Project Description

Properly, Saleena and Phoebe are no longer members of the Sugarplum family. Drama rears its ugly head in Second Life once again. We will not air our friend’s dirty laundry for our readership’s titilation. We only do that to the enemies of Slut Magazine. Sugarplum or no, Saleena and Phoebe remain NEKOS.

At the height of the Neko craze in Second Life (around 2008 Or 2009), Slut Magazine founded a little group of SL Catgirls-The Slut Mag Hot Pussies (AND WE DO MEAN CATS NOT NOTHING NAUGHTY! Hehehehehehe). Slut Mag Covergirl and Jumpy’s step-sister Charliemeg Meilli was Leader of the Litter, The Slut Mag Head Kitten who ran the group. Jumpy bought all kinds of gals cat ears and unleashed them on the grid. Nekos were so popular at the time that they were identified as a distinct subculture in SL. Charliemeg was a textbook Neko. Her picture was used as THE example of the breed on Wikipedia in the section Culture of Second Life.

Jumpman’s great love of Nekos sprang from his real life love of skating and his begging for a Hookups Catgirl Akiko deck his mommy wouldn’t buy! Ugh! So, when the gals of SL including former Slut Mag Editrix-in-Chief Ms Can Flo (Candace Flossberg) insisted on wearing cat ears, Jumpy relented.

“Nekos! Nekos who love Jumpy! Nekos who love rubbin’ up against Jumpy! Jumpy love em! And so will you!” was the group description of The Slut Mag Hot Pussies. Alas, the former leader (Jumpy’s step-sister) quit Second Life. The Neko fad faded. Now, Nekos are on the rise. They are making a comeback.

Saleena and Phoebe are the new leaders of The Slut Mag Hot Pussies. To kickstart Slut Magazine’s glorification of Nekos once again, we submit OUR very own sultry cat gals in a hot pictorial. They’ve licked their fur! They sharpened their claws! Watch out! They aren’t comin’! They are HERE!