Ahhhhh… Second Life fame. To be famous is simply to be known by folks you’ve never met for…SOMETHING, that you either said or did-some deed or misdeed. Photographers become famous for taking pix. Models become famous for having their pictures taken. Pornstars become famous for…er… HAVING SEX! Artists? Artists become famous (in Second Life) for being wierdies.

Bryn Oh is the most celebrated artist in all of Second Life. I met Bryn once years ago in the sunrise of her fame. She had some Linden-attended event that those in the know crowded to see. It seemed weird but Bryn struck me as no wierdie. Bryn’s set up seemed a pretentious stunt cloaked in “importance” cossetted to the busom of Linden Lab as a “good example” of what “the platform” could be “used for”. It wasn’t exactly drek, not exactly. Yet, it was far from interesting beyond a moment or two.

Jumpy ain’t no art critic, though. Jumpy is far from an expert when it comes to Judging art. Jumpy IS an expert when it comes to that SECOND-most famous Oh, the SECOND-most famous artist in ALL of Second Life: SAVEME OH.

See, Jumpy and SaveMe Oh were noobs together. They were two nobodies who shared the same best friend: Sole Jie. Jumpy met Sole DAY ONE. (Day two for Sole. Jumpy and Sole’s rezz dates were exactly 1 day apart, Sole being exactly one day older than Jumpy). SaveMe met Sole some time later when Sole stole SaveMe’s boyfriend (Dagger1 Dagger) way back in the murky summer of 2007, when bling was a bright, blinding rage and tards, TARDs ABOUNDED. Sole and SaveMe became BFFs after Sole ditched Dagger1 for the turd that he was.

So, Jumpy and SaveMe were thrust upon each other, and vyied for the attention of their shared best friend. What resulted was Sole playing referee (in Spanglish) between Jumpy (who spoke English and Jumpmanese) and SaveMe (who spoke Dutch and fractured English). Only the curse words were understood. hehehehehe.

During these nooby interactions, it became apparent that SaveMe styled herself an artist. That trash she made back then only seemed to induce headaches; but no more so than the artist herself. Crybabies deemed SaveMe some type of troll or griefer. Yet, her saving grace was that she COULD see through the bullshit most SL players prance about the grid spewing; and’ SaveMe Oh CALLED BULLSHIT!

SaveMe’s failings at the time were a lack of SUBTLETY. Jumpy taught her that.

My friend Jumpman Lane was once more bored ’till dead and so I had to show up to make some noise. I went there just with my Bad Language Protection System. And they freaked out? Why? Can’t Linden’s laugh? Are they forbidden to laugh and have fun? Do they take themselves so serious that they think they are real? I am affraid the answer is yes.

Jumpman Lane: hey come mess with these tards

Jumpman Lane: but BE careful

SaveMe Oh: tp

Jumpman Lane: and er u better act like u dont know meh

Jumpman Lane: u better stop that NOW lmao

Jumpman Lane: u r a moron

Jumpman Lane: and that linden can ban u u fool

Jumpman Lane: u better stop

Amber Linden: I want that box removed


Bad Language Protection System: DON’T SAY: I want that box removed

Bad Language Protection System: WATCH YOUR MOUTH

Amber Linden: I want that box removed

SaveMe Oh: yes sir

Bad Language Protection System: DON’T SAY: yes sir

SaveMe Oh: one sec

Bad Language Protection System: WATCH YOUR MOUTH


Bad Language Protection System: AND I WILL BAN AND EJECT YOU FOR SAYING: yes sir

SaveMe Oh: yes mam

SaveMe Oh: sorry

SaveMe Oh: I couldn’t see you well through the green lines

Amber Linden: if that happens again you will be removed from SL, do you understand?

