Project Description

Busted Magazine Co-founder Rachel Swallows dusted off her camera and shot a fabulous shoot for Slut Magazine. We promised you once, some of the very best guest editors, photogs, and writers in all of Second Life and YOU thought Jumpy was lying. Jumpy realer than J.Lo with her butt poked out!

Here’s the premise:

Rachel and Robin seek out a victim from the SL Porn Industry for their latest shoot. The delightful and sexy Monique LeFry was invited by Robin to join her at the new adult roleplay hotspot Mysterium’s Masked Mansion.

A little softening up in a cage in the main lounge got Monique all wet and ready for more fun, so Robin led her to the bedroom and got her to work her hot mouth on his cock.

Rachel unable to resist having a peek, took a ringside seat as Robin made sure Monique took his full length down her throat. Even the most hardened pornstar can only watch for so long though and Rachel couldn’t resist joining in the fun.

Rachel Swallows, Robin Rondini, and Monique LeFry star. Enjoy

Rachel Swallows
Rachel SwallowsCo-owner, Editrix-in-chief Busted Magazine