Tatusia stepped into the dark cubicle, her eyes taking time to adjust to the darkness as she leaned back against the door and it clicked shut, her heart pounding in her ears. Closing her eyes she breathed in deeply as she tried to regain her composure and stale, sweaty smells filled her nostrils.

“Ohmigawwwd, what am I doing here? I must be crazy!” she thought to herself, shaking her head at some of her own choices of public entertainment.

As she opened her eyes again she could just make out the outline of a large old leather chair and, inching toward it, she could just make out a switch, dimly lit by a soft neon-red glow. Her fingers trembled as they reached for it and pressed, and she sat back in the chair as the metal shutter slowly and noisily rose.

Bright red light flooded into her cubicle, gradually illuminating her long red boots reaching hallway up her thick thighs, her short denim skirt, then her heaving chest and rock-hard nipples poking through her vibrant pink bra top. As her vision adjusted to the brightness she looked around at lewd comments scribbled on the cubicle walls, and the screwed up tissues littering the floor by her boot-covered feet. Squirming in the old, worn chair, her thick thighs stuck to then squeaked across its leather covering. Pushing her hands down over the arms of the chair, her fingers met something wet, and sticky. But any thoughts of disgust were quickly forgotten as the scene in front of her unfolded.

On the other side of the cubicle window, the short-haired blonde cavorted on the red, circular bed in the middle of the room. Low-level neon-red lighting bathed her almost naked body, her stocking-covered legs parted wide as her fingers explored between them. With her back arched and her head thrown back she moaned,

“Ohhhhhgod! mmmmmmMMM!”, her body writhing harder, getting more and more excited as her fingers thrust harder and faster and deeper, feeling herself starting to cum, the deep growling moans of a male spectator exciting her even more and urging her on.

Picture: showtime-1

Tatusia realised she was very late to this show. She could hear the woman moaning and begging to be fucked, telling the watchers how on fire her body was. She could feel her own body responding to the show, too, sharing the woman’s excitement and passionate need for imminent relief, and suddenly wanting to be naked with her. Pulling down her top, she started to rub her own breasts, pinching her big hard nipples and feeling jolts of pleasure surging through her already dripping pussy, making her moan loudly,

“Ohhgod someone fuck her… soo wanna watch a big hard cock sliding in and out of her beautiful pussy”.

With this, she raised her hand to her mouth and bit down on her finger to stifle her own moans. As she did, she tasted something familiar, and then remembered the gooey mess on the chair arm her fingers had slid through earlier. Instead of being repulsed, it excited her more. She loved the taste, she always did. And now she wanted it bad, licking and sucking her fingers deep into her dirty, hungry mouth, moaning around her fingers and imagining the big, hard sexy cock that delivered this nectar.

She couldn’t guess how long he’d been there. In her haste to jump into the cubicle she hadn’t realised that the door hadn’t locked behind her. By now she had been rubbing and pulling on her own nipples for minutes, her other hand moving from her sucking, licking, moaning lips to slide between her wide open thick thighs, her fingers now well and truly soaked with her own slick and abundant juices. Who knows what, maybe a movement in the shadows, maybe a sound of a zipper being pulled slowly down, but something made her eyes glance back over her shoulder.

As she did, the sight made her lips part as she gasped audibly, her mouth immediately flooding with her drool as she saw the long, thick, pulsating cock in the dim light, its owner still masked in the shadows of her previously private cubicle.

In the shadows, he stroked his cock with long, slow strokes, listening to the wet, slurping sounds her fingers were making against her exposed dripping pussy. Keeping one hand massaging her breasts and pulling excitedly on her sensitive, hard nipples, she reached out with the other, wanting to touch it, needing to feel its heat, its energy.

Moving toward her, edging out of the shadows, she was surprised at how handsome and athletic-looking he was as her eyes briefly flickered up to admire neatly cut hair, a well-trimmed beard covering a chiselled chin, a broad chest straining at a top quality shirt. His shirt stretched around his muscular pecs as the feel of her tiny wet fingers sliding lightly and gently, almost tentatively, over the engorged crown of his beautiful cock made his breathing quicken even more.

