Trixianna Saenz, Co-Fashion Editrix wearing Insanya by Tatyana Ultsch.

I’ve been around this grid since 2005. And I have seen so many designers, good designers, come and go. One has stuck it out throughout the years and developed her own unique style that I love wearing to help create mine.

Tatyana Ultsch, owner and designer for Insanya, has been clothing the community since 2007, and now, 9 years later, she’s just as strong, and just as unique.

I was lucky enough to have this amazing woman accept to take a few minutes to tell me about her work and the inspiration behind it.

Tatyana Ultsch states, “I started SL back in 2007 and I was immediately interested in this world of open minded communities and was completely drawn in by its users. In the same year, I opened my first small store, My Pinkie Skull, where I displayed my first noob outfits, at a time when a skirt was not much more than a regular prim between our legs. Later, in 2010, after a sim change, with things getting more serious, I decided to rebrand the store to Insanya.

“The style remains the same, but the commitment became stronger as I saw more people following my work and enjoying the things I was doing. I’ve never created something based on trends or market demand. I only enjoy designing things that I want to wear at a given time or to complete a specific character, and the satisfaction I get while designing reflects on the loyal people who still follow me after all these years. That’s the main fuel to keep things going and growing.”

With a wide variety of options for mesh bodies and implants without breaking your bank in the process, Insanya has exactly what you need for party night and for the “after party” as well. *winks*

Until next month hotties, where I will be showcasing one of the most daring and sexiest women on the grid. Porn star, designer and founder/coordinator of the infamous Hunt for Your Inner Slut, SufferingFrom Lockjaw, a.k.a. Leannan Wolfgang will be giving me an exclusive look at what makes her tick and what to expect from the do-it-all diva in the upcoming months.

Keep it stylish, and above all, keep it sexy!


What makes me me: Body by Maitreya
Hair by rezology , Tameless and Truth
Skin by WoW
Tattoos by TAOX
Makeup by Glamorize, Damned, Pink Acid
Nails by Livia

Trixianna Saenz
Trixianna SaenzCo-Fashion Editrix
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