SaveMe Oh: yes mam

SaveMe Oh: but I will be always willing to deliver some laughs when you need them

Amber Linden: I’m going to tell you right now, that’s not funny

Amber Linden: and it will get your account removed for spamming

Shadow Pidgeon: and you put her up to it… nothing new about that

Jumpman Lane: i aint aring her she’s a friend of mine

Jumpman Lane: fall dead shadow

Jumpman Lane: i merely invited her here

Jumpman Lane: she’s asian

Kitty Beery: sorry jumpman?

Shadow Pidgeon: you’re boring

Jumpman Lane: were were discussin korean and japanese sims

Jumpman Lane: wb amber

Jumpman Lane: i know her but she wasnt with meh lmao

Jumpman Lane: and im not here to entertain u shadow

Shadow Pidgeon yawns

Amber Linden: whao…what’s going on…

Shadow Pidgeon: just nothing i havent seen a hundred times

SaveMe Oh: im about to changemy pitch up

Amber Linden: Jumpman is there a problem?

Jumpman Lane: blah blah blah shadow who cares what you’ve seen

Dakota Schwade: The trouble child with the Language gadget is gone.

Jumpman Lane: ask shadow

Amber Linden: I’m asking YOU

Jumpman Lane: see here i just came to the office hours

Jumpman Lane: and ive bitten my tounge way more than is my wont

Amber Linden: That’s what I was hoping … but it sounded differently

Jumpman Lane: tewll that tard shadow to lay off and there wont be any promlems from me

Amber Linden: Jumpman, you’re a guest here, I’d appreciate it if you’d respect my others guests here as well

Amber Linden: name calling isn’t necessary

Jumpman Lane: i give respect whenit is givenamber

Amber Linden: I’m asking you to respect me and my office hour

Jumpman Lane: but im not anybody’s flunky

Jumpman Lane: or punk or w/e

Amber Linden: surely that’s not too difficult?

Jumpman Lane: she started it

Kitty Beery: jumpman, please stop……

Jumpman Lane: nope amber it isnt

Amber Linden: I’m asking you to stop …

Jumpman Lane: sure

Amber Linden: thank you

-SaveMe Oh’s Weblog

SaveMe was a tard. SaveMe got suspended. Jumpy was a MAN in every way, talked shit to a Linden, and ROLLED ON WITH IT. (Jumpy ain’t never ran from a Linden and ain’t ABOUT to pick today to start runnin’!)

SaveMe twittled her thumbs meatspace-side. SaveMe learned the limits. As, time progressed, Saveme turned her “artistic” interests to machinima. The turd was supposed to be shooting porn for Slut Magazine. (Yus, that sap is a former Slut Mag employee who quite famously designed a sacraligious float for the 2009 Slut Mag Porno Carnivale which scandalized the RL porn producer, CW Finesmith, who flowed the magazine in late ’09 early 2010).


An Artlovers Comment
October 8, 2008 1 Comment

Thanks CW Finesmith for your comment on my new artwork, The Holy Gangbang, especially designed for the Mardi Gras event in the Red Light District of SL New Orleans.

Hello SaveMe, as much as i do appreciate your artwork, i do need to be able to move it to the proper location.   i regret that forcing me to buy it to move it is rather out of the spirit of fun that the event is supposed to capture.   The twist on the religious implications of Mardi Gras/Carnivale is not lost on me, that being the hedonistic celebrations prior to Lent.   Please, understand that i might disagree with the message that your work presents, but only in that you might have dealt with the gender issues differently….what with the Catholic Priest molesting children that have been an issue in the US for a while.   But i digress, please leave it in a condition that allows me to move it to it’s proper place.   I have no wish to stifle your expression, and the work stands clearly on its own merits.  more to the point i appreciate that you have done quality work putting it together.   but again, it needs to me movable.   as for the request that each exhibition give something away,
Will hapily waive that for the thought of so many noobs doing each others buts by accident
Jumpman Lane
October 10, 2008 at 3:22 pm

Jesus fuckin Christ! Hehehehehe! I cant leave u to ur own devices for a second! See here, turdball! Quit pestering CW! TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS AT MARDI GRAS LIKE I TOLD YA!



