Project Description

Second Life is filled with hot blondes. (Must we REALLY say the names Jennnnna and Partee AGAIN? We got THOSE two coming. Keep ya eyes wide-peeled. However, we digress…).

Well…on a random SL summer’s day, Jumpy was just hanging around the Slut Mag Beach House, contemplating Jumpy stuff. Slut Mag Layout Editrix, Covergirl Rache Avro and Upcoming Slut Mag Covergirl, Hottie Ashley Sugarplum were taking in the sun, tanning. Jumpy blinked and all hell broke loose…

Bikinis popped off. Legs flew wide open. Tongues (and the fun) began sliding in the nooks and the  very crannies of two very golden Slut Mag Hardbodies. I was amazed. Jumpy was amazed. Slut Mag was amazed. An idea was born. “The Blondes of Second Life!” Has the penultimate collection of hot blondage EVER been assembled in Second Life? (Much less the brunettes… and WHAT ABOUT THE REDHEADS?).

This is the kinda stuff Jumpy sits around thinking about. Slut Magazine is going to bring you, oh faithful of Slut Mag Faithful, the DEFINITIVE passel of Second Life Blondes in a myriad of pictorials TOGETHER as only Jumpy can. If it takes forever.

In the meantime, check out the sapphic tumblings of the two flaxen maned minxes who inspired it all Rachey Rache & Ash. (Just think. Jumpy was THIS CLOSE to doing his inventory that day. What wondrous things are born when one is just hanging about).