Project Description

Pornography in Second Life has been derided in the past as Pixel Porn. Fashion has been dismissed as a hobby, even as its greatest model (SL’s first true supermodel) racked in vast sums of money-UNITED. STATES. DOLLARS-throughout her long career.

Bashing pornstars and shaming fashionistas, whatever their true or imagined failings might be, is easy sport. It is the knee-jerk response of those without ambition, content to spit bile while wallowing in their own complacency. When all you wish to do is chat and shop and club-hop, speaking ill of someone seeking SOMETHING, ANYTHING more is easy.

Slut Magazine ASPIRES. Jumpman Lane, vain as he, is CELEBRATES those who scratch and claw their way, over a mound of mediocrities to reach The Top.

When the simpleminded say, “Fashion and nudity do not mix!” Slut Magazine taps the co-founder of a rival magazine, with deep fashion roots of her own, to shoot a Slut Mag cover (when only Jumpy shoots them). To grace this cover, a model?Not just! A celebrated fashion photog? Not only! A noted blogger? Not merely! A teacher? Yes. Yes. Yes and all these things, YES!

When Busted Magazine’s Rachel Swallows photographed fashionista Christa Wellins for Slut Magazine it wasn’t just some seminal event. It was the opening shot in a revolution.

Rachel Swallows
Rachel SwallowsCo-founder, Editrix-in-chief Busted Magazine