Jumpman Lane’s Slut Magazine: Porn for ya ASSES!

We makin’ PORN here! Hehehehe! Well Jumpy ain’t a pornographer, he just sells sex caws sex sells! In truth Slut Mag just celebrates BEAUTY!


Slut Magazine's Covergirl Pictorials.

Nude ya silly humps!

Slut Mag has ALWAYS scoured the grid for some of the hottest gals to slap on our covers! Classy Class of 2003 Second Life Lifetime Members, famous pornstars BEFORE they were famous, Jumpy’s HOT pals who’da KILLED Ol’ Jump if they didn’t score the cover! ALL kinda hotties! We ain’t stopping NOW!

Slut Mag Hotties

Slut Mag Hottie Pictorials

Nude studies celebrating SL beauty!

Jumpy got the magic eye! When he catches a glimpse of SL hotness, he DAMN sure has to share it with the world! Slut Mag kidnap-snatches these Lane Lovelies and TRANSFORMS them into Slut Mag Hotties.


Hard sex spreads!

Second Life's #1 pastime!

Hardcore, booties shaking, titties jingling and some more shit! If ya can’t fuck like Jumpman Lane, you might as well fuck vicariously THROUGH him!

High Fashion-High Society

Haute, HOT Fashion Layouts, High Society Pix

Rated G Shit!

We got PG shit too! We just LOVE sexy avis! EVEN WITH CLOTHES ON! Slut Mag spit-shinging and sparkling up hoes to glitter and glow, and generally give off light, fullbright in wind-light! We capturing The Smart Set of Second Life SHINING!

The Brazilian Invasion

Hot n Sexy Brazil! Brought the Slut Mag way!

ExXxtreme Candy’s Girlz (Pictorials)

Slut Magazine is scouring the SL Brazilian scene to bring ya all kinds of hot BRAZILIAN heat right off the beaches!
Slut Mag Hotties
High Fashion-High Society
ExXxtreme Candy’s Girlz

We Spit-shine and Sparkle up HOES!

Jumpy spit-shie and sparkle up hoes, to glitter and glow, and generally give off light, fullbright, in windlight. Slut Mag got the hottest staff photog, we bringing ya some of the very best, guest contributing pic snappers on the grid to give you the visual eye-canneh ya crave! We bringin ya The Sugar and the Honey! Keep ya eyes wide-peeld and ya hands off ya self! And if ya avi, ain’t hot as some of these chix, well GET HOT THEN! ya might just find yaself a Slut Mag Hottie or sumfin!