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So, He Popped By Menswear Fashion Week 2016

The state of menswear in Second Life is deplorable for the exact same reason it sucks in real life: Men simply don’t care as much about their appearance as women care. It’s nature. That means the market for menswear is much smaller than the womenswear market.

Yet, Jumpman Lane is a man of means and taste. Since, going mesh over a year ago, Jumpy’s had to revert to his old fashion staple of black shorts, no shirt. Now Jump wears Niramyth, the best men’s mesh body in SL. Few designers make anything other than bling tard trash for Aesthetic. It’s a lamentable fact.

Lucky for Jumpy, he rolls around with BONAFIDE fashionistas like caLLie cLine and Crista Wellins. (Hi, Crista! Hi, caLLie!). Well, Crista drug Jumpy to the SCALA™ fashion show at Menswear Fashion Week. Urban chic (the kinda stuff get you beat up in the hood) was on display. Yung Jump was intrigued caws when them pesky Lindens ban Jumpy once and for all, goddamn it they gonna bury him a G! Real shit!

Jumpy kicked back chill in’ with some models! Busted Magazine co-owner Rachel Swallows designed the set for the SCALA™ show. Partee Mytili, fashion editrix of Attention Magazine even popped in too. Jumpy snapped some snaps. Enjoy!