Sexy Solo Pictorials!

What is a Slut Magazine Hottie?

Jumpy been spit-shining and sparkling up hoes to glitter and glow and generally give off light, fullbright in windlight since BEFORE windlight was in beta! We brining you some of Lane’s Lovelies, gals in Second Life ya just to chicken-shit to talk to. Girls ya just daydream about seeing naked in all their birthday-suit glory. Well IF you can’t talk ’em out their clothes, JUMPY CAN! In, the spirit of EMMENSE generosity, we lettin’ ya catch a glimpse of the unqualified hotties! Don’t stalk these gals, You’ll just make yaself look silly! Hehehehe

  • We scouring the grid for the hottest, unknowns
  • We sweet-talkin’ the famous stars of SL to pose nude for you oh gentle Slut Mag readers (THOUGH ya don’t deserve it!)
  • We want YOU to step up and show us YOU in all your glory! If you’re a hottie! IM Jumpy anytime! Before we have to kidnap snatch ya into the studio!

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