Second Life porn is certainly in its heyday. Pornography in a virtual world delivers significantly more cachet than real-world practitioners ever experience as SL pornstars easily mix in high fashion and high society circles. Fame in the Adult Industry certifies the famed as LEGIT Glitterati. Their names are KNOWN.

The name Alexus Minotaur is such a name. Slut Magazine’s Editrix-in-Chief Priscila Balogh sat down with her old pal Alexus in this month’s feature interview. Minotaur, a noted star from porn’s inception, can very well be called one of the medium’s greatest innovators. His work has ever been a bit more than pixel-humping pics and videos. The sheer variety of his offerings borders on prestidigitation. This magician of sex bares some of his secrets. Enjoy!

Hi Alex, okay? Are you prepared for the interview? How it feels?

Yes! I’m ready! All fine and thanks for come to my office Pris.

What would you say about yourself to our readers, tell us how you define the porn scene in Second Life. What motivated you to enter this world?

I’m Alexus Minotaur, owner of Minotaur Productions. I define myself like an independent producer on the community of Second Life Porn. I’m the guy who is not focused on awards and likes to experiment and produce new things.

I got interested in this world when I saw the first movies made by some older producers, and I thought there would be a huge of potential here to produce adult contents. The advantage with Second Life is that you have the opportunity to experiment a lot, and make things that you couldn’t on RL because the costs, resources or even physical laws! hehe. And yes that includes porn. I thought: hey! why not produce porn but with something better than a crappy script and bad actings? What if you can be creative with porn? And that’s how my style born.

Porn in Second Life grew up with interracial stories. It was hard to find a white actor. You are a white actor. Did you suffer any discrimination at the beginning?

Yes, I started as an actor trying to be “hired” by directors. But in that time it was hard because almost all them only wanted to make movies about bad-ass black guys banging innocent white girls… so cliche. So yes, there was discrimination. It was a little unfair, but at the same time if you think about it, it was the decision of each director, if they didn’t want you, that’s it. Nobody can push them to do the opposite. It’s a free world after all. Fortunately I met Sid Halan, and then Layla Viper. I worked with both directors who had good ideas and didn’t want to continue the same plots of interracial movies.

And when you decided to start your own projects. What had in mind?

I was thinking that SL porn (with only a few exceptions) was really cliche. Producers loved to emulate RL porn with all the same weaknesses: small productions, bad scripts, no creativity. I thought “why you can’t innovate?” Basically on SL you have people building complete worlds, so why you can’t do that with porn? So I thought it was time to inject some of new ideas here.

I worked already with you in 2010. At the time you had a project called PornStar Hunter, was when I met you. Who was Alexus before and after PornStar Hunter?

Before PornStar Hunter I was a minor figure here. The guy who appeared in some movies. When I started with PornStar Hunter I had as goal work directly with big names on the industry, because that was in part a desire as a fan of all those top ladies that I saw in different movies, and also I knew it it would help me to jump on my “career” here. If people see you working close to a big name, they will change their perception about you. And that was that happened. After work with you, I received several messages of people saying “wow! you did it with Miss Balogh. Good work! I envy you!” and so on haha.

I think that PornStar Hunter helped me a lot to build my name here. Once you got a big name working with you, other famous people feel more confident to accept your proposal. It’s like a snowball effect.

If someone stops to study your work, you will notice that over time developed a style that mixes porn with a certain amount of humor. Who are your influences?

When I started with the comics my influence was the work of Milo Manara. He is a great artist, the best one making erotic stories with a high dose of art. It always was clear to me follow his style (eroticism with interesting stories) and add some of myself (the dose of humor). Why humor? that’s part of my personal experiences. When you are having sex on RL, it’s a great experience, where besides being horny, you are laughing, you are happy about what’s happening. And you play and fool with your partner. I wanted to bring that element that sometimes I feel it lacks on RL porn (and SL when it copies RL).

Let’s talk a bit of the past. The naughtiness is still the same, but a lot has changed in the porn world in SL. You worked with big names. Do you think the glamor is still the same in this medium?

I think you still can find glamour. Check the work of Ali Lancrae, Serenity Kirstan-Faulds, Laura Richards, Rachel Swallows, Cream Release, and others. Also you can check the erotic work of Bewitched Difference, Cindy Starostin, Charlotte, Envy Watts, Zuby Gloom, etc. Of course that the community is bigger now, so you can find all kind of work (good and bad). Maybe the sense of clan have been lost with the time, but the interest to produce stuff everyday still is the same. I see notices everyday about people producing new things.

Who were the big names who have worked and how you define them with just one word?

Big names? humm let’s see, I’ll mention a few. Excuse me if I miss someone:
Emmanuelle Jameson: Legendary
Layla Viper: Disruptive
Candi Mendle: Sweet
Krystall Pearl: Hard Worker
Ayara Illios: Confident
Quinn Ying: Lust
Suff Lockjaw: Lovely
Rachel Swallows: Kind
Envy Watts: Classy
Bewitched Difference: Funny
Eva Brunswick: Friend
Cream Release: Cute
Miss Emily: Leader
Angie Wild: Desire
Moonie Quasimodo: Wonderful
Serenity and Louise: Best Duo
Ali Lancrae: Charm
Miss Balogh: Latin Proud

You feel a guy accomplished with your work? What intends to do? Do you have any projects you still want to accomplish?

I’m happy with my work. I think I’ve done a lot of things, but always there’s space for more. I would like to experiment with interactive stories.

Very interesting! And how you want to develop it?

I’m planning to create some stories where you can choose the ending. I’m planning to publish it on my website: If you ask me about the technical details, I wanna use some of html5 and a script with different branches to check several paths the user can follow.

Alexus, I want your opinion about the porn world. Could you talk a little of the interesting things that can be seen in the world of adult content currently?

I saw some good work recently, for example Cirque Nuit is a great example of how you can create an awesome movie when you push the boundaries and let your creativity fly. Another one is Stepford Sluts, tons of work and a huge cast. That’s the perfect example of what I say you can do big productions here with low costs. In the photography area there are several people doing fantastic and artistic work.
I think we can relax a little. Do not you think?

Of course! feel free to open that blouse haha.

Work is hot?

Yes of course, you can imagine it: having a beautiful naked woman over you, while you penetrate her… it’s something it can excites any man with blood on the body. But I try to be professional, and focus on the angles, lights and scenes you want to work.

Do you already use your name to make the famous test the couch?

I’m not gonna lie: I’ve had sex with some of my models. But it’s not because I used my name for that or trick them with the “couch casting”. It was more because I met someone and we had chemistry while we worked.

About those couch castings I think is a really bad way to get a girl. If you want her, don’t lie her promising her a role or something. Just be straight. For the girls, I recommend never accept a “couch casting”. If a director want to know about your work, he can check your portfolio or interview you, but there’s no need to have sex or emote as part of the casting process.

Is there anybody you would like to work and not work? It may be a name out of SL porno world.

Yes. once I tried something with Debora Stine, but unfortunately we couldn’t reach to an agreement. It would be great to have a story with her. Also I shot a single pic with Deelite Zenovka. I would love to have a complete story with her.

Thanks for the interview. You want to leave a message for our readers?

Thanks for the interview! I just wanna add that if some of your readers is interested to join the adult entertainment, give it a try, is fun and you are here to try new experiences that maybe in RL you can’t. Just find some good producer to work with, or just contact me in-world hehe.

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