Busted Magazine’s Co-founder Bewitched Difference popped by SCALA’S recent graduation show to scope things out for her old pal Jumpy and Slut Magazine. Be and Busted’s other co-founder Rachel Swallows have taken a hiatus from producing thier adult magazine to explore every girl’s interest: FASHION. These twin porn moguls still love PORN though so Slut Mag is tapping them to ramrod a few projects of which this is one. Below is Bewitched’s impression of SCALA’s grand day:

The venue where the SCALA™ Models Academy graduates was presented Urban Chic-style-very classy, very stylish. So too was the host Petra L Alexander. She was dressed impeccably in a colorful outfit, which was a perfect fit of course.

The designer that provided the clothes for this show was Vasso Graves who showcased her womenn’s and men’s lines, BlackRose and Costarlos, respectively.

The name BlackRose is from a rose that only grows in small numbers in a tiny place in Turkey. They are unique. They don’t grow anywhere else in the world, which mirrors what BlackRose creates in their designs.

Costarlos was de rigueur for the male models. The brand is named after Vasso’s RL and SL partner. The designs are signal and stand out from the crowd.

The audience was enthusiastic and the atmosphere relaxed and laid back. The models displayed their outfits in a fine, striking poses simultaneously, demonstrating their high quality training.

The creations were colorful, sexy, sassy, and HIP.
The jackets and pants though contrasting were fitting. The dresses were tres chic and VERY well put together with lots of accessories: AWESOMELY STYLED-beautiful hats, shoes, hair, and jewelry.

I must say I was really pleasantly surprised by this show and I’m sure that those who attended would agree. I’ve tried to capture the atmosphere of the show with the pictures I have taken. I hope that all will soak in my impression of the event: HIGH class couture at its finest.

Love Be x

Bewitched Difference
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