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Jennnnna Jameson
Jennnnna JamesonCovergirl

Volume 6: Issue 7

The Golden Age of Porn is upon us. Jennnnna Jameson is your GODDESS. It’s only fitting that she’s a golden girl, inside and out.

We can’t say enough nice things about our Jennnnna. (When I say our I mean Second Life’s as opposed to real life’s dusty porn-bot who lurked about SL in late ’08 hehehehe). Our Jennnnna’s impact on our little virtual world has been hashed and rehashed everywhere. We know she effectively created the porn industry when she founded The Pornstars. She drew undue attention from her RL namesake’s SL flunkies her very first week. Those pesky Linden’s followed soon after, forcing her to change her name to Emmanuelle, even picking the name THEMSELVES (from a list they demanded she send in for prior approval). Other folks call her Emma. I refuse. Those Linden Lab tourists don’t run nothing around here. Then THAT account got hacked. On top of THAT, her real-life gets invaded. (We WILL NOT go into THAT mess. AT. ALL We love Jennnnna 🙂 ).

Despite all the drama-and only Jumpy himself has perhaps had MORE- Jennnnna preserveres. She remains the same sweet gal we met way back when. That ALONE makes her a goddess. Since she remains as sexy as ever, she HAS to be styled a sex goddess.

Slut Mag’s favorite fashion photog Crista Wellins did the haute couture number on our pal Jameson. Our Covergirl ain’t nude THIS month! She doesn’t have to be. When a goddess descends from the empyrean nudity would probably blind and kill ya.

The most famous pornstar of them all, Jennnnna Jameson returns to Slut Magazine.

Covergirl: Jennnnna Jameson

NOT NUDE! Ya silly humps!