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Aisha (rita1981)
Aisha (rita1981)Slut Mag Hottie
Don’t worry! If she come up missin’ she with Jumpy!



I mey Andy (anirban73.simons) while we were both mere noobs! Back then I WAS Jumpman
Lane lmao, a goddamn STAR! Andy as a noob was a PRINCE with a castle and a HAREM to boot! He spent his free time introducing me to his VERY hot gals (Geeta [getta.thor], Slut Mag Hottie of yore was his main wife back then). Well ain’t nothing changed! Andy still a prince among men! One of the true playas FOR REAL in Second Life. He still got a motherfuckin’ harem…and this is his very sex wives Aisha (rita1981).

Fiery red hair, sexy ass, perfect body, face of an angel, and a tramp stamp! Now, Jumpy is a sucker for blondes. That’s a known fact! Yet, the camera loves Aisha; so Jumpy loves her TOO! We got her butterball nekid and in the studio for a few snaps just for yo my rabid horn-dog readers! Oh Slut Mag MOST Faithful, enjoy! And keep ya eyes wide-peeled! Wait’til ya see Aisha bent over on a poseball hehehe!

Slut Mag Hottie: Aisha (rita1981)