Her own chest was rising and falling deeper and quicker too. Her eyes wide in excited lust gazed up into his as she gasped breathily,
“ohhmygawd it’s beautiful”, her fingers working her pussy juices into it, marvelling at its heat, enjoying every veiny bump and ridge, her thumb rotating over his tiny hole sending jolts of pleasure through him, making him twitch and jump. “Ohhgod I got taste it”, she moaned, lowering her mouth toward him, her fingers gripping under his head feeling him throb, her lips parted, tongue stretched out.

When he grabbed her hair she expected the usual, but was surprised when he instead pulled back her head sharply. She could feel the pout written onto her face until he looked down at her and spoke for the very first time, his voice deep and growling yet controlled,

“Not yet my little peepshow slut”, he said with a chuckle, sensing her frustration and confusion, “The previous show seems to have finished; and you’re on next!”

Too occupied to notice before, but now seeing the empty red circular bed, her jaw dropped as she realised his intentions. What she still hadn’t realised is that she would be paraded around outside to draw in more of an audience. Taking her hand in his, not waiting for a discussion or her opinion, he led her out of the cubicle, stumbling and tottering behind him on her skyscraper boot heels. Topless, her miniskirt bunched up around her waist, her thighs and exposed pussy glistening with her lust, she was pulled like an animal at auction all the way around the outside of the peepshow theatre.

This was all much to the interest and amusement of bystanders, who leered and jeered before entering a cubicle of their own to watch the next show. And all much to the shameful, depraved excitement of the filthy, horny slut who got such a thrill from hearing the names “cockslut” and “fuckmeat” thrown in her direction.

Her head buzzing, the lights seemed brighter to her now and dazzled her as she stood right under them. She was lost in a world of her own for a second as the cubicle windows seemed to spin and spin around her. Nearly stumbling anyway, his hard shove in the middle of her back made sure she toppled over and fell, face-first, into the bed. Two sharp stings, one on each cheek of her generous arse, made her inhale sharply and breathe in deeply, the stale smell of sex filling her mouth and nostrils as his voice growled again,

“Show the nice people the goods, slut. Lift that fat ass!”

And she did, without question, obeying his softly, yet firm and confidently, spoken words, sliding her body back and lifting her arse high, arching her back more and moaning as she felt his hands mauling her cheeks, his nails digging into her flesh as he pulled them roughly apart to the cheers and whistles from behind the windows.

She moaned as she felt at least two fingers pushing roughly into her dripping pussy to a cheer from the crowd, then winced and squirmed as the same fingers were pushed firmly into her tight ass hole, to an even more raucous cheer. Then his mouth was at her ear, hissing

“It seems they want it in both your holes. You want that too, don’t you, slut?”, to which Tatusia could only respond with a nod of her head and a muffled groan, her teeth biting at the bed covering, a jolt of pleasure surging deep through her pussy. But it wasn’t enough, not for him, and he pressed her, barking at her, “Now say it out loud, slut, tell the good people!”

Trembling, she lifted her head, her eyes meeting those of a big black guy behind a window, her voice shaking as she screeched,

“I want a big hard cock in each of my holes!”

She didn’t have time to notice the big black guy move away from the window and leave his cubicle. She never had chance as she was grabbed again by the hair and thrown to the floor. Before getting chance to catch breath, her ‘director’ was lifting her not-insignificant weight, almost effortlessly, pushing her back against the wall, pushing her long red boots wide as he pushed his hips between her legs, pushing the tip of that huge, fat, long hard cock to her dripping vulva. Her legs stiffened, rigid, as he let her drop, slowly, excruciatingly slowly onto him, pushing inside her, stretching her open, letting her feel every slow inch of his pulsating, veiny meat filling her, deeper and ohhhgod deeper still, her own weight pulling her down until she was impaled completely on that amazing incredible shaft.

She would scream in ecstasy, but couldn’t find the air to breathe. The only thing the men watching, tugging on their own hard shafts, could see were her parted lips and the vacant, vapid face of a fucked-dumb bimbo who was getting what she craved more than anything. And if she could have thought, she would have agreed that she was.

