The Leading Man in SL Porn is without a doubt Larry Vinaver. Why is this so? We don’t know. Slut Mag don’t know. Jumpy don’t know. We DO KNOW his name and his face pops up in a myriad of familiar adult places: pictures, movie, magazines, you name it ALL THE TIME. The man is popular. He is renowned in adult circles. Though it would seem, Larry is making heat with his name in the FASHION industry.

We sat down with The Man in the adult world to set the record straight on what seems to be an INVASION: Pornstars are crossing over into the world of fashion. Larry is on the beachhead, one of many leading the charge.

All SL interviews start out the same LMAO. “How did you hear about Second Life?” Yet, it IS interesting to know when a resident becomes “a somebody” in our little virtual world, how exactly they heard of SL in the first place. So, how did you?

Thank you, Jumpman,
I recall back in 2009 reading an article in the British newspaper ‘The Daily Telegraph’ concerning virtual worlds such as SL…I was fascinated by the concept of a virtual world where people from all over the globe could meet and work/play together; although I have to confess I had no idea what this virtual world would evolve into and the prospects that would open in using it.

Everybody starts out the same, as a hopeless noob. Who denoobified you? By that I mean, who was the person who taught you the important stuff when you started?

I have to confess I was ‘de-noobified’ by my agent and PA Jack , it was he who introduced me to where to get the right look and the clothes to promote the image. I looked at other persons on media and in-world and took advice on looks and where to buy and in so doing became a kind of ‘fashion junkie’. I later was lucky enough to be guided by several fashion experts in the right direction to whom I am indebted to.

You’ve been called “Porn’s Leading Man” because you are so immensely popular in the porn industry? How did you get your start in porn and why did you choose porn in the first place?

I was fascinated by the Second Life Porn Industry having seen a few productions and magazine articles. It was about 2013 when I joined the SL Porn group. I was wearing the mustache look with the sunglasses, various rings and medallions that I seem to be renowned for these days… I was welcomed and attending the regular parties, I think that I started to make friends over time and my joking comic manner helped to get me noticed as a regular member. In time I was lucky to be included as a featured model for Marika Blaisdale’s ‘Aroused Magazine which is where I met Katina Cazalet her partner who I was to star with in several later movies. I starred with Marika in ‘Mutual Pleasure’ ( Naughty Shark Productions) and am always grateful to have been helped by them both into the limelight.
The result was that Miss Emily, SL Porn group founder, having seen the movie and magazine hired me as an extra for her movie ‘Legs wide Spread’ (Gillespie’s cafe) this led to further auditions and work from Club E (Erin Cedarbridge) ‘Dear Santa Claus’/’Stepford Sluts’ and Isa Cheviot (Dogstar Productions) ‘Izzy’s bad day’ /’the Babysitter’s second job’ Dillon Lecker ‘the Showgirls’/Maximum Sex -urity 2’ and ‘The Jungle’ …and that was the start of it all

Who are some of the pornstars you’ve worked with? Who are some of your favorites?

I have worked with many of the pornstars in second life such as the fabulous Miss Emily, Sandy Miggins, Erin Cedarbridge, the legendary Anita Dark, the wonderful Erinyes Celestalis, Isa Cheviot, Partee Mytili, Damian Godard, Rob Roxley, Amia Edelmann, Anyka , Meg Corral, Waif Ah.. to name but a few. I always am lucky to have them as good friends as well so that help in productions. I admire the work of my friend Damien Godard very much and I must praise Erinyes Celestalis for her superb upcoming productions and work which are gaining great acclaim as time goes by. I loved my movie with Anita Dark who is a wonderful lady to work with. Miss Emily and her studio are always wonderful proactive professional people as well (we always have great fun and laughs on set.) The Intergalactic Sluts sci fi series is now in its second season and enjoying great popularity. I can say that I work with some fantastic and marvelous people in our industry.

