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Marry'An (marryanperkerl)
Marry'An (marryanperkerl)Slut Mag Hottie
Pornlet on the Rise

Portrait of a Budding Pornstar!

Jumpy met this hot little blonde at a strip club. She wants to be a pornstar. “Fuck it let’s do it!” is Slut Magazine’s motto. Jumpy, being ever the porn enabler, hooked this little hottie up with the hardest working woman in porn: Partee Mytili. In the works is a series by Partee detailing Marry’ann’s entree into Second Life’s Adult World. In the meantime, Slut Magazine took the time too create this “Portrait of a Budding Pornstar!” We had Ace Slut Mag Photog Sid Algoma do a study of slutty innocence, focusing on Marry’ann’s  purity. Enjoy!

So…we’ve tasked our very own Partee Mytili to show her the ropes! If Partee can’t transform this lil’ pornlet into a superstar who CAN hehehehehehe. We can interview a star like Partee and get the inside details of her rise to fame and naturally WE WILL. More interesting, we think, would be to watch every step of an unknown pornlet’s journey from innocent “wanna-be” to seasoned poseball porn-sex veteran. So remember you saw Marry’ann in Slut Mag first!

By Slut Mag Ace Photog Sid Algoma!

Slut Mag Hottie: Marry'An (marryanperkerl)