CW Finesmith: SaveMe, show some class

Jumpman Lane: not this second u retard

Second Life: Your object ‘SaveMe’s F-ART’ has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by CW Finesmith from parcel ‘Red Light New Orleans Mall’ at Plush Zeta 57, 64 due to parcel owner return.

CW Finesmith: SAVEME, show some class. I have tried to consider you a guest in my house and you persist.

Jumpman Lane: she is a retard lmao, she is a retard

CW Finesmith: No Jump, I don’t really care for her style when she is callous to my hospitality

CW Finesmith: Now SaveMe, you are a guest in my house. I have tried to me nice to you.

SaveMe Oh needs a little cat nap

SaveMe Oh: Sole, they are pestering me

Jumpman Lane: Sole tell SaveMe to behave, she listens to you.

Sole Jie: pestering you ??

Sole Jie gives a klinex to save

Jumpman Lane: screw her

SaveMe Oh: CW is so rude, I thought he was a gentleman. He don’t talk to me,  just eject me.

You are no longer allowed here and have 15 seconds to leave.

Sole Jie: she act always crazy, what’s new ?

Jumpman Lane: but if she is banned she ain’t eligible for the queen contest. So u better play nice SaveMe. I promised you that you will win the 10000 Linden. But than you have to cooperate.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

You are no longer allowed here and have 15 seconds to leave.

Sole Jie shouts: saveeeeee, where are you crazy?

SaveMe Oh shout: they are ejecting me all the time. Are they Anti Asians? Klu KLux Klan?

Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

Veronica2vixen Devoix shouts: SaveMe where are you!!

SaveMe Oh shout: IN the hooker town

Sole Jie shouts: saveee sweetyyyyyyy. I love youuuuuuuuuu…..

SaveMe Oh shout: love you too, but they try to separate us

Veronica2vixen Devoix: I know you SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: I am a loving and caring girl

Veronica2vixen Devoix: yes you are poor poor baby

SaveMe Oh: especially for elder man

Sole Jie: you have to respect them

SaveMe Oh: respect in a porn state??? For a man who exploit woman??? Respect???? Never!


After this Bruco Sartre did an investigation on the question: Does CW Finesmith has a sense of humour?


Bruco Sartre: Hi

CW Finesmith: hello

Bruco Sartre: I’m sorry i’m experiencing a problem

CW Finesmith: how can i help?

Bruco Sartre: I have developed severe diarrhoea

Bruco Sartre: after having seen several specialists, it is apparently due to your moustache

Bruco Sartre: could you shave them off?

CW Finesmith: not on your life

CW Finesmith:who the fuck are you?

Bruco Sartre: its not about my life, more like the life of those who surround me

Bruco Sartre: come on, grab a razor

CW Finesmith: WTF?

Bruco Sartre: they make you look like a James Blunt anyway

Bruco Sartre: it will be an improvement

CW Finesmith: Who’s James Blunt

Bruco Sartre: its cockney rhyme for cunt

CW Finesmith: FUCK YOU

CW Finesmith: I have worn this on my upper lip for 40 years

Bruco Sartre: just shave one then.

9 thoughts on “CW Finesmith Rules”

    Jumpman Lane
October 13, 2008 at 12:08 am

I told ya. Geeze u r a retard. But funneh! Oh god Bruco almost made me piss myself.
    Jumpman Lane
October 13, 2008 at 3:45 pm

Geeze flushed again! Turd I’m gonna see if I can get u back and I hope Bruco didnt get banned!
    Cupido Oh
October 14, 2008 at 11:00 am

SaveMe, I spoke with mister Finesmith and he is a very nice and educated man. Please stop being so awful to him, the man don’t deserve this.
Here is the convestation we had, please start to grow up and behave. Play nice as others alos do.


