Alexa Linden challenged JUMPY to a god damn dance off!

Jumpman Lane turned it out the first night at the Jumpy at the MadPea Celebrity Auction. The Slut Mag Hit Squad (JC, CJ, and RC) were working overtime as a griefing monkey hopped onna stage to general dismay, a naked day-old avi bumped Jumpy, and Stroker Serpentine showed up TWICE! (No…Stroker wasn’t the griefing monkey….or WAS HE!)

Jumpy still had fun dancing, glittering and glowing and generally giving off light FULLBRIGHT in Windlight with his new GF AF!

Day TWO! Ol’ Granny Alexa Linden challenged JUMPY to a god damn dance off! ANd Jumpy WON! Caws I’m JUMPMAN LANE GODDAMNIT![19:07] Jumpman Lane: you aint gonna have a heartattck when we go cloggin are you[19:09] Jumpman Lane: somebody just bumped alexa[19:09] Panda: as i use poor grammar 😛 lol[19:09] Bryn Oh: hi phil[19:09] Alexa Linden: I don’t clog but I do do a mean breakdance[19:09] MystiTool HUD 2.0.2: Entering chat range: REIMARA (16m)[19:09] Alexa Linden: when my hips can take it[19:09] Nola Hellershanks: lol[19:09] Panda: breakdancin’ granny?! sweet[19:09] angyel: lol[19:09] Panda: giggles[19:09] Tiger: grannys hips dont lie[19:09] Nola Hellershanks: gets out the WD-40[19:09] Alexa Linden: getting up can be a challenge[19:10] DJ A.F.I: Alexa your hips dont lie[19:10] ℜυ ™: lol[19:10] тяσυвℓє Ƈyrтяσυвℓє Ƈyr (soteria.frostbite) laughs[19:10] Alexa Linden: hahahaha[19:10] Lyl Witch: lmfao[19:10] DJ A.F.I: L O L O L !!![19:10] Lyl Witch: wtb 2 mesh hip replacements[19:10] Bryn Oh: I was going to say you do a nice worm alexa but then i realized you were having a heart attack[19:10] Jumpman Lane: well lets have a dance off granny
The MadPea Celebrity Auction is some charity raising monies to build a school house for some lil’ kids and stuff! Jupy rolled over there to help em raise some funds. We’ll bring ya full deets next month! in the mean time be sure to make it to the grand finale on Sunday 27 September 2015

Alexa Linden: I don’t clog but I do do a mean breakdance

MadPea Celebrity Auction This Weekend