The Day Jumpman Lane and Prokofy Neva Saved Stroker Serpentine’s Life!

When ex-sex bed entrepeneur Stroker Serpentine had his very public loony tunes meltdown and drove around in his car scaring the bejesus out of his real life family, everybody blamed yours truly, One Jump Lane, AS IF I told that stupid motherfucker to go on Nationial Geographic Taboo, the RL TV show with a buncha goddamn wierdies and proclaim to the world how he liked to have cybersex with his Second Life daughters in between cleaning his teeny indoor pool, tarding about with his goofy son and helping his lil daughter with her homework (AS IF a goddamn plumber knew any damn thang bout any damn thang but unclogging motherfuckin toilets abd could EVEN help the lil gal hehehehehe). CREEPY! I didn’t tell that big damn dummy to go broke suing Linden Lab, his smary-looking lawyers probably did. I didn’t tell him to shit his partners Briggi Bard and Corsi Mousehold out of their share of the SexGen (TM) profits when he shoulda been getting scripting and animating tips, GREED DID! DON’T BLAME JUMPMAN LANE. Blame hubris.

Prokofy Neva, noted Second Life blogger, and griefer magnet exonerated Jumpy after what Prok referred to in Second Thoughts as “Much 15-minutes-of-hate” was directed towards me. Sadly, I became noted my damn self as a CYBER STALKER hehehehehe. Well i’d like to take this time to remind you o’ dear readers and my only friends of “The Day Jumpman Lane and Prokofy Neva Saved Stroker Serpentine’s Life!” Heroes for a GODDAMN DAY hehehehe

I wish that motherfucker WAS dead…but oh, well… Hehehehe
Jumpman Lane, King of Second Life
Stroker Serpentine appears to be in some distress, so if you are a
friend in RL or SL, and have more information about how to reach him —
a Skype contact, a RL email, even a land line or cell phone — you
should check on him.
Prokofy Neva, Cat Lady, Noted Second Life Blogger

That Day!

We don’t know if this fool dead or not! If he ain’t Jumpy & Prok saved that suicidal sap’s

crummy life! Two heroes for a day! 🙂
Like a baker’s dozen of internet saps believe Jumpman Lane did something wrong the night

Stroker Serptentine got high on some drug, had a mental collapse, and made a notable

embarrassing plea for mercy and a pathetic cry for help on Twitter! Now all these fools are

Stroker’s turdball pals, or bleeding heart politically correct forum busy bodies, such and the

like. What these morons don’t realize is that if Stroker Serpentine aint dead in a cheap motel

somewhere, they all gotta thank A Lane.


I wish I could say goodbye to all of my SL friends. Or, at least the
ones who truly were my friends. I hope to see you all in the next life.


@JumpmanLane I pray you never have to look into the face of YOUR children
and explain what a “pedophile” or “ageplay” is. It hurts. A lot.



@JumpmanLane You and “them pesky Lindens” did your job well. I quit
SL I’m bankrupt, unemployable and using. You ARE the King of SL. Grats!!/StrokerSerp


See, Stroker ain’t got 300 followers on Twitter. He bowed down like the bitch-made douche he is

before his nemesis, a REAL PIMP, Jump Lane (and recognized who the fuck Jumpy is whi’ y’all

bullshittin’ The KING of motherfuckin’ Second Life!) His cry for help would have gone unheard

had Stroker not @ mentioned @JumpmanLane. Had he merely tweeted his drug dazed self-destructive

musings, Stroker would be rotting and stinking somewhere right goddamn now!

Straight up and to he point, I wouldn’t give a fuck if Stroker had killed himself or not!

Mother had Stroker Serpentine mother fuck him! Though I did wonder if anybody else would care!

So I rejoined the Bimbo Cheerleader group, said hi, and linked them to Stroker Serpentine’s

twitter suicide note.
Not one of them Bimbo Cheerhags gave the slightest fuck! They accused me of hacking the fools

account, twisting the knife if it was real etc etc. They tried to boot me out of the Bimbo

group but failed! Apparently, CheerGirl Allen don’t trust her flunkies with that much power.

(How the fuck Ima hack twitter when I can hardly werk my goddamn iPhone!
Lol apparently the twitter posts were genuine)

Originally Posted by Baccara
“As you all well know, I don’t poke my head in here too often…
Just to let you all know, I spoke to Stroker at great length
Thursday morning. He is indeed, quite distraught over a lot of
things in life at this particular moment.
We as his friends can do this best for him but just offering our
love and being just that, friends… Trying to figure out every
tiny thread of a reason for his or for that matter anyone elses
behavior right at this second isn’t going to help the situation.
He is out of town at the moment and I am sure we will hear from
him when he is ready.
I know his wife has been deluged by phone calls. That can’t be
easy or helpful to her or the children as well meaning as they might
be. Perhaps we all just need to take a step back, keep them in our
thoughts & let them all have a few VERY PRIVATE moments to work out
some things and just hope we will all have Strokers company back soon,
if that is the BEST thing for him at this time…
OK end of my railing- A Mother speaks- Love to all-Please feel free
however to contact me in SL and anything I find out I will share. Best Regards,
Baccara”-Baccara Rhodes Second Life criminal rating: F.I.C.
Perplexed and amused, then, I yapped with a few of my online friends ( who all laughed and

marveled at my ability to step into virtual dogshit while minding my own damn business. Stroker

@mentioned ME afterall). They suggested I contact Linden Lab just to be on the safe side just

in case Stroker’s dead body turned up and they tried to case me up with a misdemeanor charge of

cyber bullying. (Fuck that shit Jumpy’ll do that time!) Yet, Linden Lab has firm policies in

such matters.

“Can I get account information on someone I am worried about?
Sorry, but no; that would violate the terms of our Privacy Policy.
However, here are some links you or your friend might find useful:

Befrienders maintains an extensive list of suicide-prevention hotlines
organized by country.
Befrienders is itself a worldwide volunteer-based organization that,
in its own words, works to “provide help to those in need of emotional
support, in order to reduce the number of people who die by suicide,
and enable people to explore their feelings in an anonymous, confidential a
nd non-judgmental environment.”
Copyright Linden Research, Inc. All rights reserved.”-Governor Linden, Second Life
criminal rating: Governor Linden
Linden Lab don’t care about suicides in Second Life and for damn sure don’t care about suicides

on Twitter. I called an ex-Linden pal I know in real life and after laughing a bit  (he was

drunk) he was like make a paper trail. Contact a bunch of fools in world. That way you can

demonstrate the ATTEMPT to save your enemy. Since I did that already he said I was good.
“He should have known better than tangle with Phillip Rosedale! Phillip sleeps on a mattress

MADE OF MONEY lol”-********** Linden, Second Life criminal rating: Ex-Linden

After that I got sleepy! Last thing I did online was comment on Prok’s blog because everything

else Prok is, Prok IS a news hound and likes finding out stuff! Low and behold, Prok cared!

Prok called the law in Tampa, in New York City, and in Tampa again! Then Prok blogged his

little heart out and the innanet forums became all a buzz! Stroker Serpentine was saved! The

police finally tracked the fool down and though going through some crap and suicidal, he ain’t

dead yet!
Were it not for me telling Prok and Prok stirring up a Internet shitstorm, the biggest turd in

Second Life might just well have flushed himself and be on the way to the great water treatment

plant in the sky  RIGHT NOW!

Anyways I got a Grand Theft Auto stuffed head souvenir of Stroker Serpentine on my desk just

like Tommy Vercetti in Vice City! V2V This is just my first offering up to you!