CW Finesmith: Greetings
  Cupido Oh: Hello mister
    CW Finesmith: I am the one with no sense of humour
Cupido Oh: I am the one with a sad daughter at home. Was this all necessary?
CW Finesmith: I apologize, but given that I prize good manners above most things I suspect that you may understand
    Cupido Oh: I also apologize for her behaviour
CW Finesmith: You need not, but I thank you
Cupido Oh: We where young also once, So don’t be to hard on her.
    CW Finesmith: We were, but I for one treated others with respect
  Cupido Oh: Respect is a degenerated word because you cant see where it comes from and who is asking for.
CW Finesmith: I tried to offer her a display venue when others told me not to.
  Cupido Oh: I heard about your efforts and I know she is a unguided missile, but whatever choice you make, never forget she is a good girl. Very difficult, I agree. But she is good deep inside although she do her best to hide it.
CW Finesmith: I appreciated her art and her right to create it. I will consider your words with the weight they deserve
    Cupido Oh: It is your choice, I will not try to influence your decision. But she has a bad reputation, I know.
CW Finesmith: I appreciate your counsel.
Cupido Oh: The inworld was also very bad to her so I can understand her rebellion
CW Finesmith: Rebellion can be healthy new ideas are born of such
  Cupido Oh: I always use the trick; in in one ear, out the other. When you don’t react on her words, you will have hardly a problem. She has a sense of humour, I have to laugh also a little, sorry for that
CW Finesmith: I , alas cannot.
Cupido Oh: Take it light my friend
CW Finesmith: She has given insult upon insult
  Cupido Oh: She is a young dog, playing, and when you try to teach her, she will bark louder.
CW Finesmith: I do not believe she is a dog in any stretch of the imagination, she is an artist
Cupido Oh: I as a father have my doubts, but if you say so. I would prefer she would get a proper job. I am not so fond on the art business
  CW Finesmith: i think we all would , but you also point out that they will find their own way
Cupido Oh: She will, and she is to grown up, that she will listen to your or my advice. So, we can only hope she get more sensible as she gets older herself. for the rest I fear there is not a lot to do about it.
CW Finesmith: Understood
   Cupido Oh: I wish you wisdom and peace of mind.
    CW Finesmith: And i wish you a light heart and a long life. And thank you for visiting
Cupido Oh: It was nice to have a change to speak to you
    CW Finesmith: I will be at your service
    Cupido Oh: I wanted to see with my own eyes, what was the fuzz all about
    CW Finesmith: Good morning to you then
Cupido Oh: Already afternoon here
CW Finesmith: My mistake, the sun is not up here
Cupido Oh: So you are working late night?
CW Finesmith: I am trying to make sure things happen according to plan
    Cupido Oh: Hope she didn’t cost you your night rest. I will not longer take up your time. Greetings.
    CW Finesmith: She, no…. perhaps a few blood pressure points
    Cupido Oh: call me if I can be of any assistance
CW Finesmith: My sincere thanks
SaveMe Oh
October 14, 2008 at 11:43 am

Daddy please!!!! Mind your own business. And what where you doing in that porn joint? Don’t you have children enough? Get out of there and get out of my life.

And btw, look how this “nice” man reacts to me:
CW Finesmith: When i visited you, i did not shit on your rugs, and leave the mess for youto clean up nor did i send alts to bug you. When everyone said not to let you show your work, i provided you a place to display. And when i asked you to be just a little bit respectful, you shit on my hospitalityand left hateful spiteful reminders for me to clean up. They say that the art reflects the artist, your work is filled with bile, blood, and hate. I do pity you. and no, i have no sense of humor about being insulted by an alt.

