What to Message Girls

Because texting is a fairly new concept, many of us have never been shown the secrets to texting a girl. So naturally, most guys surely blow it  comes time to craft the perfect message. Many guys EVERYWHERE are just clueless. Having been in Second Life almost 10 years, I learned a few things that can be applied to texting in real life, as the virtual world of SL was text-based in the beginning.

Most guys misjudge the reason that a woman seems to quickly lose interest in them.  One of the biggest reasons a man will lose a woman’s interest is over during the “phone game.”

Texting girls is something that any guy can learn. But it takes practice, knowledge, and the ability to recognize what kind of messaging women respond to.

In order to figure out what kind of SMS attract a woman and keep her liking you, you must first realize what proper messaging should be used for.

3 Reasons  To Use Your Phone

Usually, a man will be using his phone for one of three purposes:
1.He is trying to make an initial contact after meeting her out somewhere.
2.He  just wants to keep himself in the girl’s mind until the next time he sees her.
3.He is using texting to escalate his relationship with the woman to a more playful or sexual level.

Biggest Mistakes You Might Be Making

In a minute, I’m going to talk about how to text girls the right way… but first, I want to talk about some of the big mistakes you might be making with your cell phone.

Once you  overcome these errors, it will be a lot easier for you to reach your “phone game” goals.

Blunder #1: Sending a boring message serves no point. These sort of messages include; “How you doing?”  or “What”s going on?”  Texts like these DO NOT distinguish you from the hundreds of other guys that are also messaging the woman you’re talking to.

Blunder #2: The second big blunder is messaging a girl too much and too often.  SMS messages should be used in limited doses in order to create mystery, suspense, and intrigue.  If you are texting women all the time, they will stop looking forward to your messages.

Blunder#3: The final blunder guys make is they try to have a conversation over SMS.  Messaging shouldn’t be used as a way to get to know a girl.

Some other big blunders texting women:
◾Always messaging her back too quickly and appearing needy
◾Trying too hard to get her to like you
◾Letting the woman control the flow of messaging (ie. Is she always the one to end it??)
◾Not getting playful,”flirtatious,” or sexual in your  messages

VOICING: Flirting Over the Phone

Every message you send should have some type of playfulness and flirtation.  You should always aim to demonstrate a fun side of your personality every time you are texting her.

During the first few  messages you are just trying to show her that you can be fun and  social around girls.    Your texts should always present the impression that you live a fun and adventurous life.

Stay light and playful, then jump into serious topics, and then back to being playful and flirtatious.

The technique is to banter with the girl back and forth and leave the interaction on a high note, by either stop texting her back, or by finishing it with a message like “talk later…”

It is also important to display small chunks of your personality in these messages, and avoid being boring like the plague.

This means you never make statements like “I’m bored,” or if she ask what you’re up to texting “Nothing special.”

Instead answer by being interesting, playful, and intriguing when SMS with a woman.

Now lets talk about the 3 rules to text flirting with girls.

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