Project Description

Ya’ll remember the MadPea Celebrity Auction a few months ago, where folks in Sl raised a buncha monies to build a school for some lil’ kids in Kenya caws if lil’ kids in Kenya gonna act cool, they need a COOL HOUSE to do it in! WE don’t know where that 1.6 Million L$ went too. (We DO know that pesky Linden, Alexa RENEGED on the auction, refusing to tard around for a couple hours with Jumpman Lane caws she was like a SION chicken and stuff). Prokofy Neva warned the world that Alexa Linden was a bad actor in Second Life. That she used her powah for ill in SL, being mal-F.I.C. (Feted Inner Core), just 2 slots under Jumpy his goddamn self.

FIC (rhymes with “bike”), which stands for Feted Inner Core, i.e. the privileged and cossetted personages of Second Life who enjoy favours from Linden Lab which promotes their persona, cause, or business).
Prokofy Neva, Second Life Criminal Rating: Prokstar

…I’ve been putting together the Mal-FIC, FIC 1.3, the list of malevolent and bad actors in SL. This isn’t a list of “my enemies,” which is a separate list. Some of these people aren’t worth the time to even repulse as “my enemies”. I just note that their actions are malicious. You will note that this list doesn’t contain the old Emerald and Woodbury groups because they are long gone — permabanned. But where their alts creep up again — like Cornflake Lyric, the Tizzers alt now dining out in Runitai Linden’s Mesh Dev group — I’ll put them in. Cornflake recently logged on with an illegal viewer, came to my office in Maryport where I have a house made by Cocoanut Koala, a little raven house with weathered wood which is perfect to have as my office, with raven birds and pictures and such — and simply copied it. It’s not on copy. He then stuck out a copy of what he had copied on the lawn, and then blocked the doorway so that my customers couldn’t walk in. I didn’t notice this right away, because when I fly around and check properties, I don’t always walk through the entire lot but fly above — and the copy was partly buried underground and partly duplicating ravens sitting on the roof so I didn’t realize they were copies. So he’s been AR’d for copybotting and a note filed with Runitai, but I imagine the remnants of the Nerd Supremacy in Linden Lab will ensure that this bad actor remains…
FIC 2.13 — mal-FIC

Nany Kayo
Darrius Gothly
Dartagan Shepherd
Pamela Galli
Torley Linden
Hamlet Au
Latif Khalifa
Phil Deakins
Imnotgoing Sideways
Deltango Vale
Dirk Talamasca
Crap Mariner
Jumpman Lane
Soft Linden
Alexa Linden
Chance Unknown
Maggie Darwin
Baeric Constantine
Wayfinder Wishbringer
Strife Onizuka
Dale Innis
Pixeleen Mistral
Jessica Holyoke
Tenshi Vielle
RightasRain Rimbaud
Eshi Otawara
Fiz Baskerville


Be all that as it may, Alexa Linden aside. WE WILL TRACK THE MONIES! Slut Magazine will keep tabs on the where all those Linden dollars actually went. (We’ll tell you right now, when Alexa slid Jumpy back his 50,001L$ he gave his pal 2x Slut Mag Covergirl Crystal Mizser back her 20K and blew his wad on his gf AF buying her a buncha Blueberry rags and what-not hehehehehehe). Slut Mag will let you know if any lil kids in Kenya ever got a new schhool or not.
In, the meantime, check out these pix we snapped of the Glittertti shining and shit! 😛