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Rachel Swallows & Bewitched Difference
Rachel Swallows & Bewitched DifferenceCovergirls

Volume 6: Issue 8

The Historic Slut Mag Cover, Volume Six-Issue Eight, will be remembered for many firsts and seconds.  It’s our new layout editrix, Rachel Avro’s first cover for us. She was going to shoot it BEFORE she left Attention Magazine to join us. NOW she will be sharing the monthly task of creating Jumpman Lane’s Revenge Machine’s covers…er…Jumpman Lane’s SLUT MAGAZINE lol!

Slut Mag Covergirls Rachel Swallows and Bewitched Difference become the first duo to appear on the cover since Jumpman Lane himself and Sole Jie posed together on Slut Magazine’s inaugural.

Rachel Swallows and Bewitched are the co-owners of the now defunct Busted Magazine. Jumpy won’t rest until he can sweet talk these two busted hotties back into the skin rag trade. Until then, we’ll coax them into freelancing for us. UNTIL then, enjoy this hot ‘n’ sexy pictorial!  NUDE, ya silly humps!

Covergirls: Rachel Swallows & Bewitched Difference

NOT NUDE! Ya silly humps!