The Hair Fair 2016 had started before I realized it. I had never missed previous editions, a girl has to do her hair to impress after all. You need something to slap into a man’s face or to sling back and forth if you want to find your way in ‘Society’.

It wasn’t easy to get there, the Fair had four regions in use, attached to the ancient continent of Sansara. Coming from the naughtiness of Zindra that meant a long ride by bus.
The bus parking and the entry were huge and empty. It all looked nice but it was obvious that everyone else didn’t bother and had just teleported in. How boring. So unceremonial.

The whole area was arranged like a suburban neighborhood in the US, with separate houses aligned along tidy roads. The kind of area where a film like ‘Edward Scissorhands’ would take place. For me, suburbia always has a creepy feel about it. I looked around and fled into the closest shop. This happened to be Exile.
I stayed for quite a while there, since they had a nice shop, with stars painted on the walls and some sexy hairdo’s. I tested a few demo’s, texted my boss that I was going to do an item on the Hair Fair and finally went on to Atelier Pepe.
One of their hairdo’s was named ‘Blowdry’ and it appealed to me immediately. Maybe it was just the name, that reminded me of my side job, but it could also have been the strands of hair falling over my face. I could imagine making a few nice photo shoots with that wig.

At Cheveux I got myself a manga-styled hairdo with pigtails and straight bangs. It just seemed perfect for some kind of kinkiness. I got a similar thing at Tukinowaguma, please remind me how to spell this next time, I had to look their name up again…
At Mello I got a similar thing again, I guess I was just into the kinky innocent look. Also I noticed a hairdo that looked like it was being blown away by the wind, again apologies for consistently using the word ‘blow’, my boss will probably tell me afterwards I blew this article. It looked great but it didn’t seem very useful for me for everyday use, so I just kept the demo for future picture and Photoshop use.

The final shop I visited was f.d. They had the cutest hair stylist shop, that looked like the staff had just walked out. On one of the dressing tables a cat was rummaging about. Their hair was nice too, but not quite my style. I decided to grab their color demo, which was the hairdo most closely matched to my personal taste.
Walking back to the bus, my back hurting from the many shopping bags I wondered where the lag was. It didn’t seem as bad as previous years. I hadn’t even crashed a single time during my visit.

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