And now he thinks Bruco is my alt. (I wish my english was that good)
    Jumpman Lane
October 14, 2008 at 1:19 pm

No Bruco aint your alt and I REALLY hope you two aint palling around SL caws the world aint ready for that! I’m still your pal and will do all I can for you as always but you pretty much blew it with cw caws u r too tardy sometimes. Tell ur fat daddy to mind his beeswax. When I find out who told cw not to let u display ur crap I’m gonna get them.
  sole jie
October 14, 2008 at 5:24 pm

Dear SAveMe. you know i love you. as always. But CW have right in a few things. you was doing good.. you was acting good. but when you are bored you react like a child. You dont want show your art, you want create reactions all the time. good or bad, show the creativity is not the same that insult, cause in the insult there isnt any art. Even in a virtual world, everybody wish respect. But i have a doubt.. WHERE IS THE FIRST PART OF THAT SCENE??. what hapened before those lines you wrote here ??.. hum. hope you dont be hiding the better place… XXX. the words of your father are gold …. “Cupido Oh: She is a young dog, playing, and when you try to teach her, she will bark louder.”, i never heared a better description.. and as i love dogs that explain my soft point whith you.:)
Jumpman Lane
October 14, 2008 at 9:14 pm

she is a dog all right
and a retard lmao. i told u to act good and ur fat daddy can get stuffed lmao but i’ll yap with cw again u r great publicity
    SaveMe Oh
October 14, 2008 at 9:38 pm

Finally he wakes up. Of course it’s all for publicity. Or do you think I am really such an awful person? NOOOO, I do it all out of my endless love for you struggling emptyheads. Let me please help you! When you are not smart enough yourself is not a shame to except help. I am there to save you. Read my name!!
Jumpman Lane
October 15, 2008 at 2:26 am

Ur just scared caws he is gonna sue u! I told him that that is a GREAT idea caws ur rich and its betta publicity! See you in court! Turd! :p

We once interviewed SaveMe and never ran the interview (BECAUSE of the sacraligious float fucked up Jumpy’s WALLET!). We run it here now. SaveMe ain’t changed much artistically. This long-forgotton interwiew captures the essence of her art, her motivations, and the “character” that is SaveMe Oh.

Jumpman Lane: Are ya dead?

SaveMe Oh: no

Jumpman Lane: well answer me when i say hi . You Turd ball

Jumpman Lane: So tell me you are an artist of some kind. What do you do?

SaveMe Oh: I am the only artist in SL, all the other ones are frauds. They are old people spending their time together with their nurses behind the screen. So I have to be very productive to compensate all this. And the dictatorship of the Linden dont help me very much in my task. But as an artist I will carry my burden.

Jumpman Lane: hehehehehe ! didnt Amber Linden force tp you to her once?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, she tp-ed me at her feat to spank me, but as all Linden she finally start to love me, but of course company rules forbid her to tell that in public.

Jumpman Lane: Not everybody loves u. What happened between you and my flake former partner CW Finesmith?

SaveMe Oh: That man was unfortunately wearing a moustache and I am allergic to that. And he asked me to make a porn vehicle for him. Then I made my HOLY FUCK installation, and he was pissed off. Thats what happens all the time, People pretend to give you a free hand in creating, but after they can’t wait to censor you because the work is more shocking then they could imagine.

Jumpman Lane: That happens to u a lot?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, because people are not interested in art, they are only interested in themselves. They don’t care about the artists, but prefer to be in the spotlights themselves. Just like the people of Slut Magazine. If they could they would be in their own magazine as much as possible. The only problem is: They are boring.

Jumpman Lane: Fuck you bitch! I hate artists and I put myself in my magfazine as much as i can :p

SaveMe Oh: Thats what I mean, you would like to fill the magazine only with yourself, but you are too ugly. People would only use your face as toiletpaper. Thats why you need me.

Jumpman Lane: Are you a griefer? Is that why you get banned a lot?

SaveMe Oh: I am not a griefer. I am an antropologist

Jumpman Lane: See here stink bitch! If i put my foot in your crack again or Let Ms. Can Flo do it again  you’ll be shittin out Hoorenbek loafers and Hoorenbek pretty lil cal gal boots. Again.

SaveMe Oh: Nobody is able even come close to my crack, first I am a nun and second poodles are to dumb to know where to find the crack.

Jumpman Lane: Um ok u turd. Tell me about your movies?

