Project Description

Slut Mag Covergirl and Slut Mag Films Producer Cally Janus is the quintessential “hot blonde.” Jumpy’s always been a sucker for a hot blonde so YET again a Slut Mag staff meeting descends into a Slut Mag staff “meating.”

Sex-bed Hump Test Dummies

Jumpy was minding his own biness, chopping wood at his wood-chopping dump in the woods, relieving all the stress of the day. Ol’ pal Cally dropped in and rezzed a new sex bed. Though Slut Mag Films has yet to get anything in the can, one of Cally’s self-appointed tasks is to keep Jumpy in the know with regards to state-of-the-art sex crap and newly discovered sex dumps.

Jumpy put Cally and her sex bed through their respective paces. When Cally and Jumpy get started its all hard to stop! Jumpy wanted to see more examples of the bed makers work so they popped over to the in-world store and happily humped on a couch in a store just like they did when they were noobs…