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Ok, Jumpy lied when he said he wasn’t a pornographer! Yes, Slut Magazine is selling sex caws sex sells but we aint never ever had any illusions about wtf we are doing! Hehehehehe!

Jumpman Lane spit shines and sparkles up hoes to glitter and glow and generally give off light, fullbright in Windlight!

Keep ya eyes wide-peeled and be edified! WE MAKIN’ PORN HERE!

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Tatusia and a King

What does the KOSL (King of Second Life) do whilst bored in SL? Well, he sits on his throne. That's what Kang's do! Under the ruined Pillar of Balance (caws Jumpy loves discord, CRAVES drama), under an arch of triumph (caws Jumpy WINS), upon a gilded and ancient sex crap [...]