It would seem that you are semi-retired from porn. What’s the story behind all of that?

Well that is really just a standing engendered joke as I am grey haired and ‘old ‘ looking lol. The ‘semi’ is a large semi circle that can encompass a field as big as many fully active stars which means that the ‘old silver fox’ is still active and hungry for work and not dozing on his old front porch rocking chair overlooking Spencer’s mountain:-))..I can assure you that I am always ready when ‘resting’ to be instantly recalled to active ‘porn’ service at a moment’s notice when required:-)) I love the job!

I’ve always thought that you had STYLE to burn. Slut Mag had you in a high fashion shoot with Ashley Sugarplum and Partee Mytili, who now is fashion editrix for Rache Avro’s Attention Magazine. Lots of pornstars are delving into the fashion world, what do you think of some fashionistas’ view that nudity and fashion don’t mix?

Why thank you, Jump…I appreciate that, I always try to look good. In regard to nudity being incompatible with fashion I think that is a load of rubbish and misguided opinion …nudity has always promoted fashion in many aspects and the best looking bodies in SL have not only worn fashion items but have in many instances sold the product..The models in SL fashion who also star in adult movies have magnificently played their part in this as movies and shoots establish them as a famous name ..and who better to advertise or sell a product than famous celebrities? Advertising space is taken up in magazines for many accessories and especially clothing; plenty of nude models have advertised for example boots. In conclusion, nudity and fashion DO mix, in fact they are sometimes walking hand in hand towards successful advertising..

So, what exactly is the semi-retired fashion-conscious pornstar up to these days. What are some of your current projects? What do you have in the works?

Well I am still working quite assiduously; I recently attended a premiere of the second season of ‘Intergalactic Sluts’ one of Miss Emily’s studio projects , a well received Sci fi series in which I am happily involved, currently available on the blog-site. I have also completed a well received movie called
.“Erin’s Interoffice Cummunications” ~ Taking dicktation one co-worker at a time! with the lovely Erinyes Celestalis…
Recently I also completed a shoot for ‘Attention’ Magazine with the lovely Rachel Avro , previously mentioned and am involved in movie shoots with Isa Cheviot and Louise Kristan Faulds.

Fame, and you are famous, has it’s dark side. Has your wild popularity made you an enemy or two? Names aren’t necessary. I’ve always thought, “no need to publicize nobodies!” Hehehehe. Yet, does Larry Vinaver have haters?

Oh yes, Jump…you know how it goes in this business of ours:-)) I know there must be an orderley queue formed ..hahaha….. I am sure quite a few unknown and known, that is the price of fame such as ours; whether through professional jealousy resentment or sheer malicious spite I am unsure. I have never had a decent press from Britannia Magazine due to an ongoing feud with Kat Kassner, a one time friend who suddenly turned on me for no reason other than some festering toxic resentful jealousy, however she and her group are a nomadic dwindling insignificance within SL with little or no influence that is not helped by her blinkered self-centered arrogance and left wing politics that tend to piss most people off. I therefore do not give the matter much attention or serious consideration other than to goad and bait when amusing to do so. I have a lot of wonderful friends here that are far more important than any who throw stones and hide, I concentrate on them!

Is there anybody you would like to give a shout out to? Anyone you would like to thank? Holla at your peeps!

Indeed I have! Miss Emily and Sandy Miggins, who hired me for major work and still have tremendous faith in me, also Isa Cheviot for her patience and hiring me for her excellent productions, Erin Cedarbridge for her patience and humor in her productions and Erinyes Celestalis for being an excellent co worker in several projects and close friend.
I must also thank Marika Blaisdale and Katina Cazalet for giving me my first chance in the business with the Aroused appearance and my first movie along with some wonderful blogging.. I will always be grateful for that.
I think most importantly I should thank all the members of the SL Porn group with whom I have been and still am privileged to work with, there are so many professional and wonderful creative people there who work together to make all productions a success.