Jumpy been on reddit trying to find out new stuff about virtual worlds and stuff. While there I been helping out a few folks with dating advice. The main thing guys are messing up on is texting. So, to help folks out I’m going to let the world in on a little secret. It’s about your Window of oppourtunity.

See, there is a window of opportunity a guy has once he actually  gets a girl’s phone number.  What this means is that the longer it takes to get her to hang out with him, the less likely he will ever see her again.
This is because women believe that when there is “chemistry” with a guy stuff just happens QUICKLY. She expects to get swept up in spontaneity and adventure OF IT ALL.

So, when a guy wastes too much time texting her, and NOT meeting her in person, she winds up talking herself out of meeting him. She thinks “he must not be the one… or it would have happened already” or “he’s not confident enough to majke the next move.

For this reason, a guy  MUST use text messages to effectively to move from getting her number, to getting her out on a date as quickly as possible.

Bottom line:  Don’t feel like you’ve got to be continually texting her and trying to ‘get her to like you’ over text.  Instead concentrate on sending her a few well-timed texts that get her to meet up as quickly as possible.