It’s not unusual for a Slut Mag Covergirl to be the feature interview in the same issue as her cover IF the gal is just tearing it up in our little virtual world. Rache Avaro is not only hot and most deserving getting slapt on our cover. She is also launching a new magazine. Re res think that it”s all about competition. Au contraire. It’s all about PALS! RACHE IS A SLUT MAG PAL. Her new baby, Attention Magazine is here. Jumpy ain’t the daddy but he is DOWN with the mama!

So, he sat down with Rache to find out all the deets and implore The Slut Mag Faithful to READ Attention…or at least drool on the naughty pix!

First and foremost, your avi is HOT? How long did it take you to get mesh down?

I still don’t have it down completely but I am also on the forefront of mesh and am always tweaking myself. I the only think I won’t do is a mesh head I love my faces uniqueness

How did you hear about Second Life?

A friend was talking about this second life reality and how much fun it was so I tried it and was hooked

I know these are the “usual” SL questions everybody asks; but, who denoobified YOU? Who taught you all the important stuff in SL? We gotta know whom to thank.

I can’t remember the name but she was a strip club owner took me under her wing But for important stuff in SL I learned myself spending a great deal of time I am always interested in new things in SL and I ask lots of questions.

How did you get into porn?

I was dancing at a club and one if the dancers used the club for s movie I was an extra. after the filming I asked her who to contact and did a fee small shoots and 8movies. I than was away for a year and came back started to go to porn parties was asked to be photographed slot for flickr and than Louise and Sere gave me a big break in a feature film.

What do you like most about the Porn Industry and what do you hate the most?

I like the people I have met and became great friends with I love being centre stage and the fun of a shoot. I I hate that is can sometime have drama and the limitation of SL Would like to see more creativity and more artsy erotica films

We know Partee Mytili is your BFF and you two work together a lot. Who else do you like working with the most?

I like working with Isa Cheviot, Ali Lancrae, Racheal Rexen, Laura Richards, and Alexandria Topaz. And Athena. And Louise Kristen Faulds.

I understand you are starting a new magazine called Attention Magazine. What will it entail. I mean what exactly will you be covering?

It’s a Fashion magazine and lifestyle of SL. It will cover models fashion sims builders stories movie releases and interviews of major players in SLl.

Who are the principles involved in Attention Magazine? What staff have you lined up? What will they do?

I have Co owner with Athena and Jon Demen. We have some of the best photographers in the business as an example Partee Mytili is our fashion editor.

Say, where will we be able to find Attention? Give us some links? Is there an in world group folks can join?

Right now you can get attention on SL marketplace and at pornstar events. You can join the Attention model group; and, we are working on an online version.

Ulitmately, what do you hope to accomplish with your magazine?

To be recognized as one of the best magazines in SL and known for the quality we delivery. We also want to have a lot of fun producing it and inspiring others.

They say, everybody can be judged by their enemies and their haters? Does Rache Avaro have any?

I probably do but I ignore them and embrace my friends

People ask me all the time, “how to break into porn?” Models have all these academies? What advice would you give any lil noob just starting out?

Yes, get involved with the porn and photography community, go to parties and ask for advice, what you can do. Lots of people are always willing to help newcomers.

You got any shout outs you want to give? Holla at your people!

Athena and Jon. All the staff at Attention.
Laura Richards, Louise Kistan Faulds, and Partee Mytili for being inspirations.