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Ashley Sugarplum
Ashley SugarplumCovergirl

Volume 6: Issue 9

Porn is in its Golden Age. To be deemed a Second Life pornstar is not a pejorative as it is in the real world. SL pornstars mix in and are in many instances the cream of Second Life society. Very beautiful and handsome men film pornographic machinima movies one day and pose for fashion shoots the next with an ease unknown in real life.

Once, Slut Magazine said of Slut Mag Covergirl Ashley Sugarplum, “She could very well be a high fashion model” when describing her as one of the elite Golden Age Pornstars. In the SL of today, one need not be so delineated. One CAN be a credible high fashion model AND a pornstar.

Thanks to the innovative work of fashionista Crista Wellens (who notably shot high fashion shoots of famous pornstars CLOTHED and herself posed nude in Slut Magazine and is too a Slut Mag Covergirl), porn and high fashion can propel the famous to even higher reaches of virtual celebrity.

Noted STAR Ashley Sugarplum of THE Sugarplums graces our October cover. We are pleased to present her in her Covergirl pictorial, NUDE, ya silly humps. Enjoy!

Covergirl: Ashley Sugarplum

NOT NUDE! Ya silly humps!