When the final history of Slut Magazine is written, the list of Slut Mag Editrices-in-chief will read like a Who’s Who of little troublemakers, bordering on being labeled griefers who marched arm-in-arm with Jumpman Lane from one bit of drama to the next. Notably, they were all women. Suitably, they were all hot. We take this time to announce the newest: 2x Slut Mag Covergirl, 2009 Slut of the Year, Priscila Balogh. First a little history.

Zelda Homewood (Crazy Zel)

Slut Mag’s FIRST editrix-in-chief was Zelda Homewood (Crazy Zel). Her reign, though short, was deemed the archetype. Somebody sees what Jumpy’s doing. SHE (it’s always a woman) decides Jump can do better with a little adult supervision. The task of being Jumpy’s BABYSITTER was born. Zelda was game. She was a capable wartime editrix-in-chief. She followed Jump’s lead, punishing the enemies of Slut Magazine with grace and an acerbic wit. She fell in love SL. Torn between virtual love and a RL husband, she chose meat-space meat over virtual wood and abandoned SL. She re-emerged briefly as a fashion model for a time before poofing entirely. Slut Mag’s fashion pedigree runs DEEP. Lol. Our first editrix was a model before many snooty fashionistas ever heard of Second Life.

Candace Flossberg (Ms. Can Flo)

Next up was Ms. Can Flo, Candace Flossberg. She started her run as Jumpy’s baby-sitter with her BFF Kriz Ballin’, Kryztyne Ballinger. Drama and RL interests caused Kriz to quit Second Life. Can Flo soldiered on. She was editrix-in-chief when Stroker Serpentine threatened to sue Jumpy, her, and Slut Magazine. She briefly fell in love with Turd Dust…er…Hard Rust’s money and quit the mag. She quite famously spent up all of Rust’s tier; and, he lost the original Hard Alley role play mall, where people like Govi Callisto (a tard) tarded about in the sewers discussing movies with his kajira slave-gals. Hehehehe.

Lusciouslumpchunks McMillian (Loosh)

LOYAL, noble pal Lusciouslumpchunks McMillian, the greatest wartime editrix-in-chief in the history of Slut Magazine stepped in, when Ms. Can Flo had her little fling with Hard Rust’s bank account. Lush stood right by Jumpy’s side during the height of the Serpentine Wars like it was “just another day in Second Life.” Lushly was geared for war! Jumpy once spent 12 hours one day teaching Lush every aspect of Mystical Cookies glorious achievement, Mysti-tool. Mysti was a state-of-the art WEAPON circa 2008. The whole Slut Mag Gang used it to break a legion of perceived and actual enemies for kicks and fun. Stroker Serpentine was small potatoes compared to PN leader D3adl3y Cod3c and the furry turds of Poland. When Stroker Serpentine bowed down to (a true pimp) Jumpman Lane, he had Lusciouslumpchunks McMillian’s foot on his neck. Alas, she grew bored with our turdy virt world and quit.

After Stroker Serpentine’s suicide scare ended with Stroker eating buggers in the puzzle factory (yay psychiatry!), Can Flo returned to take up editorial duties, after the coast was clear. No, fat-bellied dead bodies emerged! She came back. Ms. Can Flo has the distinction of being the longest running editrix-in-chief of Slut Magazine.

Jezabell Barbosa (Boss)

Next up was Jezabell Barbosa (styling herself as Jameson nowadays). Jez is of note as she is the SL daughter of Reign Jameson ( the fashionista who dropped a dump truck load of Lindens in Frolic Mills’ lap for his fashion rag , Best of Second Life Magazine). Dutifully, Jez asked Reign permission to helm Slut Magazine. Reign assented. Jez didn’t last long. It wasn’t because of any sort of publishers’ conflict. Rather, it was familial, AND NOT involving REIGN. Jez’s turdy gesturing son’s orbiting by Jumpy was smoothed over TOO. Yet, another “son” demanding Jumpy remove his “King of Second Life” tag at Jez’s role play sim was too much. Jumpy being Jumpy to a tard was to much. Jezabell resigned.

Ema Whitfield (Emz)

Ms. Can Flo stepped in, once again editorially, as interim editrix-in-chief until a suitable permanent successor could be found. Ema Whitfield was chosen. Ema is another of Can’s BFF’s who embodies the fighting spirit of Slut Magazine. Yet, she is never ONLINE. Slut Magazine needs active editors! Jumpy needs minding. Ain’t no telling what the fuck he might do without watching. Ema remains on staff (as all former editrices do), awaiting her eventual return. We will find something for her to do as so much NEEDS doing. In the meantime Priscila Balogh is it!

Priscila Balogh (Pri)

Pri, as she is affectionately known, is a dual Slut Mag Covergirl. She won Slut of the Year. ALL this was stated before. Priscila is a noted SL journalist, having worked for multiple SL publications, including the Alphaville Herald (THEM turds). She is a porn legend and an all-around hottie, poised to lead Slut Magazine into to future. Strange things are afoot in Second Life. No wars are on the horizon; but…who knows what Jumpman Lane might do tomorrow. Jumpy might just might decide to kill Carrot and take over the whole City of God! “Fuck Knock-out Ned! The Favela is MINE!”
(Hehehe that obscure movie reference alludes to the fact that Pri is BRAZILIAN re res)!