During the Stroker Wars, when Jumpy and the Slut Mag Gang faced down and buried that big fat damn dummy plumber, Stroker Serpentine, it was the immortal words of Jack from LOST, that spurred Jumpman Lane on: “Give up? I NEVER GIVE UP!”…and we soldiered on! Slut Magazine did not REST until Serpentine was cowed.

This begs an interesting question. What motivates the King of Second Life (One Jump Lane) as he looks out upon a Second Life awash with wierdies and noobs? Why, The Walking Dead of course.

Goddamnit NOOBS shullfling through SL eatin ya brains OUT every damn time they open their mouths and utter one damn word. AMC’s tv show has returned (one epi at a time) to give us THE WILL, to pull out a pocket knife and stab one damn dummy re re of a noob in the head Rick grimes style! Yet, TV aint enough. For grit, for completeness of purpose, wee need to REVEL in killing zombies…er…noobs (figuratively hehehehe). Thank god for The Walking Dead Compendium 3. It dropped 13 October 2015.

Compendium 3 covers issues 97 through 144 (SPOILERS-DON’T GET SKED!. That’s the Something To Fear and the All Out War arcs.

Fuck Negan and the Saviors! they get what they got! See the thing is Second Life has little history. Nothing to look back upon for education. Video games and comic books are all we got. When Rick tells Negan  “It’s because I’ve fucking neutered you like a dog. You’ve got no fight left, you pathetic sack of shit.” and Negan later escapes (supposedly) it’s like Jumpman Lane telling Stroker Serpentine “ain’t no more GOD. DAMN. STROKER SERPENTINE; yet, Jumpy catches a glimpse of the maudlin sap hunting up virtual hugs, well…Jumpy looks to The walking Dead to know that a rotting re re aint dead til you stake it in the head! hehehehehehe.

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