SaveMe Oh: As it is extremely difficult in SL to work together with people, I give up a little bit my theatre work and decide to make movies. There i can work more solitary, and only have to invite people when needed. So I made lots of movies and am experimenting with all kinds of sounds, editting and storytelling. The Linden will be proud

Jumpman Lane: I’m sure the Linden are proud. We are like retarded children to them.

SaveMe Oh: Their ugly world was never portrait more beautiful as in my movies. They should give me ajob for my visionary thinking.

Jumpman Lane: They have Torley Linden for that. You’d be a cut up at the meetings?

SaveMe Oh: Torley is a nice nurd, good for all kind of tips, I also use them, but it needs an artist to make the movies. I am myself the artwork, I would never run around as a watermelon. And people mistake my behavior for the truth, I just do my job as dramaqueen the best I can.

Jumpman Lane: Well I see your point. I would never run around as a watermelon either.

SaveMe Oh: Ok, i could be sometimes a watermellon, if the art would ask that from me, but I wouldnt wear it in public to be proud of it

Jumpman Lane: geee we are NOT gonna bash Torely who is a FINE Linden (yup I’m made to say this :P)

SaveMe Oh: He is a fine gentleman, maybe he loves me too like all Linden. I am their biggest ambassador, if I was not there who would know they did a nice job once, long ago? They only get fat, lazy and greedy. And now it’s up to me to do the PR. Did they reward me for that??? Never. But it’s ok.

Jumpman Lane: I do the pr too and they love meh! Some of them. If they letme stay onna grid. I’ll do wonders for the Lab.

SaveMe Oh: They should raise me a monument, a statue

Jumpman Lane: Jumpman Linden will be a kind soul. WATCH!

SaveMe Oh: Jumpman is a blabbermouth, he tells a bedtime stories as long as I know him. Never saw any real result, only talk

Jumpman Lane: wtf are you talking about now?

SaveMe Oh: next question

Jumpman Lane: oh ur a tard

Jumpman Lane: Why do u continue to pester my editrix candace Flossberg lol?

SaveMe Oh: Because she is in need to some education and I am generous

Jumpman Lane: She is in college u fool.

SaveMe Oh: Thats why I help her

Jumpman Lane: You are a real humanitarian

SaveMe Oh: Yes I am

Jumpman Lane: Who are your enemies in Second Life. A person is judged best by the enemies he makes

SaveMe Oh: Henry125 Petrov is a good enemy, as is Georg Janick. They are both examples of men who pretend to give you a free hand but only want the things going their way. They are the creators of a fake democracy, and fake artistic sandboxes. They have the problem that they prefer to hear themselve talk than to give others the opportunity. And of course they are free to do so, but they should be honest about that.

Jumpman Lane: I like that. artistic sandboxes

SaveMe Oh: Its nothing more than that. I wrote about the Pulsating Prim Plague. SL is littered with it.

Jumpman Lane: Never a democracy. They want to be lords KINGS and patronzie the arts but they want to CONTROL thier peons.

SaveMe Oh: Everybody drops a shit and call it art, and in SL everything is about control. I found that out.

Jumpman Lane: well that might just sum up YOUR work lmao

SaveMe Oh: I see all the things in SL and I rearrange them to shit. Yes, thats true. Here in my Save Drop Zone you will find a complete floor with that, even with interactive shitsounds so everybody is free here to create her own shit

Jumpman Lane: We finished lmao

SaveMe Oh: CW Finesmith Rules


SaveMe’s craptacular machinima is her claim to fame to date, along with hanging on Bryn Oh’s coattails, griefing the SL art community and smoozing with the likes of Prokofy Neva. If you happen upon this re re in world, gird your loins. Jumpy don’t take responsibility for the headache that will come from viewing saveMe oh’s art; but Jumpy might just be a wee bit responsible for the headache that IS SaveMe Oh…may the Lord have mercy on Jumpman Lane’s soul. Hehehehe.