Project Description

It’s October and Hal’leen is here! Witches comin’ out the woodwork! Whilst Jumpy was minding his goddamn biness, walking through the graveyard, wondering why Alexa Linden decided to pay Jumpy back the 50001k L$ the Slut Mag Gang dropped on her lil’ granny ass at The MadPea Celebrity Auction, some witches with some cats on some broomsticks floated by. Jumpy wasn’t scared caws he KNEW ‘EM. Saleen Lane (YUS a lil’ LANE) and our pal VIctoria (Volutri) were NOT playin quiddich! They were WITCHIN’ UP!
I think one of em mighta said BOO!

SOME of y’all re res are scared oh hot chicks, witches or NOT! Well JUMPY AIN’T! He snapped some snaps just caws! Enjoy!

Saleen Lane
Saleen LaneSlut Mag Hottie, 2016 Slated Covergirl
Saleen Lane is a hottie! She’s slated for a 2016 cover. Keep your eyes wide-peeled
Victoria (Voluteri)
Victoria (Voluteri)Slut Mag Hottie, Slut Mag Covergirl, Slut Mag Photog
This talented photog and overall hottie is slated for the December 2015 cover! She coming!

Slut Mag HottiesSaleen Lane & Victorua (Voluteri)

not NUDE! Ya silly humps! These gals got meanie bfs!