As she bounced and bounced from the thrust of his powerful hips the room span faster and faster. She was mesmerized by the sight of her legs flailing, soles pointed up to the sky, giggling as it made her feel like a rag doll, some kind of worthless toy. But her giggles were soon replaced by moans and gasps and pants as he drove harder and deeper and faster into her, each thrust sending a more intense shock of pleasure and pain through her as he rammed her body hard back into the wall and the head of his cock hard against her cervix.

She was getting more and more drunk on pleasure from the sensations deep inside and the thoughts of being used like this so publicly. Her body was alive, but her brain dim, barely conscious, and it took a while for her to realize that two hands had now become four. Two big white hands and two big black hands, pawing at her, grabbing her thighs and ass, mauling her tits, pulling and pinching at her nipples. The “wall” behind her was now the tall, broad, baseball cap wearing black guy she’d made eye contact with in the cubicle, his thick gold chain on his chest pushing into her back, his thick, hard cock pushing between her ass cheeks.

Her little squeals and whimpers filled the theatre, as she felt the four rough hands on her, lifting her effortlessly, dropping her helpless body onto their cocks and pushing into both her defenseless holes.

“Ohhh god yesss. Ohh god please. Fuck meeeee. Fuck both my holes with your big hard sexy cocks. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, yesssssss” as the two men pressed into her from either side, sandwiching her as their thrusting rocked her back and forth, pushing into her, her holes getting stretched out. She watched as the guy in front dropped his head, and felt the splatter of his saliva on her as he spat on her swollen pussy. She arched her back and moaned loudly, making her chest push out and her bouncing tits meet his drool-soaked lips as he licked and nibbled and bit and sucked each in in turn harder and harder, as she took each cock deeper. Her whole body trembled and shook as they controlled her, making her bounce harder and deeper and faster on their thick long shafts. Soon there was a hint of fear in her lustful screams as the intensity of both the pleasure and the pain heightened, their thrusting becoming rougher, animalistic, making her shake her head and plead, “Ohh god! Too much! You’re tooo big. I can’t! Ohhhh fuck!!!”, But the only response was a chuckle, and whispered words close to her ear,

“Just try and relax, cock-slave” and much cheering and jeering form the wanking men watching from their cubicles as the two cocks pounded her harder still.
And she tried to do as he said, tried to relax and let her body go limp, let her holes relax to accommodate the thick, long pillars of meat that plunged relentlessly in and out of her, stretching and filling her more than she could ever remember. Her chest rose and fell quicker and deeper as she gulped down air through lips parted wide in a permanent silent scream of pleasure and agony. The sweaty red faces of wanking men in cubicle windows spun and spun round her faster and faster until just a blur as her tears filled her eyes and streamed, making long black tracks of mascara down her cheeks. The sensations built inside her, jolting through her, crashing into her like waves as she started to cum, her whole body tensing, muscles locking before shaking uncontrollably as she was swept over the edge of bliss.
It was all a daze for her after that. She must have collapsed to the floor but she couldn’t remember. Her inner slut taking over in her semi-conscious state, she knew to slide her hands up the insides of the strong muscular thighs in front of her face and cup and squeeze his balls, even sliding a finger into his ass at one point as he thrust his cock deep into her drooling, slobbering mouth as he fucked her face. And he fucked it hard, as hard and deep and fast as the cock behind her, plunging in and out of her pussy as she knelt on all fours, her big fat ass high in the air and wobbling as his body slapped against it with every thrust.

Soon the room was filled with the grunts of both men. Tatusia could feel both of their cocks engorging more as they both stated to cum, almost simultaneously. Sucking the cock in her mouth as hard deep as she could, clamping her lips around him, her nose pressed to his belly as she gulped and swallowed as much as she could, not wanting to waste a single drop of his precious, delicious seed as he erupted. She groaned long and deep around him, her throat sending vibrations through his cock and balls as she felt the cock in her pussy bury into her, explode deep inside her and splatter the inner walls of her pussy that clenched and un-clenched around him as if milking his balls of every drop.

As they pulled out of her she had time to get a fleeting glimpse of a cubicle, the cock of the watching man erupting and splattering his seed over the glass in front of him, before she collapsed again, her body spasming in pleasure, her chest heaving as she lay on the floor, used, spent, cum dribbling from her swollen sore pussy. As she watched the two men stagger out, she wondered what time the next show would start; and giggled as she wondered if she’d be in it?

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