Project Description

Now, it’s no secret Ashley Sugarplum is hot. REAL hot! Yet, to traipse into Jumpy’s office wearing nothing but DENTAL FLOSS and calling it a string bikini was too MUCH! Jumpy had to kidnap-snatch that gal on general principles. It’s not like Jumpy and Ash never humped the light fantastic BEFORE. A casual visit to Jumpy’s houseboat in order to plan future features in Slut Magazine turned into a full-on, hardcore sex session. (Yus, we got pix! Yus you will get to see them! When? When we SAY so! Hehehehehe).

Yet, Jumpy was minding his own damn biness, effectivley sweeping up some trash in the corner of his office at Slut Mag HQ while Editrix-in-Chief Priscila Balogh was interviewing Sugarplum. Jumpy glanced up, saw that butt, and went crazy. Jumpy drug Ashley up to The Great Basement in the Sky and TAXED that sexy lil ass. For those not in the know, sex with a SL pornstar is great. However, boinking a pornstar at the very height of her sexual POWAH in this, The Golden Age of Porn is a MIND. SCRAMBLER. Jumpy got REAL down and dirty with Ashley Sugarplum THAT day. Say WERD!