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Plenty of people have garnered fame in Second Life. We mean the likes of Anshe Chung who became an SL Land Baroness and RL millionaire. We mean the hype man (Torley) who became a Linden and an icon all the while championing watermelons.

Conversely, an equal amount have amassed a bit of Infamy. Jumpman Lane, enfant terrible and besmirched as a cyber bully springs easily to
mind. Stroker Serpentine, ever entwined with Jumpy and playing the victim, and underhanded dealings, and hubris, and buggers, and solving puzzles in puzzle factories-ah… THAT Serpentine is infamous! We call all these people celebrities.

Those inactive in our virtual world (the many who quit and fail to log in) are deemed historical figures. Plastic Duck/ Gene Replacement is long gone and virtually forgotten. Yet, he was the prototypical griefer who was a renowned BUILDER. BigJohn Jade INVENTED the club in Second Life. Sadly, BigJohn Jade has faded into the mists of virtual history.

Today we focus on The Socialites. Indeed, we focus on one socialite in particular: Partee Mytili. The “it girl” of our little virtual world is BELOVED, popular, a glittering star in SL’s social firmament. What is the basis of Partee’s appeal. I unno, We don’t know, Slut Mag don’t know. Yet, we DO know that when Partee Mytili left Second Life for her real world vacation, when she returned, it was NEWS reported in the virtual press like a queen returning from refreshing sabbatical at a spa. When she turned up at a recent pornstar party amongst her PEERS it was as if Taylor Swift stuck her head in at an industry party. CELEBRITIES forgot themselves and became fans. Why? Well…

Partee is Talented

Partee Mytili is a pornstar. She’s THE pornstar everybody HAS to work with. Folks might WISH to work with a legend like Our Jennnnna (whom Partee has worked with). Yet, Jennnnna has the unattainable quality of the legendary. Partee has attainability. She is here to work. One needs connections and a measure of begging to do a shoot with Jameson. One merely has to engage Mytili.

However, Partee isn’t JUST a pornstar. Like most gals she likes to look good. Fashion is part and parcel of being a woman. PARTEE is a LEGIT fashionista. She has worked with leading high fashion photographers (being styled and shot more than once by noted fashion style maven Crista Wellens for example). Partee parlayed THAT into a Fashion Editor slot at the embryonic Attention Magazine where she displays her talents as a PHOTOGRAPHER. EVERY. MONTH. (Here too!). In short, Mytili has become an icon on our grid because she’s doing WORK!

Slut Mag Covergirl

Slut Mag Covergirl

Partee is sweet.

Arrogance is assured by talent. Arrogance is singularly absent in Partee Mytili. Again, it is difficult to speak of Partee without referencing Jennnnna Jameson. Sweetness is one of the traits the just SHARE. IF one were to speak with them for a short while one might just confuse the two UNTIL Partee started talking about computers OR Jennnnna about school work. Otherwise, one might forget exactly to whom one was speaking due to the overwhelming optimism, the abundant POLITENESS, and just the general geniality of every word. Thus…

Partee is Adored

Everybody just LOVES Partee. I only ever heard one seemingly bad thing said referring to Our Partee (yus she is OURS, SL’s Partee Mytili! Hehehehe!). It was a photographer saying, “I’ll never shoot her! She’s always late!”-who shot her the following day. (Partee is busy AND in high demand). The photog gushed later, “Oh my god! She’s a STAR!” We suppose being late and a sweetheart trumps tardiness every time!

Partee is Smart

Jumpy is blonde! Yet, HE is a man of letters. Often, in conversation, Partee uses words Jumpy never heard of. We won’t divulge her RL vocation. Though doing what she does in real life, we get why she plays SL. Yet, we don’t get why she bothers to talk to YOU (or me) for any amount of time because Jumpy is damn near a genius. Most of you are straight up re res! Oh the intellectual torture Ms. Mytili must suffer at times because SHE. IS. SMART. Yet, grace is embodied in Our Blonde Mytili.

Partee is Beautiful

And…she is BEAUTIFUL. Our Partee is one of THE hot blondes of Second Life. Rache Avro, caLLie cLine, Lady Dawson, Jennnnna Jameson, Ashley Sugarplum, and Partee. That’s the short list. We at Slut Magazine pride ourselves as being avowed suckers for blondes. Our dream is to wrestle them all up for a monumental shoot together! We are gonna do it if it kills us! Never mind about that! Back to Partee. Truly, must be awesome to be one of the most beautiful women in a whole wide world.

We could write a book and call it this: Why Partee Mytili is So Great. We could go on and on FOREVER. Yet, we speak in essentials and of essences to capture and encapsulate the greatness of THIS icon of our grid. Speaking of Partee begs the question, “Who else is so celebrated in the metaverse?” Slut Mag will definitely let you know. In the meantime savor this portrait of a socialite in Second Life. If you see Partee. Better get an autograph. She’s already famous. She IS an icon. One day she might be so high in the empyrean to even notice poor little US! 🙂

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