Project Description

Pornstar Waif Ah dropped by the recently re-rezzed/resurrected Slut Mag Beach House (built by Juro Kothari, Second Life’s greatest architect). Jumpy got a new bed by ::R:a:W:A:g:e:: which was sold no copy. Well, SL promptly ATE it! Jump contacted the maker and got him to sell the thing copy! (Thanks Jumpy!)

The animations rock! They are so good, Jumpy put up a new house to slap it in. He test drove the bed AND Waif! Check out the picks. You can find the ::R:a:W:A:g:e:: Round Bed + Round Rug Combo 1 in world at Damon (damonxstar) ‘s main store in world. Enjoy! Jumpy damn sure did!