Project Description

Our Rache! Slut Mag Layout Editrix Rache Avro has been a busy little bee, turning out a lot of high quality work, including covers of Slut Mag Covergirls Rachel Swallows, Bewitched Difference, and our current CeeCee Storm. In addition, Rache locked in a illustrated story by Slut Mag Contributor Igor Romanov. Rache took the time to pose for Slut Mag Covergirl & Contributing Editrix Partee Mytili (with this month’s Covergirl LAST month. Part 2 of THAT shoot is coming! Keep your eyes wide-peeled!).

We even caught Rache trying to get on the cover of another magazine. The gal is w workaholic! Hehehehe. Other’s loss is Slut Magazine’s gain!

Rachel Swallows pinned Rach Avro down for this shoot entitled “The Masseuse” featuring Bob Allen. (We don’t know much about Bob but we have a feeling we ain’t seen the last of him).  Busted Magazine is no more; but, talent like Rachel Swallows (and her BFF Bewitched) needs an outlet. Until Busted is resurrected, Jumpy gonna keep Miss Swallows busy freelancing for Slut Magazine! Ye ol’ faithful of Slut Mag Faithful don’t gotta thank me! Jumpy loves y’all! Hehehehe! Enjoy!

Rachel Swallows
Rachel SwallowsCo-owner, Editrix-in-chief Busted Magazine
Slut Mag Contributing Editrix