Marilyn Murphy, who created Second Life’s first adult magazine, never saw Slut Magazine coming. She snickered at the thought of a competitor in the then porn rag business. Well what Ol’ Marilyn (and quite a lot of other people in Second Life) never quite got: Jumpman Lane’s Slut Magazine is not pornography…per se. It is and always has been merely a chronical of one man’s Second Life. The only SLut in Slut Magazine is One Jump Lane. The rest is just set pieces, backdrops, scenes in which Jumpy glitters and glows and generally gives off light fullbright in Windlight.

Jumpy wanted to tell a funny little story of some long forgotten day in Second Life. Jumpy posted it on MySpace of all places. 30 minutes later…Jumpy’s MySpace account was closed. Jumpy got mad. Jumpy wanted his story told. Jumpy founded a blogspot blog. Stuck on a name and a format, Jumpy chose SLut because that’s where and what he was. He chose Magazine to give it form. His old pal Kimber Martinek (Slut Mag Covergirl #3) made her then boyfriend Joral Rau drop 30,000 L$ in Jumpy’s lap for a 3 month full page ad, advertising his turdy club on the way to a furniture shopping spree for the FULL sim she made him buy her and pay for a year in advance. Ahhhh… pierce the mists of time and glimpse the stuff of legend. A six week old noobs only other L$ account transaction was winning 7L$ from some club’s floating pig sploder! The rest is history.

Late 2007, Early 2008, Jumpy’s a noob, Jumpy’s still a GODDAMN NOOB, and the greatest moment in Second Life Porn History ensues…Real Life Pornstar Jenna Jameson invades Second Life building a seven sim sex-dump…that sits empty.

04. Jan. 2008,
Jenna in sex empire shock

By: Carrie Sodwind

PORN mogul Jenna Jameson is training an army of SL‘s “nastiest” girls as she seeks to dominate virtual adult entertainment in SL, The AvaStar can reveal.

In an inside investigation, our reporter uncovered the shocking truth about what is going on behind closed doors at RL porn star Jenna Jameson’s new sim, as the unashamedly filthy brothel prepares to officially open.

Teaming up with porn industry giant Playboy, Club Jenna is looking to create the biggest sex business in SL. So far hundreds of girls have been queueing up to audition and secure a place as one of Jenna’s SL girls.

Chelsea Malibu, who claims to be a personal friend of Jenna, is in charge of the seedy training programme. One of the Jenna girls told the undercover AvaStar reporter how Malibu wants to create an “army of sluts” to change the face of the SL sex industry. During a behind-closed-doors training session, Malibu said: “We open for a run of one month to get the bugs out and during that time we get known for being the nastiest and hottest girls in SL. It’s why you are here now.”

“Only the nastiest girls”

Another of Jenna’s escorts selected for the final cut, told The AvaStar about the rigorous selection and training process: “There are three levels you have to pass to even get hired. You do your best to impress the manager SexyPandora and you say the nastiest things because she asks you to keep getting ruder.”

“I feel honoured to be a Jenna girl… only the nastiest girls get it. We have an amazing dressing room – they said we are allowed to do cocaine in it.”

Visitors to the island will have to follow strict rules and only VIPs with lots of cash may enter the sky boxes which cost L$1200 for 30min or less.

In a letter to The AvaStar, one resident expressed her concern at the brothel: “Seven sims dedicated to porn, escorts and all things seedy. It is hypocritical of LL to sell server space to the porn industry after they recently spoke out about ‘broadly offensive’ behaviour.”

She trained up an army of sluts, SLUTS and bequeath them upon One Jump Lane-like Lia Johin, Slut Mag Covergirl, Queen of the 2009 Slut Mag Porno Carnivale (who Jumpy thought WAS Jenna Jameson when he pulled her in Jenna’s Club). Jezebelle Barbosa (a ex- Slut Mag Edtrix-in-Chief shhhhhhh), and Veronica2vixen Devoix, former AvaStar reporter, Slut Mag reporter, and Jumpy’s pal…now permanently banned in Second Life.

Jenna’s Army of Sluts Bequeath to Jumpman Lane

The only sap simple enough to TP in besides her Army of Bored Sluts was ME Jumpy Lane. I lurked around Club Jenna hoping to cyber a pornstar and get the pix to prove it. I knew I was smooth enough. ;GODDAMNIT, I’m JUMPMAN LANE). Little did I know that Jenna Jameson was a corporate bot, dusted off and drug out of a closet to tard about SL. Charm got Jumpy behind the scenes of Jenna Jameson’s Club Jenna and inside the Mountainmiester LLC group (the turd’s tasked with guiding Jenna through our lil virt world. It didn’t get Jumpy between Jenna’s porn-bot legs and when it came down to the cover of Slut Magazine, them turds wanted 20,000L$ (A SHAKEDOWN). Fuck all that bullshit! We found ourselves ANOTHER Jennnnna Jameson and put HER on the cover of Slut Magazine… and the REAL Jenna faded into the murky mists of The Forgotton. Sims vanish. Time marches on.