The things I do for a little bit of fame and money (and the occasional new nail style)…

A few weeks ago I got called to the office of my boss, Jumpman Lane, who must be the busiest person in SL, given all of the time he invests in his staff. “hey, I need you to do a favour.” In my other profession, of which I will not speak now, doing favours is the main thing, so yes I gave in to the suggestion. My boss is a nice guy after all and he should not be shagging just his girlfriend and his secretary.

“There’s this friend of ours, “he said, “she has a small pop-up store at a fair and we are going to promote her. She’s into nails.”
Nails are good, nails are useful. Men may not notice them until they feel them in their backs, but my nails help me to feel sexy and stylish, so I happily accepted the money and went to the little shop of AppleTini.

I was a little surprised my boss had been so nice to accompany me there. But well, he obvisously wanted to keep his staff happy, so I didn’t mind.

The shop was small, as anything temporary at such fairs, but there was a landmark giver to their main store. The floor had a heap of sand in the middle that reminded me of a dune. The seagull that had discovered this also thought so, apparently. He looked happy and didn’t seem disturbed by us, the only two visitors.

My boss was standing behind me, while I inspected the nails options, there was an elaborate choice of themed nail sets. I saw I could find my stuff for the 4th of July, Christmas and colours for basically any outfit I own. They all integrate into the Maitreya Lara body I wear so they’re easy to use.

A glance over my shoulder showed me that I wasn’t the only one who was carefully inspecting things. My boss had his eyes firmly fixated on my behind. Maybe I should blame the short tight skirts I wear, who knows. I bit my lower lip and wiggled my butt a little.
As I turned around I saw the reaction in his pants. I looked up into his eyes: “I should thank you for those lovely nails, mister…”

Keep your eyes wide-peeled for Nails in Your Back: A Visit to AppleTini: Part II, a racy pictorial!

AppleTini nail samples.

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