Project Description

What does the KOSL (King of Second Life) do whilst bored in SL? Well, he sits on his throne. That’s what Kang’s do! Under the ruined Pillar of Balance (caws Jumpy loves discord, CRAVES drama), under an arch of triumph (caws Jumpy WINS), upon a gilded and ancient sex crap throne (caws Jumpy has SEX and stuff hehehehe) the liege lord of the metaverse contemplates regal thoughts.

Poor Ol’ Jump was shocked out of his stupor by the very hot Tatusia Snowflake who dropped by to amuse herself and Jumpy at the same time.

A little game of hide the Royal Scepter ensued. (Hehehehe. A week ago it was a TELESCOPE!). Call it what you will, Jumpy’s dick STAYS wet!

Incidentally, Slut Mag Ace Reporter Tatusia got a PROMOTION which we will announce next month! In the meantime check out how she handles a cock!