It’s our do-it-all diva talking about her career, where she’s come from and where she’s going. Nothing but up, up, up!

She’s a singer, a dancer, a DJ, a designer, a hunt organizer, a porn star. And she’s my wife!

SufferingFrom Lockjaw is a Second Life icon. She has beauty, brains, talent and a heart worth its weight in gold. Add her work with the Feed a Smile Charity and she’s an all around American girl next door, sweet, giving, hard working and naughty when she needs to be.

With our time zones and busy schedules we managed to be in the house at the same time so after some much needed “wife time”, we sat down and reminisced about what she’s done and what plans she’s got for the future.

Tell me about your very first job.

My very first job as Suff was working at Hard Alley as a dancer August 2010


Now what kind of nutjob would hire you at HA?

I originally joined Second Life on June 24, 2006… I still have that avvie, but I reserve her now for mule work.” *laughs* “The nutjob you speak of was the hottest woman AT Hard Alley, naturally… you.


One of the best hires I ever made” *winks* “You started working as a DJ shortly after being a dancer right?

Correct. I am a MUCH better DJ than a dancer. *laughs*


Well your sets surely are unconventional.

I referred to them as “eclectic”. It was a mix of rock, pop, and dirty parodies. Coincidentally, I am still known for it. I have an “alter ego”, if we can call her that, named DJ Stutterfuck, that takes over when I am flustered or not feeling well:) She is a stuttering, giggling fool with a hot, sexy voice.

When did you create Erotipose?

November 2011. When I started Erotipose, I was looking for modeling poses for erotic photos and I couldn’t find any that 1) fit what I NEEDED, and 2) worked with bigger breasts. Not all women are created equal, and at the time, it was all about the stick-thin, small breasted models. I actually had my first ones set out around the old Hard Alley sim, the “Waiting for a John” poses against the light post. And the one leaning over the car in front of the club was mine too. After those two, I started going more into the erotica I love; masturbation, dirty loving poses, D/s, rough sex.

After doing all of this in such a short time, what on earth possessed you to start organizing a hunt?

Funny you should mention that, it still ties into Hard Alley a bit. I was on the Council at the time, and had talked about a hunt to bring the adult community together. I wanted to start it from HA, and have various stores of adult and mature nature join in, so we could help bring the community together. I actually got sick about that time and had to take 2 weeks off, due to a kidney infection, came back, and someone else had taken over the planning for just a sim-wide hunt… so I continued on with my grid-wide hunt idea, and one of my main lovers at the time suggested the name Hunt for Your Inner Slut. I am actually glad that things worked out as they did, HYIS has a headquarters, but we randomly choose the start point so that everyone gets the chance to BE the beginning. Bad luck turned into the best thing to happen to our little hunt. The first round, I could not find the right hunt object, so we started out with a sculpted butterfly I hand-textured, because of the symbolism…. A slut is not bad, it is a free-feeling, liberated person.


And we all have a bit a slut in us. Giving the title such accuracy. It’s still my favorite and most rewarding hunt. Speaking of, any news on the next round?

Actually thank you for asking that. I have had numerous people thinking that I either closed the hunt or that I am lapsing on ya all. I have had to postpone it twice now, due to my RL health complications. We are doing it though… HYIS15 will be September 15-October 15th. The theme is changed, also… it is Back to School. I figured that would be perfect. Who doesn’t love a flirty, naughty schoolgirl outfit and some bad girl spankings?


Any idea how many stores in this round?

I am thinking probably about 50. I REALLY enjoy when we hit 69. *grins*


Am hoping to see some of my faves.

I am hoping to get all the regulars still in, and I need to recruit some more… so if any of you naughty store owners out there read this, NOTECARD me or go fill out the application.

Now to get a little gossipy. Care to give me a little insight on today’s porn industry compared to when we started decades ago?

Ohhh this could be dangerous…. but since I am still on hiatus from doing videos, I think I can be fully honest. When we started doing porn, it was fun and friendly, although it DID tend to be a little cliquey. I have noticed in the last couple years, it has gotten….. cold and entitled. And drama-filled. I have seen people throw full-on tantrums in the group because they weren’t getting selected for roles, even though the directors were polite about what they were LOOKING for in that role. We make no profit from acting or directing porn; in fact, we ALL pay for everything we use going into it, and do it all for free and for the love of the art. When James and I get back into doing porn, it will be a specific genre of the art: Comedy porn. Because that is who we are. It is okay to take the work seriously, but you also need to remember this is for FUN and for the art.

And finally, what are you plans for the rest of this year?”

I actually have a list of goals that we are frantically working on making me accomplish; finally opening Club Vixens (live music and DJ events), finishing the landscaping on our land, learning how to at least make some items in mesh, getting my inventory organized. Okay, the last will never happen.

Suff has been a key part of my life since 2010. We’ve lived through it all together and I couldn’t imagine a happy moment without her being in it at least a little.

For more info on Feed a Smile check out their website, and for info on inworld events visit their sim. Until next month my lovies. Stay naughty, and stay fashionable!

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