame age-play sex toy.
[14:51] Baccara Rhodes: (Saved Sat Sep 24 14:53:01 2011) Good Afternoon- I was afk but how lovely to come back and see my life is now complete- I have heard from you- If you have ever bothered to learn anything about me you know I am an SL pioneer who values taste & manners above all else which means I do not discuss my personal relationships with anyone, least of all with someone who uses vulgar language. We are done here. Best Regards, Baccara[14:53] Jumpman Lane: i know EXACTLY who you are Baccara. i read second life: the official guide! lol”
Baccara Rhodes, Class of 2003, Lifetime Member of Second Life, Olbie Scum
.Dear Jennnnna,

We are contacting you about your use in Second Life of the name and identity of the celebrity Jenna Jameson.

We ask that Second Life residents respect the rights of celebrities in their name and identity. We would ask that you stop using the names Jennnnna Jameson and Jenna Jameson within Second Life, we would also ask that you stop using photos or images of the celebrity Jenna Jameson.

Within the next two (2) days, please either reply to this email or submit a Support ticket (, to the attention of Harry Linden, and please provide us with:

(1) A new first name for your Second Life avatar, and
(2) A new name for your Second Life group named “Jenna Jameson.”

Your new names must not infringe or be confusingly similar to the name Jenna Jameson. For example, the name Jennasis Jameson would not be acceptable.
Please also remove all photos and images of the celebrity Jenna Jameson and any other uses of her identity.

If you do not do so, we will disable your access to Second Life until you contact us with appropriate new names for your avatar and group. We will also remove all photos, images, and other uses of Jenna Jameson’s identity if you do not do so.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in this matter.


Harry Linden, Governance Team to a Slut Mag Covergirl
“You are hereby requested to make public your retraction of libelous defamation against Stroker Serpentine, Kevin Alderman and Eros, LLC. You are also requested to remove and/or retract all libelous and defamatory statements, threats and slanderous activities, postings and communications from all pertinent venues using the pseudonym “Jumpman Lane” and or “Martin Bane”.
Stroker Serpentine's Turdhole Lawyer, Crappy Florida Shyster

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