Jennnnna Jameson is a SEX goddess. That is an indisputable fact. No name in Second Life porn is more noted and revered. Hers is one of only a handful of names attached with fame OUTSIDE porn circles. She’s THAT big.

Time itself is the only thing that kept Jennnnna’s thunderous words from blowing up the pages of Slut Magazine before now, as lighting flashes and thunder does indeed boom when Emma speaks. Yet, time bows down to Our Jennnnna just like everything and everybody else. RL duties be damned. We promised and we tracked her down. Without further TO DO (like Carlito Brigante, fuck adieu!) Jennnnna speaks:

How did you discover Second Life?

A friend of mine told me about it. She said the clothes were cute and there were naked characters running around. She had me at naked! πŸ™‚


Why did you pick the name Jennnnna Jameson?

I was watching TV when I was signing up and the RL Jenna Jameson was on. I didn’t know ANYTHING about porn but I thought it would be funny to pick that name.
They had a Jameson last name. on SL And I kept adding N’s to Jenna until it accepted that name.

Plus with the extra N’s you had to moan the name πŸ™‚
How did you spend your first day in Second Life? I know the folks in charge of Jenna Jameson’s Club Jenna sims (Chelsea Malibu and Mountaimeister LLC) gave you some trouble about using the name “Jennnnna Jameson”. Can you detail that a bit?

I sort of need to answer both of those questions at the same time. Because almost the first day I got online, these people from a Jenna Jameson island threatened to sue me. They said they had some license with her. So here I was, like online a day or two, and I started getting notecards that sounded like lawyers. I was like, what kind of game is this? This isn’t very fun.

I wrote them back that the Lindens let me sign up with this name and I never heard of their stupid sim. They left me alone and went out of business pretty fast. It was like a barrage of emails for about a week straight.
Then I never heard from them again. See ya!

Did you ever meet that porn bot Jenna Jameson?

No I never met their bot. I think it would have melted the Linden Space Time Continuum or something πŸ™‚
But it’s one of the reasons i try to be nice to new people in the game. I remember how it felt when someone was mean to me.


Who denoobified you? By that I mean, “who was the person or were the people who taught you the most important stuff in SL that made the light bulb go off in your head to the point where you felt like you knew what you needed to know to be what you wanted to be in SL”?

Probably Ruff Brocco. He was one of the first people to put me in a film. And he taught me how to direct. It’s nice that we are still friends. And Eddi Haskell was my mentor with blogging. He has been my SL Guardian Angel. We don’t talk as much any more. He’s really busy with his SL husband. But he’s always been there when I was in trouble and i know he would be there for me if I ever needed him.


When did you decide to be a pornstar?-and WHY?

I sort of have this kink for being filmed during sex. And in RL it got me into a bit of a mess. So this was a way to scratch that itch…so to speak…without any of the RL ramifications.

What was the idea behind your blog and SL group “The Pornstars”?

As I started modeling and performing I wanted a place to show my work. I figured if i had a blog maybe more people would want to hire me to get their film or pic on my blog. It would help me get parts.

But most people who said they were directors were just pretending. I understand if you want to role-play something like that. But after a while it just felt like one lie after another.
And I didn’t want any other women like me to get scammed either.

So I started to put all the real films and directors links up on my blog, to show who was doing it for real. Not just mine. Everyone’s.

Then I made THE PORNSTARS group (now THE SEXIEST PORNSTARS) only for people making real films and erotic art. That way you could see if someone was legit and the artists could promote their work.
And both the group and the blog are still playing that role. In fact, the blog us up to almost to 3 million views!

Then I wanted to raise the level of the work we were showing on the blog. So we did THE SEXIEST AWARDS. And those were a big deal.
I think it created a lot of other shows out there too. Which is great because I love that so many people appreciate how hard it is to make great erotic art!


Linden Lab forced you to change your name to Emmanuel? How did that happen?

Oh, I agreed to do this big event for Sex in SL. But I told the people running it, I’m NOT the RL Jenna Jameson. She’s like 10 years older than me and she’s a RL porn icon. You can use my name only if you are clear I am not her. And the person doing it agrees and goes right into the Lindens Bulletin Board promoting their event like I am RL Jenna.

So she got them mad at me. And the Lindens told me I can’t have my name any more.
I tried to fight with them but they weren’t having it.
I gave them over 50 new names. But they won’t let me do any name that even starts with the letter J….even my RL name which starts with a J….lol.

I’m mad, I’m crying. So my friend Eddi Haskell suggested Emmanuelle. Again, I really don’t know much about RL porn but he said it was a famous old name. So I added it to a list of like a dozen names.
Then the next morning I sign on and poof…I am Emmanuel. That was what they picked.


Why do you no longer use the name Emmanuel anymore?

After that avi got hacked, I didn’t want to use it any more. I didn’t trust it. And I felt violated by the hack. Plus the guy at Linden Labs spelled it that way. I always liked it with the E at the end. A lot of my friends call me Elle as well as Emma. πŸ™‚ So it was a chance to get the name right and get a fresh start.


Who was the most inspirational person to you in our little virtual world?

October Bouvier. She is my amazing friend. O is this tireless fountain of creativity and business. She helped me move into the world of fashion videos to get a fresh start. She helped me so much after my avi was hacked. I wouldn’t still be here without her. Also Mirko Panacek inspires me with his limitless kindness and generosity of spirit. If more people were like Mirko more people would play SL.