Sexy Covergirl Pictorials!

Nude! Ya, Silly Humps!

Ok, ya seen the cover! There was a hot chick on it! Unbeknownst to all but the very best photogs, it takes a LOT of snaps to get ONE pic good enough to make it on the cover of ANY periodical. Well Jumpy aint greedy! He’s sharing all the other HOTTEST photographs of our covergirls that were GREAT pictures but just not that ONE GREAT SHOT, good enough to grace the cover. These very special pictorials are of some of the the beauties in the Slut Magazine orbit. We know yo want to see more for these Lane Lovelies. Well here they are. NUDE! Ya silly humps!

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Slut Mag Hotties

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Check out someof our SEXY solo pictorials!
Slut Mag Hotties


Volume 5: Issue 2 Choosing a coverpic is HARD if you ain't Anna Wintor and wearing Prada! But Jumpy IS a devil hehehehehehe! ( A BLUE Devil hehehehehehe). Slut Mag Film Producer CJ (cally.janus) snagged our Volume 2 cover beacause SHE (and a couple of HOT Pornstars we know are plotting [...]


Volume 5: Issue 1 Ɓαяßıε™ graces the cover of the first issue of the fifh volume of Jumpman Lane's Slut Magazine. In the great tradition of WANTING the real life pornstar Jenna Jameson (Jumpy ALMOST got her!) and having the illustrious Jennnnna Jameson adorn the front of our graced peiodical, we [...]